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Walking 60 Miles in the 3Day Breast Cancer Walk!

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Update on Santa Dutch's Breast Cancer Walk

OK, many of you may be asking if I'll be dressed as the Big Man during the walk... I will not be wearing my Santa costume during this walk. It's way too heavy and it probably won't fit very well in October because I'm losing some weight!! 60 Miles is a good trek. Even a watch may get to be a bit of a nuisance they told us. I can absolutely guarantee though, I'll be having a whole lot of Santa in my heart. I Promise! This experience has already changed my life! Just this morning, we had ou

Dutch Schrap

Dutch Schrap


" Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime. "

Hello All and Welcome to My Blog! As most of you know, I want to make a difference this year. I decided to join thousands of men and women across the country and participate in the 3Day Breast Cancer Walk for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Organization. My event will take place in one of the 14 cities across America - Philadelphia on the weekend of October 17, 18, and 19th of this year. This 60 mile walk is over a 3 day period throughout the streets of Philadelphia and it's suburbs. I'm g

Dutch Schrap

Dutch Schrap

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