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Blogs what do they do?

Santa Gordon

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Blogs, Writing and publishing. How they can benefit YOU!

I was thinking about this for a while now (I know, dangerous activity) and it occurs to me that folks "Blog" for many different reasons. Some like to share what is happening in their life at the moment. Others think it is a great way to share what they ate that day. Some,like myself like to share the experiences they have learned from to help inform others of possible "problems" they may encounter when pursuing a particular activity.

I have been blogging on the subject of being an entertainer/performer for several years at this point telling the readers what to look out for both good and bad. Several times the places I had posted the blogs on had folded up and closed, taking my writings with them. Bummer.

Now I write my blog on several "walls" in order to keep them available to share as well as keep track of.But what started as a way to share my experience and sometimes my opinions has now evolved into a way to generate a cource of income as well. No I am not talking about "selling" banners on your web site of linking your blog to an advertisement portal. I am talking about having your blogs published in book form.

I started a Facebook group called "Santa and the Business of being Santa" to build a recognition base on the social media.Part of that was to also share many forms of knowledge and experience I had gained working the entertainment industry as an Independent Contractor Entertainer. With an emphasis on the Santa Claus role and the Christmas entertainment industry but not limited to that alone.

The Blog was a very important part of that. SO were all the other files I included to help others find what they needed to get the job done.I then invited most of my fb "friends" to be members of this group. They in turn added to the files and invited their friends to join as well. And so on, and so on until today at this writing the membership numbers over 1500. Not a bad start for a little project.

The next step was to start a "Santa" school. I decided to use the same name for the school as I did for the group making use of that "recognition" generated by the growth and popularity of the SatBobS fb group. For the class I needed a text book so I looked towards the blog I had been writing for several years and reworked some of them to then make a book for the school. A little more complicated than it sounds but still it was easier than I expected.

Seems I am a very fortunate individual in that I happen to bump into people just when I need their help and advice. I was writing the book and getting it into shape with the major help of a very long time friend Gina Bacon and had managed to get it to the point I could then self publish my efforts for the school when I ran into 2 very talented people that offered their help in getting this published to a much wider audience!

The first was Santa TN. Stephen helped me with his incredible array of skills and talents by putting a web site together for me www.satbobs.com and giving me hours of advice helping me avoid many pitfalls while showing me better ways to accomplish my goals. Stephen also connected me to Charles Barnett.

I knew Charles in passing up until then but what I did not know was that Charles was the owner and operator of the North Pole Publishing House of Memphis, TN. and that he was looking for his first book to publish. Stephen put Charles and I together and again, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I turned the material over to Charles in March and both he and Stephen worked on it from then through to the end of May before submitting it to Amazon for publishing. Amazon published my book starting in June of 2014 and it has been a fun ride ever since!

Now why am I telling you this? Simple, have you looked through the titles and subjects available on Amazon? Instructionals, Self Help, Cook Books, Photo picture books, Crafts, Stories of all types and much more! Seems just about any one can and has written a book that can and will be published on Amazon. All over the world there are people that share an interest you might have and they would purchase your book if it interested them enough.So far copies of my book have been sold to people in Canada, England and Japan as well as here in the States and that is only since the book has been available since April and it went on Amazon in June. This next year will be an interesting experience to see how well it will sell.

At the end of each month the book sales from the previous month is directly deposited into my business bank account. I do not have to do anything more for that to continue. Amazon prints the books on demand, takes care of the shipping, handles the credit card charges and deals with the taxes. I just get a deposit in the bank at the end of each month

SO, if you write a blog and wish to correlate the individual articles into book form to have it published, I would give you this piece of advice. Go and contact the North Pole Publishing House @ 4728 Stage Road, Suite #1 Memphis, Tennessee 38128 to learn more about the process. Not only is this publishing house have very reasonable rates, they will also take you step by step through the process helping you "polish" the presentation of your book and provide you with proof reading and cover art if needed.

Then you too will be published and hopefully share your interests in a much wider arena while actually getting paid to write about what you love to do. I will be submitting Vol.2 to them in January for similar treatment since the first book went so well!

As always, I will leave this with a hope you find the activity you enjoy so much you would pay to do it, and then find a way to be paid for doing it. This is yet another facet of how this can be done in following the "Secret of Life", which was once a blog here and now section 5, page 17 of Santa and the Business of being Santa vol. 1.


May your season be Joyous!


Santa Gordon Bailey

Instructor and owner of SatBobS School



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