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Story generation/insperation

Santa Gordon

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This is a 70 year old lump of coal given to me today by a very nice lady! She learned I was a Santa and had to give me a lump of coal! Lol! the book is only there to give scale of size of this puppy! Lucinda had kept this in her family from her Grandmother to her Mother and then to her sister to her and she gave it to me. This was from a Kaiser Steel mill originally.

I placed it on the book to give you a sense of size. I am working this "Return to Santa" into a story for this year's season. I will be using the "Lump" that was returned to Santa as a prop in the story while in the Downey Stonewood mall this year. If your in the area anytime after the 5th of November, come on down and see the Lump of Coal and possibly have your picture taken with it!

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Santa Marty




You should stash this "lump" because with the anti coal environmentalist, EPA, and who knows what else the regulations might become it may be illegal to own coal.  (sort of the way they made it illegal to own gold)


You may end up being the only "Santa" on the planet who would honestly be able to tell a child that if they are not good, you will leave a lump o coal in their stocking!

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