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A Santa Needs A Little Jingle

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Santa MikeE

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This week, I bought myself a set of sleigh bells and a key to add to my Santa gear.  Still need a few more props, but it's starting to come together.

As the summer fast approaches, and the temperatures here in the southeast soar, I find that my intention to let my hair grow long was less than comfortable.  I've always worn my hair fairly short, ever since my days in the Army.  Letting it grow a little longer when it is cold is one thing, but not practical or tolerable in the summer months.  I finally broke down Friday and made a beeline to a barber shop, chopping my locks back to a length where combing is not necessary.  The lady did a great job of blending it into the beard as well, taming the sideburns enough so they don't stick out like a second pair of ears.  The beard was untouched, since there was no evidence of split ends, and a couple extra inches wouldn't hurt anything.  Unlike some of you lucky guys, my beard doesn't grow all that fast...  Started from a short office beard last August, and its still only about 4" long now.

At this moment, as I sit typing this blog entry, I am waiting for a couple of loaves of cinnamon-raisin bread to rise, thereafter to be baked.  I'll be attending a local Santa Claus potluck event, and the bread is my surprise entry, along with a tropical fruit salad that I am signed up to make.  You would think that my Mrs. would be the baker in the family, and as far as cookies go, you would be right.  But a couple of years ago while I was between contracts, I decided that I was going to teach myself to bake bread.  Only took about 10 batches before I started creating bread instead of bricks, but I managed.  These days, I don't bake that often, just because if I do, most of it goes to waist, but any soft of event where bringing food is an option gives me an excuse to throw together a batch or two, and fulfill a certain psychic kneed...



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