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Turning Into Santa

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Santa MikeE

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Another week  goes by, and I am one step closer to being Santa Claus.

As mentioned in last weeks post, I received my round wire-frame prescription glasses in the mail.  Of course one of the first things I did was get my wife to take a picture of me wearing the new glasses along with a Santa hat and a red T-shirt.  I've added this picture as my new profile pic here.


Not to worry... next Saturday I am scheduled to sit (or stand) for professional photos in full gear, so shortly thereafter I expect to be replacing this makeshift Santa picture with a real one.  Not sure what kinds of backdrops the photographer has, but I hear that they do Santa pictures for kids, so I'm hopeful.

What else?  Oh yes, my web site.   Still not ready to go public, since it doesn't have pictures, but one thing that I decided to add was a blog.  So not only have I made a commitment to post in this blog every week, but I want to post over there three times a week, more or less.  Not that it is the same kind of blog entry.  More as Santa, talking about things going on at the North Pole, or answering questions.  Sometimes I plan to post "North Pole News", which comes from the local journalists up there.  All good fun, with the intent of keeping new material on the page every week, both to keep the kids coming back, and to get Google to rank the site higher.  No, I haven't set it so Google will crawl the site yet... I want to get the picture on the site, and finish a little more material on the Blog and certain other pages before I do that.  Be assured, I do intend to turn it on before the end of March (prepping for Gatlinburg).

Blessings,  MikeE


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