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Republic of Kosovo's Independance Day

Old Sante Claus

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Republic of Kosova declared its Independance on the 17 of February in 2008. Tomorrow, the Republic will celebrate as they move forward. I wish to contratulate them with this poem I have written for my many friends, and aquaintences throughout Kosovo. Respectfully, Baba Demeri

Kosovo’s Independance

By James E. Webber

16 Feb. 2010

They are singing in the streets tonight,

And chanting old time songs.

Shooting fireworks everywhere,

And proud that they belong,

To a Republic new and free

That they have waited for so long.

They are waving flags and marching,

To the beat of ancient drums.

Waving torches of new light

With hope of what they can become

United by a common plight.

Celebrate with gladness

Let your heart lead the way

Kosovo is very young,

But old so many say.

Move in to the future,

It is a brand new day.

Wave the flags and light the lights,

Its Independance Day today!



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