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New Suit for Santa Rielly

Michael Rielly

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Here's an update on my new suit.

First off the girl making the suit decided to get engaged! That of course put my new suit on hold. As you might expect she has decided to make her own wedding gown. Thankfully she already has the pattern laid out for my suit. We are still looking at fabrics and still need a good source for fur.


I will be using Santa Craig's buttons for the suit and have decided to nix the fur down the front. I think it might be too much. The most difficult part will be the custom embroidery on the sleeves, shoulder and along the bottom hem of the coat.

Hopefully this week I will get to go in for another fitting.



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How's the new suit comin' along? Just wondering. - Santa Trever

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Santa Eric


I love the look. That is similar to what I am going for. I am thinking about having one done with a hood and do a needlepoint vest that has a copy of the Nativity on it. I like the wreath on the shoulder and reminds me of Tim Allen's coat in The Santa Clause. I would like to do that as well but was thinking of having the Cross with a Christmas Wreath on it forming a Celtic Style Cross. What are your suggestions or critiques? Can't wait to see yours completed.

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