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New for Our 2014 Season - Custom Suits!

Well, this is the year. Our off-the-rack Halco suits will be our "work-horse" suits, our go to suits for Breakfast with Santa events, our Tanglewood Park appearances, Krispy Creme Doughnut store visits, and other functions where sticky fingers can play havoc with fur. This is the year for my epitome of Santa costuming - the custom suit, Huzzah! My Mrs. Claus and I are very excited about this process. Last year we found a seamstress who seems delighted and fascinated about doing work for

Santa Leonard

Santa Leonard


Christmas is Over, the Real Work Begins

Well, the 2013 Christmas season is now over. Our suits are back from the dry cleaners and stored, and we have repaired/replaced the little bits and pieces that broke during the season. I had a button from my cola suit and a button from my vest fall off mid-season and was so busy that we did not have to have them replaced! Fortunately they were not in the camera's view! So, the season is over. What is the real work? Preparing for 2014! We started preparing for 2013 in June of last year t

Santa Leonard

Santa Leonard


Post Christmas Let-Down

Today it hit: the post-season "let-down". After a very busy Christmas, things are strangely quiet. No frantic last minute callers pleading to try to work them in the schedule or fielding web site inquires or preparing for or appearing at the numerous events this year. It really hit today because I could eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel without my two scrambled with bacon being interrupted by the little folk. Ah, how fleeting is fame! At least the trees are still up and will be my festiv

Santa Leonard

Santa Leonard


Welcome to Our Corner of the Santa Realm!

Greetings to All! Our names are Leonard and Emily Hutchens, and welcome to our little corner of the Santa Realm! That is what Emily, my wife and Mrs. Claus to my Santa, tagged our time we spend at Santa workshops, retreats, and other Santa functions. I will remember the 1st function that we attended. It was a Roundtable organized by Santas Jac Grimes and Cliff Snider of High Point, NC. As we were driving home, I was aware of an inner calm that had been brought about by the fellowship of

Santa Leonard

Santa Leonard

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