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Define your reasons for performing

Santa Gordon

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Everyone has a reason for doing something in Daily life or Life in general. Surprisingly sometimes these go deeper that "Seemed like a good idea at the time." which is usually prefaced by "Hold my beer!" Since 1987 I have had an interesting peice of art work hanging on my wall where ever I call home. It is an "Artist's Statement" made by W. Dan Cantrell and though it caught my fancy back then, over the years I have come to appreciate the deeper meanings. I share with you today.

an "Artist Statement" I had purchased back in 1987 from the artist W. Dan Cantrell which goes as follows:

I do the work because I want to.

I do the work because I like to.

I do the work as a personal exploration of myself.

I do the work to engage other people in thought, perception and emotion.

I do the work because I have something to say.

I do the work because I have seen something beautiful.

I do the work because I have seen something ugly.

I do the work to be the kind of person I want to be.

I do the work because I know how.

I do the work to make money.

I do the work because I am an artist.

Those, in part are my reasons for doing this portrayal of Santa. I am sure there are more reasons that are just as valid unto the person centered on them. Please take the time to determine the reasons YOU do this performance.


Santa Gordon Bailey


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Wow looks like someone has been reading my mind !

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Santa Gordon


Yes, SantaC.chamj, it does seem to resonate in a lot of people at one time or another in their life. Especially if they are a performer of any kind. Many Santas have an "I" problem at some point in their career (Myself included) and it can keep folks from seeing the real reasons for doing the activity they profess to love. This usually happens when they feel or think their personal portrayal and their interpretation is more important than the role itself.

A very wise man brought me back to earth and set my feet upon the ground once again when he told me "Back in the 50's when someone told everyone they met that they were "Napolean" they were ususally scooped up in a large net and placed in a rubber walled room. YOU are NOT Santa! You simply portray the role and do it well but never forget that YOU are a regular person when you go home and sit down for the day."

While we all try to be the best representative of the Jolly Old Elf, at the end of the day the reasons why we do this should be clear in the mind. This piece of art by W. Dan Cantrell captured those reasons that I keep in my mind every day.

May your season be Joyous!

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