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Keeping Your Santa Secret

Michael Rielly

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I have a 10-year old daughter who still very much believes. My son, who is 15 now, did not know that I was Santa until he was 12! I managed to keep my secret identity hidden quite easily up until last year. That's when I started ClausNET.

As you can imagine I am on the site often. This has been a challenge recently as my daughter, who is very much Daddy's girl lately loves to hang on my shoulder while I am working on the computer. More than a few times, I've had to quickly collapse my browser or open a window to hide what I am working. She has caught me on ClausNET a few times and each time I've managed to successfully change the subject. Once she saw my avatar that reads "Santa RIELLY". I convinced her that it was a "joke" picture I was sending to someone. She knows that I LOVE Christmas so I think she just assumes Daddy likes to visit websites to read about Christmas and Santa Claus.

As for keeping the suit and accessories hidden, that's been difficult as well. I keep my Santa suits safely tucked away in the back of my closet hidden in a garment bag. As for the boots, belts, and other accessories, I keep those in a large roller suit case that I use when I go on gigs.


The more difficult part for me has been coming up with excuses as to why Dad can't be there while they visit Santa. It's a lot like Clark Kent in a way. As Lois Lane would always ponder; "How come every time Superman shows up, Clark Kent is never around?"


My 15-year old is now in on the secret. Sometimes he will come along to help out so long as there is no possibility of anyone recognizing him and possibly making the connection to me. This December he will be 16 and I doubt very much that he will want to hang around me this season. But you never know.

I think my daughter will make a great Elf. She, like her Dad, loves Christmas and passing out presents. She is very outgoing and engaging and laughs a lot. A perfect assistant for Santa Claus. Of course this could all change when she becomes a teenager.



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It must be a real adventure keeping "the secret". I have no children, the woman in my life has a 20 year old daughter, so there are no secrets to keep. It would be problematic hiding something you take such pride in (like SUPER HEROES) but i can see how that could make it that much more exciting.

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Santa Rielly, Your blog today hit it right on the head in describing what I am going through as I take on this new role and adventure in my life. The last few lines - well, you could have been talking about me and my children in about 10 years. I have to say it choked me up. Tissue please.... Great idea about the roller suit case! We have one of those.

Thank you Santa Rielly!

That's why I am here at ClausNET.

Santa Trever

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Santa Eric


I like the analogy between Clark / Superman and you / Santa Claus. I can almost see you ducking around the corner and ripping open your shirt like the figure in the picture to take off and deliver presents at a moments notice. It really is fun being Santa. We are superheros to a large amount of children and some adults. Up up and on Dasher...... :D

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Santa Eric


I thought of something else. What you need is to redo your closet and have where you can pull on a hook and the back of the closet opens into a secret Santa room so you want get caught on the computer or if you have a study, then pull a certain book and the book shelf will swing open and you can do the same thing. I wonder how I am going to explain all the extra work, on the house, to my wife now. HHHOL (Ho Ho Ho out loud) :santa_grin:

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