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Tales of Wonder and Woe of Santa Online

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The Tough Letters to Santa

Christmas 2001 was by far the toughest when it came to answering Santa's mail. Thousands of emails to Santa poured into My Merry Christmas.com by kids and adults concerned over the events of 9/11. But no letter touch me so thoroughly as the letter received from the little boy who lost his mother in the World Trade Center. "My mom died on September 11, 2001", Brandon stated in his letter. "All I want for Christmas is to get her back. Why did she have to die in the building, Santa?"

Jeff Westover

Jeff Westover


Coming Clean

Christmas 1995 was another stellar event in our home. Aubree was nine years old that Christmas and getting a little long in the tooth to be holding a belief in Santa. Many of the adults in her life openly questioned whether or not we had gone too far or too long in bringing Aubree to the complete truth. They just didn’t know any other kid that age who still believed in Santa Claus. To them, it was normal for a kid to just request money for Christmas or to celebrate the season by giving Mom

Jeff Westover

Jeff Westover


My History as Santa Claus

It began all by accident. When I married back in 1991 my bride had a five-year-old daughter -- a bonus! I was thrilled. Being a father was my life-long ambition and here I had acheived it instantly just by marrying the woman of my dreams. Little did I know then the challenges and true rewards of parenting. The first thing my little Aubree did was challenge me about how we, as a new family, would spend Christmas. The kid had Christmas all wrong. In her vast worldly experience of

Jeff Westover

Jeff Westover

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