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2007 Season Now a Fond memory

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Santa TJS

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Well I sit here at my computer on this January night watching the thermometer dip below ten degress looking out my home office window at a dark cold darkened cul-de-sac which only a few short days ago was festooned with Chistmas lights and decorations of all kinds. It was also the first Christmas in some time we had a substantial snow cover which is all but gone now. I sit here with feeling a bit low as the gloom of winter nights sets upon us.I will have my tree up at least through the week-end but my exterior decor is now residing in the attic.Now the long wait for spring begins, the pre Christmas excitement of seeing the first snowfall behind us I cringe at the nightly winter forecasts. The Christmas cards have all made there way to the trash,the yards of bright wrapping paper are tucked away for the next season. The dreadful though of that livingroom corner with the bightly lit tree covered with hand blown ornaments collected over so many years going dark and empty brings me down.I think of the Norman Rockwell picture of the young boy headed back to school after the Christmas vacation, a bent tree discarded and a broken toy in the background. That is my mood this cold dark January night.I will have to close my eyes and return for a moment to those wonderful nights in December when dressed in red and working on my best Santa portrayal made glad the hearts of all who I greeted.Till next season!

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Michael Rielly


Think of all the time you will have to get ready for Christmas 2008!


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