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Michael Rielly
Michael Rielly

Kidnaped By Santa Claus

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While doing some research on the history of Santa Claus and Christmas traditions, I came across this poem by Goodloe H. Thomas. The poem was published in the December 19, 1912 issue of the Bristol Phoenix.

Kidnaped By Santa Claus
by Goodloe H. Thomas

My dad sez once they lived a boy
'Us bound that he would see
Old Santa Claus—an' had no joy
Fer thinkin' how 't'ud be
To hide behind a screen an' wait
Till Santa come around,
Then watch him waitn' to uncrate—
Without a word or sound.


Well, Christmas Eve, this boy let on
'At he was sound asleep,
An' when he knowed the rest had gone
To bed, he went a-creep
Down stairs—an' gracious!—
watcha think!
He run against him—smack!
Old Santa, yes-sir—'n quick as a wink
That boy 'uz in his pack.


An' ever since that boy has been
Strapped up an' has to go
With Santa, fer just that one sin,
Through miles of ice an' snow;
An' you bet I ain't gonna take
No chance like that—not quite!
You'll find 'at I won't be awake
When Santa comes to-night.

Edited by Michael Rielly

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