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Hacking, Cloning, and other Chicanery

My fellow Christmas enthusiasts, It is no secret that identity thievery has been, and is continuing to be a real threat to social networking.  Yes, even among those of the Christmas Community.  Not all things are sugar plumbs and candy canes in our community. I can't recall how many times I have been cloned on Face Book, but it has been far too many.  I have had to abandon accounts, close accounts, and or otherwise just remove all the information on accounts (including friends lists) not because I wanted to, but because I can not afford to have a hard earned online presence be compromised this way.  I became complacent at one point, "just part of the networking thing" I told myself.  Well, I am not going to be complacent any longer.... especially in my Christmas Community Networking.  Some have noticed a distinct drop in my usual online presence and community involvement.  This cloning of identities is in large,  part of the reason I simply have not been "around" as much as usual.  Its a shame, because my involvement has, over the years become an important of my Santa Personae.  My improvement, over time, has been a direct affect of my interaction with others of similar interests, sharing ideas, ideas, and experience on line.  MOST of which has come right here, being on ClausNet.  ClausNet has always been a much "kinder and gentler" online community where people can share and learn from some of the best examples of dedicated men and women in our industry. Over the last couple of weeks, there have been attempts by someone or someones trying to log into my account here.  Yes, here on ClausNet, you heard that right.  As far as I know, no one has been successful but the continued attempts have me rather peeved.  The IP of the person or persons attempting to steal their way into ClausNet have been coming from The Bay Area of California.  A place where I have spent many off season hours visiting family and friends. Of course someone wanting to be me is completely understandable, who wouldn't? (Sarcastic comment) In my nearly 9 years of involvement here on ClausNet, I have learned much.  More than you can at ANY Santa School, more than you can learn at any one specialized training session or seminar, online or in person.  At a point early on, I realizes just what a wonderful place ClausNet was AND is.  I have done what I can to contribute positively by offering advice, shared one on one, and open forum discussions.  I have made many friends here, some have generated some direct phone contact, as well as, when possible some face to face meetings and strong relationships.  A closeness if you will and surely a complement to my performances as a working Santa Claus. As for myself, I felt I owed my friends an explanation and thus this blog post.  For now, my involvement will be curtailed.  I can't say forever, because it is hard to stay away from something you love.  And I do love ClausNet.  Thank you for your friendship, advice, and concern.  This is NOT a goodbye note, simply a note of respite from usual activities.  I sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Santa Marty

Santa Marty


Face Book

After multiple hacks, clones, excessive drama, I have closed my FB accounts.   There is an element of freedom in doing so, and I am glad it is done, fine', over, quit, outahere.   Mainly, I am frustrated with FB's lack of interest in controlling cloning accounts.  It is as though they simply don't care, or perhaps they are producing the clones themselves to have Billions of accounts, and boost their advertising revenue.  What ever the case may be, I'm done playing the game and taking my marbles and going home.

Santa Marty

Santa Marty


ClausNet, Kinder and Gentle

ClausNet has, in my opinion, has always been an informative resource to Santas of all levels.   In comparison with other social media, FB and other inter web Christmas enthusiasts sites and groups I get the perception that ClausNet is much kinder. Sure, we have spirited and vastly divided topics that are discussed.  Some of which become very passionate and polarizing and emotionally driven.  Let’s face it, as a Christmas enthusiast, we have certain levels of passion.  Without that passion, I would not be motivated to blog, and you would not take the time to read it. Recently (not on CN) I have noticed an upsurge in what appears to me to be a bunch of old guys hanging around waiting for Christmas again and since its not here yet, have become grumpy or perhaps that is their natural tendency.  I doubt they would participate in a poll or survey on my assumption but that if neither here nor there. On FB, in the last few weeks I have noticed Santa posting photos or their new suit, new boots, or something trade related.  In variably someone chimes in with criticism.  Blasting the poster photo, what he bought, how it fits, how they should NEVER wear boot spats, never this beard or that.  Yes, granted some are asking outright for thoughts on the photo.  This is good, its how we learn, how we make the best of what we got.  To see someone (supposedly a brother in red) tear into their photo with a vengeance. There are ways that constructive criticism can and should be offered.  Destructive criticism however, can suck the spirit right out of someone.  It can cause hurt feelings, and in the very least not help.  By using constructive criticism you can say the very same thing as a destructive critic without sucking the spirit out of someone. I am very glad that ClausNet offers more information than any school provides, the knowledge base is huge and growing daily.  The information is here, you do have to work to seek it out it is not spoon fed and it is like finding that golden nugget that gives you that “aha” moment.   ClausNet is so much Kinder and Gentler than most places but, it can only remain so by those who participate who keep their minds on being helpful and not hurtful. Thanks for reading. Santa Marty santaforhonolulu.com

Santa Marty

Santa Marty


Declining Requests

As you begin your bookings for the season I would like to offer some suggestions when finding yourself unable to accept a request. As a reminder, when declining a prospective clients request be sure to do the following: 1.  Express your thankfulness for their request. 2.  Tell them you are honored that they requested you. 3.  If it's a residential request, express being humbled that they have offered to open their home to you. 4.  Include your regrets that you will not be able to be a part of their Christmas celebrations this season. 5.  Tell them why you must decline. 6.  Don't be cocky or flippant in your communications. Be polite. I am sure you can tailor these suggestions to fit your own personality.  But don't discourage them from seeking your SANTA presence in the future.   Declining, is also part of your marketing.   Just my thoughts 

Santa Marty

Santa Marty

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