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Preparing for Christmas

Santa Oliver

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I suppose I should blog more often. Anyway, Christmas is fast approaching and it will be here before we know it.

I, like many of my fellow Santa and Mrs.Claus' are preparing for the season.

I've already started getting promotional materials together and planning on how I can get more business this year. Even though I've been Santa for almost seven seasons ( mostly for family) I still feel like I'm new at this and I have a whole lot to learn. I expect to have more opportunities this year, at least I hope so. Maybe some that will pay.

This last year I got a new suit, made my own boots and got a new yak wig set. Just recently I acquired a new human hair beard so I'm going to give it a try and see what happens, I really like the look.

I still need to get some professional pics because I would eventually like to have a website or at least a web presence of some kind. We'll see, the website will probably be next year.

Anyway, this Santa is going to be very busy between now and Christmas for sure. Wish me well.

I wish everyone well in their preparations too.



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Santa Oliver,

How computer literate are you? If you are familiar with the various terms in computerland you can easily create your own website in no time at all and at no cost. I know this, because I was nearly totally computer illiterate and did our website myself....so.....I truly mean it when I say "If I can do it, anybody can"

If you're interested in trying this, just let me know and I'll direct you to the site where they will give you step by step directions/instructions as you go along.

We get a lot of business through our website. We actually landed our biggest client through our website 4 years ago, among many others. It's almost as valuable to us as our business card.

Best Wishes in your endeavors,


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Santa Oliver


Hi Cindylu,

Thanks for the offer to help. What site did you use? I like the idea of something free or at least inexpensive.

I'm ok with the computer as long as it's not too technical.

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You can even make a website with a blog. I have one :) If you need any help, give me a hollar. Good luck on the rest of your planning!

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Hi-dee-ho-ho-ho, All Santas!

Prepping for the upcoming Holidays, I'm searching for a beard.

(I shaved myself totally clean, back in May and I like it so much, I never grew it back.)

%Where, what kind, style, material and upkeep would be best for me?

Oh, yes I do have two older, "scraggly-looking" mop-type beards in my closet. I want to look MY BEST for the kids and families.

Thanks for helpful ideas.

~Santa Charlie

Texas panhandle

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