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I think her name is Lori

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I think her name is Lori

It was Thanksgiving morning and I was stopping by one of my favorite convenient stores for a bottle of pop. When I got up on this particular morning I decided to dress in my Santa casual clothes that consisted of green shoes, red pants, an off white shirt with a Christmas print vest. When I arrived at the store I was met with a bright smile from an old friend. Lori had worked at this store for several months and was always a welcome smile for my morning refreshment on my way to work. A few months ago like so many other friends Lori had just disappeared from this place choosing to take employment somewhere else. After a big hug I told her how sad it was to make friends and loose track of them, like I had her. I went on to wish her a happy holiday season, She extended her arms for another hug and feeling so moved by the moment, I kissed her on the cheek and wished her again a very Merry Christmas. I reached for my bottle of pop and started toward the door. When I heard her husband say to me "Now you've made her cry!" I looked into her now sad eyes and waved good-bye. As I drove away I realized for the first time how powerful the image of Santa Claus really is. Were those Tears of sadness or tears of Joy? I have no idea. I just know Santa had stirred an emotion in her. As a representative of the true spirit of Christmas we must all realize we are the hope and joy of all those who believe and have ever believed. I know I will continue to share the love of Christmas to everyone who will share it with me.

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Redhelix3 MrsSanta


Your story brought tears to my eyes. Her tears were probably a mixture of sadness and joy. We all carry sadness, sometimes we bury it deep inside and it can take a lot to bring it to the surface for some and not as much for others. The joy tears can come from just the gentle touch and a caring sole, transferred from one human being to the next. And in this world of mixed emotions, it is nice to have something to make us "feel" again. Santa can't help but bring a smile and tears. It's his job and his calling. Thanks for the great story. :santa_cry::santa_cry:

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