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Morgan May

Michael Rielly

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I have never styled my own whiskers before. So last year I decided I would give it a try.

I needed some way to hold the whiskers while I set the curlers, so I bought a Styrofoam head to place the whiskers on. However, before I had a chance to pin Santa's whiskers to the head, my 9-year old daughter spied the Styrofoam head (without the whiskers thankfully) sitting on a shelf.

She asked me what it was for. Well naturally I couldn't tell her, so I said it was Grandma's and I was going to throw it away. She then promptly asked since I was going to throw it away if she could have it. What was I to say? A 9-year old's logic can sometimes be uncanny.

"Umm, sure honey.", I was forced to reply. With that, she promptly scooped up the faceless head, ran to her room, and closed the door.

Behind her bedroom door I hear whispers and then giggling. "Is everything alright in there Meg?" I asked.

"Yes!", my 9-year old daughter replied. More giggles.

Then after about an hour, from behind the closed door she tells me to close my eyes. I oblige.

I hear her door open and more giggling. "Don't open them yet.", she says. "Keep them closed."

"Okay. Now you can open them.", she says.

As I open my eyes I find myself nose to nose with a bald Dame Edna! Using markers and paint my daughter had transformed what was to be a simple tool for styling my Santa whiskers into a badly made up, over the top female impersonator!


The once all white Styrofoam head now displayed huge blue eyes with very long eye lashes and deep purple eyeshadow. Her eyebrows now clearly defined in yellow highlighter and her lips now formed a Mona Lisa smile in crimson red paint.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Meg asked sweetly? "Her name is Morgan May"

These days Morgan May sits on my daughter's dresser next to the beta fish, "FrootLoop". I'm not sure, which is more colorful - Morgan May or FrootLoop.



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