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To my Christmas family Have a Happy Memorial Day.

Big Jim Santa

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Lets remember the ones who gave there all for the free dooms we so take for granted.

To my brothers and sisters who served THANK YOU !!!

And if you know one who served or have a family member in the Armed Services give them a call or a hug and let them know YOU CARE.

From this Vietnam vet to all who served and is serving YOU MAKE ME PROUD .

And to Claus Net thank you for being such a great place to come and meet such an awesome group of folks that share love and pride to be an all American.

Your Brother : Big Jim Santa from Peoria IL.

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Santa Castor


Amen. But please let us remember that Memorial Day is reserved for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, those who gave their lives to preserve or even acquire the freedom we enjoy. Veteran's Day is the day we acknowledge the ones who served but survived. I am a veteran myself, and am proud to be acknowledged on Veterans Day, but feel that Memorial Day should belong solely to those that did not survive their service. To me there is a huge difference. Remember the fallen and the difficulties and pain their families were (and are) subjected to, today is the day to do that. To those that survived their service, the eleventh day of the eleventh month is your day, Memorial Day is for those that never returned to their loved ones. Sorry, sore subject. We worry about the commercialization of Christmas(I doubt God is surprised), what has happened to Memorial Day, I fear that the sacrifices of the fallen are not best remembered by a barbeque, car sale, or whatever. I just wish that the events would distinguish between the two.

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