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Majority Rules

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Santa Bear

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After reading the breaking news story "City Debates Ripping the Wings Off Angels", I decided to vent a little here on my blog. You can read the topic here.

What is wrong with people? "It's my way or the highway!" That seems to be the attitude of some people that just seem like they don't want to get along with others. This "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude seems to be contagious. It even seems to get a little worse when Christmas is fast approaching. Communities debating whether or not to display Christmas decorations, or Christmas decorations with religious symbols. All because some "one" or a small group of the community "may" be offended by it. If the majority of the community want to decorate for a holiday and those decorations include religious symbols and that is what the majority want, then so be it. I'm sorry if it offends a few in the community but hey, majority rules. People have different beliefs. It happens. Why is it that it has become the norm for a few to tell the greater what they can do, how they are to do it, etc.? That's like saying you can't watch CSI on your tv, in your home because the show offends me. So change the channel!! Deal with it. Again, majority rules. Why are companies cancelling their company Christmas party just because 2% of their employees are Muslim? Shouldn't they worry more about offending the other 98%? As long as the 2% are allowed to celebrate their holidays, by decorating their cubicle or whatever, it shouldn't be a problem. You don't like my holiday and my decorations!? Tough! It offends you that I celebrate and decorate for my holidays!? Tough! You don't like the color of the shirt I'm wearing!? Tough! You don't like that your community decorates for holidays using religous symbols based on the majority of it's residents!? Move! Oh, but we have to be politically correct and not offend the 2%. Bah! I bet that 2% still takes the day off for Christmas because that's what the majority of the business they work for does. I bet they get paid for the holiday too. You don't hear of anyone complaining about that tho, do you?

The article states:

That literally happened in Orlando a few years ago. According to information obtained on the Internet, the manager of an Orlando area retirement home ordered an employee to cut the wings off the angel on the Christmas tree so as not to offend anyone.

Ok. Did they take the time to think that by clipping off the angel's wings that it might offend someone else? Ok.....we don't want to offend the small percentage of our residents, so clip the wings! But what about the other residents? What about the employee who was told to do the wing clipping? It might have offended them. What if that employee had refused to clip the wings because of their religious beliefs? Would they have been fired or reprimanded?

This is just past the point of complete silliness. Let the majority celebrate the way the majority want. If it offends the small percentage of the community, let them deal with it. I'm sure they will live.

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Santa Mike Baker


Well said Santa Bear, I agree with you entirely. Political correctness has got totally out of hand. I have friends all over the world and am anything but racist, but I do believe in the saying, “when in Rome do as the Romans do”.

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Santa Trever


Stay out of Seattle! The PC Police rule around here. A couple years ago they would not let Christmas trees be put up in SeaTac Airport at Christmas time. It's all very sad.

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