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Ready for Gatlingburg (Sort of)

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Santa MikeE

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Well, I got the photos from our professional photographer last Thursday, and of course immediately started putting them into my web site.  The photographer sent us the best 20 or so pictures, and I culled through that list to come up with the best image for each page of the site.  From there, it was crop and scale, and position the text boxes until everything was looking the way that it should.  Unfortunately, that took up a lot of my time, since I had to get the site ready for Gatlingburg, as well as create business card mock-ups, resulting in not having time or energy to post here, or on my Santa Claus blog on the website.  Hopefully, now that the web site is ALMOST ready for prime time, I'll have time to get back to the blog(s).

No, I am not going to Gatlingburg.  However, my partner, Mrs. Merry Lou Claus (Shelton) is attending, and she wanted to have some information to hand out.  We spent a couple of hours on the phone last night going over the web site page by page, and I have fixed everything she pointed out.  Still waiting on her bio for the About Mrs. Santa page, not to mention entries for her blog, but that is on her.  From my standpoint, the website is about ready to turn on.  Still want to generate my blog and story content before I unleash Google search on it, but is far enough along that I am no longer ashamed to admit I did it.  So for your browsing pleasure:


I will continue to add Blog Entries or continue writing in the Story of Santa Claus section in the coming weeks.  As soon as I can get Lou to add her bio, and start posting in her blog, I will unblock it from search engines.  Hopefully I can have enough story content done by Fall to capture the interest of any kids who happen on the site.

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