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The Life and Times of Santa Claus WV

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The Long Hiatus

John Johnson

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Friends, I know that many of you have missed me here on Clausnet. How do I know? By all of the nice private emails and such, which I really appreciate. I thought I would let everyone know why I have been gone for so long. Well, the truth is simple - I have been busy.

As many of you know I have a Bluegrass band named Hominy Falls. Our music has taken us many places in a short period of time and across four states so far. We even had the honor of playing the International Bluegrass Music Association Convention a few short weeks ago. One of the funniest things about it is this, even with the band I get recognized. I tell both adults and kids that "Santa has to have a hobby too!" I always assure them that Mrs. Claus has everything under control and I am in constant contact with her and the elves. Christmas is well taken care of.

One fun thing that has come out of this is actual shows as the "Bluegrass Santa with his Secret Elves Band." The first ever will take place on December 3rd in McConnelsville OH at the Ohio Valley Opry. A new Christmas CD is also in the creative processes.

Between travelling, I have managed to fill up my schedule for this year with some new things. I decided to leave the Mall where I have been for the past five years. I felt at close of last Season that it was more of a "photo mill" than a "memory maker" and I want my Santa to mean so much more to the children. There was just no time to talk with them and I had to make a change.

Many new things are coming my way this Season, including the role of Father Christmas in our community's production of CS Lewis' "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe."

I was also able a few weeks ago to have a Santa Photo Shoot with my friend and mentor Jay Long. I will post a few of those in a few moments.

My friends, I have found that great things can happen when you decide to keep the Santa attitude all year. Give the people around you something, whether it be a gift, a song, or just a smile from Santa. I have been blessed with wonderful opportunity for doing just that. And I give God all credit.

There will be silent periods from me on and off as I have so much work to do promoting our band and especially working on my portion of the Jim Yellig Workshop. Please, remember that I love you all and wish you all the best in the bond of peace and brotherhood.

Say hello and give all the kids my love,

Santa John in WV



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