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Michael Rielly
Michael Rielly

Christmas Day

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Christmas Day
by G. Weatherly



'Tis Christmas-tide, when joy-bells ring,
A merry welcome to the morn!
'Tis Christmas-tide, when children sing
Glad carols of the Saviour born!
'Tis Christmas-tide, and one sweet strain
Seems every heart and voice to fill—
The old, old story told again
Of "peace on earth, to men good will.'


"We wander down the village street,
And past the hedge-rows white with snow,
And many an old acquaintance greet
With loving welcome as we go;
For full of rest is every heart,
The very air is wondrous still:
Christ's birth sweet promises doth impart
Of "peace on earth, to men good will."


We linger by the old church tower,
And hear the glad bells' merry peal;
They seem endowed with wondrous power
To speak the thoughts which we but feel.
They tell of right for every wrong,
Of glad release from every ill;
They sing the herald angels' song
Of "peace on earth, to men good will."


And now within the church we stand,
And hear the joyous anthem ring
From high-arched roof with cadence grand—
A carol of the Saviour King;
And children's voices greet our ear,
Soft as the tones of babbling rill,
Telling in accents sweet and clear,
Of "peace on earth, to men good will."


Anon we leave the church, and meet
Old friends around the Christmas fire,

And hearts to hearts responsive beat
With all the love the hours inspire;
All angry thoughts must pass away,

Resentment we must strive to kill,
Since on the first glad Christmas Day
Came "peace on earth, to men good will."

Edited by Michael Rielly

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