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Christmas Isn't Always In December

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John Johnson

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Ok, as I sit here today thinking of my upcoming week I cannot help but be greeted with two Santa functions that I am prepared to do. The appeal of Santa Claus at functions is beginning to extend far beyond the usual two month period here in West Virginia. It is nice for a Santa to feel needed beyond the usual Season as well.

A part of this week's activities calls for me to visit our local baseball team, the West Virginia Power and attend a game in honor of the Secret Santa charity that I help with each year. Yes, I am to be in costume and ready to possibly throw out that first pitch. I am happy at the thought that I will be able to surprise so many children of all ages in a place and time where they would least expect to see Santa. This is going to prove to be a wonderful time, and I will relate more about this in my next entry.

Another appointment I have is to sit for a photographer friend of mine on Thursday afternoon. He is needing a subject to shoot for a photo competition and has chosen Santa to be his subject. Can you imagine the judges and the audience when a picture of Santa is displayed. I would hope that their hearts would feel happy at the subject, not because it is of me but of what I represent. I can only wish him luck in this endeavor. I will try to post a photo or two a little later as well.

I speak about all of these things because of one point, it doesn't have to be December 25 to feel like Christmas. One thing that most people forget is the fact that Christmas is one of those feelings and memories that you carry with you. As long as you keep the loving, sharing attitude that Christmas invokes it can live no matter what the calendar date. We as Santas are blessed with a mission that enables us to show this to others. As decendents of Saint Nicholas we carry this charge with us. Truly, Nicholas was a man of all seasons. He gave to all at every time of the year. Thus, we as his decendents should be ready and willing to do the same. This also means that we conduct ourselves in the appropriate manner. Too often we hear of less virtuous Santas who spoil the magic rather than create it. Whether we are to carry the torch or make a mockery of it lies upon us. Either we feel the burden to do it right or we fail. It all begins with you and me as individuals. Do we want to take on this responsibility, this power that is given to us to make glad the hearts of children? It is not a choice for the feint of heart. It is a choice that I have made and no doubt if you are reading this you have too.

So, what I am trying to say is simply this, don't neglect to share the magic of Santa at all times. There are people out there that need it even a little before Christmas. They may be at a ball game, or at a photo competition, or even right in front of your very nose right now. Show them the love that only a Santa can give. If you can do this, then you share Christmas anytime and any place. Try it, it works.

Wishing you much joy and glad tidings always,

Santa John Johnson in West Virginia

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