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All aboard!

Michael Rielly

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Last weekend I did The Polar Express in Newport, RI. What fun! The first day was a little unorganized but they managed to pull it together by the second day. The biggest problem I had was the heat! The train was over 80 degrees! Even the passengers were complaining. What a test for the cool vest! But even the cool vest couldn't keep the spirit glue from literally melting! By the end of the night I was passing out bells with one hand and holding my whiskers on with the other.


The Newport, RI Polar Express is a little different than other Polar Express events in the fact that there is a Mrs. Claus on board! I never worked with a Mrs. Claus before and wasn't sure what to expect. We sure had a lot of fun though! Mrs. Claus was a real professional! I really enjoyed working with her! She warmed up the crowd for Santa's arrival to each car by singing Christmas carols and playing the violin. Before she moved on to the next car we spent a few minutes ad-libbing with the crowd. We had a great rapport going on! You would have thought we were married for 1,500 years or so!

The best part about this event though, was the children! Everyone appeared to be having a wonderful time! Even the adults were wide-eyed when Santa asked them if they had been good this year.


I sure hope they ask me back next year!


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Michael Rielly


Well, I did my last Polar Express this weekend. I have an understudy that will take over for me now. It was a lot of fun, but very warm. There is a reason Santa lives at the North Pole!


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