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Santa Laureate


She was standing at the wall

She was etching out a name

Tears were running down her cheeks

Like a falling rain


She said this is my daddy

whom I never got to see

He died as a soldier

protecting you and me.


I was standing there by the Wall

Tear filled my eyes and heart

She asked are you a veteran

I said yes I did my part


She ask "did you know my daddy"

I answered NO"

but know this he was a brave man

I am truly sorry

That he lost his life in Viet Nam.


I know him like all these  others

answered their country's call

and now He can see you because

He is Behind the WALL

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Bestemor Claus


nice job SantaLaureate-- all gave some, some gave all

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Big Jim Santa


Big Jim Santa from Peoria IL ( 11-30-14 /12:40 noon )

Good job Santa Laureate though's words brought a tear to my old eyes how truely spoken.

I too served in Vietnam around one Christmas and just maybe that is why I do Santa because that was a time I wore the red suite for the troops in harms way.


Thank you Santa Laureate and all who served to keep you and me safe. God Bless

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