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The View From Macy's Chair - What it's like to be a Macy's Santa

Question: Which of the Macy’s Santas, who work in the NYC Macy’s Santaland, get to ride on Santa’s float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Answer: They all do, or at least invited to. But not as Santa Claus. One of the many costumed or uncostumed characters who ride on, or accompany, the World’s Most Famous Parade Float. Changes in the Wind This was to be my

Santa Johnny Boy

Santa Johnny Boy


Santa's Treasure Chest

Was raining outside the other day so all of my outdoor chores were canceled. My wife suggested I clean and organize my closet. This meant phasing out clothes that I no longer wore (or could no longer fit into), and taking the disgards to the local Goodwill. My closet is also storage for my junk collection. Odds and ends, flea market finds, collectables and not-so-collectables. Things I meant to sell on Ebay but never got the chance. The back of my closet is piled with boxes and the shelf on

Santa Johnny Boy

Santa Johnny Boy


A Review of the National Christmas Center

The National Christmas Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, by Santa Johnny Boy I’m sure there’s many of you out there, like myself, that experience Christmas Withdrawal Symptoms: The depression that is felt when the holidays are over; being the last one in the neighborhood to take down the Christmas decorations, and still playing Christmas music in the privacy of your own home or car. Still hanging on to any bit of Christmas possible. Why does it have to be over so quickly? It doesn’t !

Santa Johnny Boy

Santa Johnny Boy

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