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Credit Card Capture Devices and Protocols

Santa Gordon

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Various Credit Card Capture devices and Protocols

A cautionary tale included







There are now many different means of accepting Credit Cards and ATM Cards for payment. Care must be taken to use the devices carefully and correctly as otherwise you are in for a lot of trouble.

I have listed 6 that are popular and fairly recent onto the scene but there are more out there and they all have different percentage costs per "Swipe" and some include fees per "Swipe" or Monthly fees that are charged to you whether you use the device or not.

Most can be used with a internet capable smart phone just about anywhere you can find a WiFi connection or over your 4G network. The advantages of being able to offer this method of payment is obvious. You could make it easier for those that came to your Garage sale to buy that Moose Head! If you are operating a business as an entertainer, you can accept Credit Cards over the phone and in person at a Venue.

As with all things of modern convenience, there is a down side to this wonderful technology. It can be very painful to your finances if you do a show, sell an item or simply take a Retainer only to have it "Charged Back" to your account. Here are the words of experience of Carmen Tellez, a professional entertainer and business owner for many years relating how she lost about $1000 using PayPal as her means of accepting Credit for payment.

Carmen recently posted on a local Professional Face Painter's group about this problem and gave me permission to use her words. Seems her company CharmandHappy was not the only business that got stung by these people. One of the ways to fight the problem is to alert others in the community of the danger.

(Carmen's words)


Friends whom are party biz owners. Beware!

There seem to be a ring of douchebag party theft of services in SoCal.

Last time I protected the names. But now I'm putting it out there

even though those may be fake.

Jay & Jasmine White

1416 96th in L.A. 90047


1417 96th in L.A. 90047


emails ordering from:



They are having lavish parties, charging total on card, then doing a chargeback as a fraudulent charge.

Many small party biz companies have now been a victim and another chargeback was reported just this morning.

(This caught my eye so I asked for more details from Carmen as she is a long time friend.)

" I should have known better. I originally said no charging total but thought with a paypal invoice linj itcwould be okay

Re: paypal they do not favor using system for deposits or services. Only oriduct deliveies with signature approving delivery. But a lil later tonight ill send specs"

"The client called to place an order for 2 ponies and a petting zoo. She asked to charge total amount to card. I let her know that we do not allow total charge on card. I sent her a PayPal Invoice. She paid $190. We communicated via phone, text, email and PayPal. About a month went by. She called to tell me that her mother wanted to hire for more time and pay with her credit card. I told her that her mother had to call me with that information. So she did. I sent her a PayPal Invoice. About a week went by when she called stating PayPal is having problems. I was not surprised. I took her request over the phone. She said this was a block party and since she is responsible for the balance in cash, she was afraid to have that much cash on hand, she'd rather pay the full balance with the credit card. I gladly accepted. $950 The party was September 13, 2014. A few days after party, $190 (the first charge) was charged back with a claim as Fraudulent Charge. Then September 25, 2014 the balance of $950 was charged back with a claim as Fraudulent Charge. I was informed via PayPal."

"I don't know if a stolen credit card was used or not. It could be they know the PayPal ropes and know they'll win due to my not knowing those tiny details better. Or it could be a stolen credit card. I have no idea."

Now there are some tactics that will help you in this situation, If you use one of these or a Bank Merchant services devise like my B of A capture dongle thatis linked to my Business account, you will generate a receipt to the client that will be emailed to them. When you go to the event or Party use the same cell phone to take a picture of the location, the hosts that are paying for the party and bring a Hard Copy of the receipt for them to sign for your records. Also take a selfie or two of you at the party as proof you performed there. These will strengthen your position if you have to go to court to collect.

Also when you take a credit card in person, ask to see a state identification card like a license. Copy the number of that ID onto your receipt as further proof you did business with the person making the charge. DO this also when you have them sign the Hard Copy you generated if they did this over the phone or by using a PayPal button on your web page. Again this give you the proof you were dealing with the person that made the charge and allows you to make sure it is their card.

This has been an expensive lesson and a hard one as well but well learned now!

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