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Christmas Eve 2007

Michael Rielly

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As I mentioned in previous posts, my favorite appearance of the season happens on Christmas Eve - my Season Finale if you will. For the past 7 years now, the Pastor at my Church has asked me to speak to the parishioners during the Homily at Christmas Eve Mass. Each year I address the congregation and discuss the true meaning of Christmas. As Santa, I feel that this message is particularly powerful. Who else to discuss the reason for the season than Santa himself?

Here's what Santa had to say this year...

FATHER: Well, I invited Santa to stop by and say a few words…

Santa enters

SANTA: Merry Christmas Father Barry! Thank you so much for inviting me back here.

Would you mind if I said a few words to the parishioners?

Merry Christmas everyone! Oh come now you can do better than that. Let's try that again shall we? Merry Christmas! HO! HO! HO! Much better!

Well as you know each year Father asks me to stop by and say a few words about the true meaning of Christmas. Last year I spoke about the symbols of Christmas. This year I thought I would share with you a poem I received from a little girl. It's called the ABCs of Christmas…

The ABCs of Christmas

A is for Angels

With halos so bright

Whose carols were heard

On that first Christmas Night

B is for Bells

So merrily ringing

Joy to the world

Is the message they are bringing


C is for Candles

That so brightly shine

To give a warm welcome

To your friends and mine

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D is for Doorway

With garlands of green

To make Christmas merry

As far as they're seen

E is for Evergreens

With fragrance so rare

So plentiful at Christmas

Their scent fills the air

F is for Fun

The whole season long

From trimming the tree

To singing a song

G is for Greetings

A merry "hello"

With a heart full of love

For people we know

H is for Holly

With berries so red

To make into wreaths

To hang overhead


I is for Ice

On snow covered hills

Where sledding is fun

Along with the spills


J is for Jesus

The Christ child too dear

We honor his birth

On Christmas each year

K is for Kris Kringle

Another name by which I go

Though most know me as Santa

And by my "ho ho ho"


L is for Lanterns

I am sure that their light

Helped Mary and Joseph

That first Christmas Night

M is for Mary

Her heart full of love

For her little son Jesus

Who came from above

N is for Noel

The angels did sing

To herald the birth

of Jesus, our king

O is for the Ornaments

So shiny and bright

With lights on the tree

To sparkle at night


P is for Peace

For this is the way

Our Prince of Peace

Was born on Christmas Day

Q is for Quiet

On Christmas Eve Night

With snow covered hills

Glistening so bright

R is for Reindeer

Who pull My sleigh

From house to house

Don't worry, they know the way


S is for Shepherds

Who first saw the star

Over Bethlehem's manger

And followed it far


T is for Trees

a lit all aglow

Awaiting Saint Nick

For gifts to bestow


U is for the Universe

Where Christmas brings joy

To all in world

To each girl and each boy

V is for Visiting

Friends near and far

We travel by plane

Or by bus, or by car

W is for Wise Men

Who brought gifts so rare

And knelt down and worshiped

The child they found there

X is for X-mas

Or Christmas by full name

No matter the language

It all means the same

Y is for Yule Logs

Whose bright sparks fly high

To give a warm welcome

To friends passing by

Z is for Zeal

We show at this time

In giving to others

And loving mankind

Wasn't that a lovely poem?

Santa looks at pocket watch…

Well, I better be on my way, this is a very busy night for me you know. But before I go would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! Merry Christmas everyone!


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