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Another Saturday... and a Busy Week

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Santa MikeE

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When I started out this blog, I promised myself that I would post to it religiously once a week.  Of course, I immediately broke that promise, posting more frequently that first week, and then missing my weekly check-in by a couple of days last week.  I have my reasons...  Too much to say the one time, and dealing with an auto accident my wife was involved in the later.  However, this week, I'm going to post on time.

As the title of this entry suggests, I've had an eventful week.  Yes, my wife was in an accident.  Just bruised up for the most part, but the car was a total loss.  Quick response by the insurance company resulted in us spending this afternoon at the car dealer, and driving off with a new car to replace the old one.  She still has to finish clearing up the insurance, loan paperwork, and registration, but that's about as quick of an auto purchase I've ever been involved in.  Helps that she has excellent credit, and a very helpful credit union.

Enough of that.  Much more important, and relevant to this forum, I jumped right into Santahood this week, signing up for Santa Ed's classes at the Santa Conservatory.  Probably would have gone to Schools4Santas instead, except that they're still closed down.  That's OK... I'm sure to catch them sometime in the future.  Looking forward to Santa Ed's classes next month, but am presently consuming the recordings of classes from previous years, at the rate of one per night.   They aren't going to last through the end of the month.  :D

Of course, as I watch all of these recordings, I am getting a whole lot of useful information.  Also watching the forums here.  Between them, I've realized that I can get a cheap Santa Suit on eBay.  This is not the suit I plan to wear next Christmas season, but it would make a decent backup, and will allow me to get some professional pictures taken 3 or 4 months earlier than if I waited to buy the $500 suit.

Also started following links from various places.  Found the National Beard Registry, and promptly registered for same.  Also registered on the Santa Claus Oath website.  I already signed up for IBRBS, and received my membership card in the mail the other day. 

We are one day into another three day weekend.  Hopefully this will allow me to catch up on some of the chores that tend to pile up around the house...  Also, I'll have more time to figure out better ways to become Santa.  I know that on Monday, I plan to start making contacts with various local Santa's, including @Shannon and @Steve Gillham.  I also plan to connect with the local section of IBRBS, Triangle Santa Buddies.  I know I've got a long way to go before I'm ready to fill Santa's boots... but I hope I've taken the first steps.


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