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The Widow and the Mistletoe

The Widow and the Mistletoe

His shotgun back with the saddle and horse,

young Mike tucked the mistletoe away.

One shot, all it took, his aim was on course,

on the ground 'neath the tree it did lay.

Now onward through snow to the Harmon ranch,

the widow's heart to win this Christmas Eve

His whole plan hinged on that mistletoe branch,

he wanted her burdens to relieve.


The homestead was failing more and more each year,

he helped keep her ranch while managing his own

but the work was too great, the legacy's end was near.

Helping her keep it, something more now had grown.

From caring for widows as the Bible had told,

Mike now found he loved her and wanted much more

But would she be ready to embrace a new life?

Soon he would know as he approached her front door,

His heart was now racing, would she become his new wife?


Above the door the mistletoe placed by hammer and nail,

the tapping brought Sarah to the door as he planned.

He pulled her to him, in surprise a small wail,

then laughter through kisses, a feeling so grand.

No hesitation, no fear, she accepted his embrace

to his knee on her porch, he pulled out a ring

“Yes, yes!” she exclaimed as her heart did race,

let go of the past, see what the future would bring.


To her humming of carols they snuggled for hours

as their love blossomed more in the firelight's glow.

Tradition to kiss under mistletoe flowers

years later together their family would grow.

Happiness surrounded them through great faith and love

it was in Jesus they both had come to believe

both the ranch and their family were gifts from above

they celebrated especially each Christmas Eve.


This Christmas years later, a tradition to keep

it took old Mike three shots to get that mistletoe free.

On horseback again, he started to weep

by a place near the ranch he never wanted to see.

Kneeling down at her grave the mistletoe was placed

Bright memories of that first Christmas kiss,

forever they'd be with him, never replaced,

those mistletoe kisses forever he'd miss.

Shared from Cowboys of the Cross                        
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Done good my friend
I'm leaking now I hope your happy! 
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