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Becoming Mrs. Claus and my vision for the future.

Dixie Claus

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I became Mrs. Claus in 2007 when I married my Savannah Santa (Jason Smith). I discovered the true meaning of being Mrs. Claus during our first event together. We appeared at an Auction house in Crump Tennessee, which was for those children that show the true meaning of Christmas. They didn't ask for the expensive gifts, they asked for coats, shoes, clothes, a home, but these items were not for themselves, but their family. I left there that night realizing why my sweet husband was so passionate about being Santa.

Seven years have passed and his love for the season has rubbed off on me. This year I am more excited than ever. I quit my job this summer and am keeping our grandbabies, which gives me the ability to attend all the functions with my Santa. We went to the fabric store a couple nights ago and bought material to make Mrs. Claus skirts and Santa matching vests. We were like two kids in a candy store.

During the off season my Santa teaches special education. Although he loves his job, I know that his dream is to become Santa all year long. I have found a company that has all natural health products and is on the way to becoming a multi-billion dollar company. I am now a distributor/owner. I control my own future and in turn the future of our dream. I take several of the products and they really work. Our dream will happen and we will be healthy when living it. If any Santa, Mrs. Claus or elf is interested trying the products or becoming a distributor, just let me know. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a world full of healthy Santa's, Mrs. Clauses, and elves? Plus, the income that can be made will allow you to do so much more for your Santa business.

God Bless you all and I hope you have as wonderful a season as we are going to have.

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