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Santa Brian's rambling thoughts

Santa Brian of SC

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Santa Brian’s rambling thoughts

I grew up in the 70’s and have pictures of some toy’s that are considered antiques by some. Over the years I look back to those years and think how wonderful Christmas was for me as a child. As I get older and have children of my own the years seem to fly by. I watch a lot of Christmas movies and TV shows and think how simple and nice times seemed back in the 40’s and 50’s once the war’s we over. I know compared to the gifts that are received today there were not as many presents but they were simple times and the small gifts went a long way. As I look at the calendar and count there are only 111 days until Christmas I think back to those years when I was a child. There seemed to be a Santa in every dept store in town. Upon visiting two stores in one night the thought came to me and I asked my parents “how can Santa be in two places at once”. Without hesitation they said “Santa can not be everywhere at all times. So he has helper’s or elves that dressed as Santa and report back to him. But you never know which one IS THE REAL ONE”. I still remember the department stores and the exact location where I asked the question. I also remember the first time I (voluntarily) sat upon Santa’s lap. It was a department store called Harpers five & dime. When you walked in the front door entrance there was a popcorn machine at the front register and it was a welcome treat when mom and dad would spring the 10 cent for the large bag. The adult section was upstairs where the front entrance was and the children’s area and toys was on the bi level floor about 10 steps below. So as a child every time we would go I always went to the toy section and looked around until it was time to leave. I do not remember the year but I do know it was December, I walked down those stairs and there he was as big as life setting in a chair with decorations around him in the toy section. There were no other kids in site and I had no clue what to do. Soooo I hurried down the steps and hit the back isle of the toys. I would go isle to isle looking at toys while always keeping an eye on Santa. Every now and then I would peek up the isle where he was and he would wave and I would pop my head back. Yep you guessed it I was scared of Santa. The entire evening went this way until mom and dad came down to leave. They tried to get me to sat on Santa’s lap but I was having nothing to do with it. So finally we walk out the back door which had glass windows that covered the whole back wall facing the street. As we approached the last window I peered though once more at this bigger than life man who would fulfill my Christmas wishes and all I had to do was set on his lap and tell him what I wanted. I looked at my mom and dad and then back at Santa through the window I knew this was it my one chance to tell him what I wanted him to bring me. So I mustered up all my strength and went running back into the store. As mom and dad watched through the window I set nervously on Santa’s knee and told him what I wanted for Christmas. I often wonder what that gentleman thought about that kid that night watching his every move and just when he thought I was gone I bolted back in. Do I remember what I asked for? No but none the less those are some of the memories that I think back on and loved about those years of innocence. Now I look back and laugh about how scared I was of the Jolly Ole Elf and now how I have become one of his helpers.

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Santa Marty


Amazing how things change... yet remain the same.

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