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stress of the season

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When do you start your season?  

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Hello there fellow kringles. We are all probably alittle anxious for a new season. I did something tonight that gave me a mini heart attack. As i have said before i am making some improvements to my look. So i cut the mustache off of my set. Keep in mind that it is old. So i was trimming it and i cut alittle far.Heart attack time to the nth degree. So thankfully i know how to basic sew. so i took a thin thread and stiched it together.Save!!! It is in need of some more styling. i have wet it and sprayed with a little wig spray and curled alittle. I was wondering if there was a better way to get that great curl and shape with out much trouble. it is synthetic and like i said kinda old...as always any advice would be very much appreciated. i can not wait until i get older and hopefully,like my grandfather, be a naturally bearded santa!

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Some of the best looking Santas I've seen this year have Traditional Wig and beard sets, but one thing that seems to look just downright 'fake' to me is the Mustache. There are a couple exceptions, but not many.

There are a few that completely remove the mustache and grow their own and blend it in to create a more natural look which I absolutely love.

Have you considered growing your own mustache and then lightening it to match your Beard? Just a thought. Likely too late for this year, but maybe something to consider for next year.

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Sounds cool. One rpoblem my hair is coal black. I am going white alittle in my own beard. but being 26 its kinda hard to have the look. I denfiently will keep that in mind .Thands Cindylu

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