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Stepping Into A New Way of Thinking

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John Johnson

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Today in may ways I begin anew. My mind is clear and I focus upon the mission that I have been given to spread cheer to children of all ages. I must confess that this mission has been hampered by an unknown involvement in a conflict of pointless origin, a conflict that has riddled the Santa world. It was a conflict that I did not believe in and still do not believe in, and I pity those who are still embroiled in it.

To be Santa you must have love in your heart and I found myself with no love left in my heart for a few other Santas. This is not within the scope of the Santa character, and for that I am repentant to the point that I had to break away from that group. I realize that when the Season begins I have to be a vessel of purity in childlike faith, a true heart that children of all ages can believe in. This is not a mission for the faint of heart. It is a mission for characters with heart and to spare. And so I had to remove obstacles that would keep me from being just that.

So, with this being a new day I look to my Santahood with renewed vigor. I look to improving upon the foundations that I have created right here at home. I look beyond myself and my wearing of the suit into the very heart of this Santa. I find love to spare teaming for those that I have been called to bless. I look to the Season with joy and happiness, ready to be that Santa that children can find love from. For years now my wife and I have been ministering to the children in our area by bringing gifts to those less fortunate than others. In fact, my Christmas Eve is spent doing just that. I look to bettering this for the children by putting myself into stocking my workshop and becoming ready to share the love that has been given to me. But whether I am doing these deeds or just sitting at the Mall each and every child will have the complete attention of their Santa and will feel that he is real. If I can but instill more of that precious childlike faith, then I have had a successful Season.

Now, with my eyes focused and my heart renewed I journey forth instilled with pure faith in the Real Reason for the Season. Won't you help me to carry on this mission that we all share as Santa?

Wishing you joy and glad tidings always,

Santa John Johnson in WV

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Legendary Santa Claus


Very well done Santa John. In all our "Santa" careers or lives, there are challenges and dreams. You have made a personal choice to move on... And for whatever the reasons, they shall be yours. I believe that you shall be focused on Santa and you shall have success in your new vision. The power and magic dwells within, let the children you incounter relight the flame of this wonderful mission. Just as the saying goes "Jesus is the reason for the season" ,which I think we all understand, but also "Children are the reason for Santa and Santa is for the child in all of us everywhere."

Phillip L. Wenz

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