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Bit by Bit

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Santa MikeE

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Slipping into the role of Santa Claus is something that most of here have learned to do, but as a novice Santa, I am finding that there is more complexity in the Business of Santa Claus than I predicted before I stared.  I'm not just talking about the dollars and sense of what gear needs to be purchased, or how much is a fair rate for your time in the big chair or at an event.  No, I'm speaking of the little things.

Take Business Cards.  You wouldn't think such a thing would be all that complicated.  But when you get input from multiple people, all of whom have an opinion about the way the card should be laid out, which pictures to use, font size, etc., it slows the process down.  Mrs Claus has one idea, and I have another.  My mentor is offering an opinion as well, which I definitely pay attention to, but dang it, I can think for my self, and while I will accept advice from all, I am going to decide.  I finally assembled the best first try and shot an order for 100 from Vista.  If I decide they are right, I can make a reorder of 500 or 1000.  If not, I'm out $20, and can try again.  Guess I'll skip a trip to McDonalds.  :P

Another thing that came up is email.  Yes, there is an email address that I created to receive email for the organization (both myself and Mrs. Claus).  However, I had been communicating using my personal email account, as has Mrs. Claus, and our mentor insists that our email should have our pictures with the Santa wear.  Maybe not such a great idea, since I use that account for other communications (e.g.: Work), and business folks don't see things quite the same way outside of Christmas.  This is easily solved, of course, because there is nothing stopping you from having more than one email account.  So now, I've got my Google account linked to three emails:  meckardt@gmail.com, my normal email; Santa1MikeE@gmail.com for personal holiday email traffic; and MrsClausPlusSanta@gmail.com, for everything related to the business of being Santa.  I've instructed my Mrs. Claus in who to do the same thing, with the last account being a shared business address we can both access.  That account has a couples picture associated with it, and the two holiday accounts (will) have our appropriate festive attire.  My original account remains the same, with my normal homely mug available for all to see.

I'm sure that these aren't the last issues that I will have to deal with before I get through my first real Christmas season.  But as the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth overdoing.





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