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Divided Priorities

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Santa MikeE

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As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I finally took the plunge and bleached my hair white.  I have since re-bleached the roots once, and determined that the whole task isn't too onerous.  The primary reason that I finally whitened my hair is that my mentor, Santa Ron Campbell, has been coaxing me to take the plunge for the last month or so.  However, my wife's reaction was... less than enthused.

Because I am back on the street as an unemployed IT worker, she thinks that it would be a good idea to return the hair on my head to a more natural color... at least until we're closer to the season, or I actual have a gig scheduled.  I am seriously considering doing this, because I am finding that I do have to re-bleach every two weeks, or the dark roots start showing. 

So... its back to brown hair for now.  I'll leave the beard white, since it would be grey without help.  In fact, this is why I have the proper color to redye my hair, because I've been touching up the grey beard for the last few years, to match the natural color of my hair.  Dyeing the beard brown is a loosing proposition, since it wants to come in grey.

Whether having dark hair is going to help in the job search, I can't say.  However it should please the Mrs., which is worth something.  I'll change it back toward the end of October.  But I'm not trimming the beard.

Oh, and I got my first gig scheduled today for the season.  It's at the Retirement home where my Toastmaster's club meets.  It may be because of some Santa business cards I passed out there.  If so, then self marketing does work!


5952e71c1f67a_MrsClausPlusSantaCardVersion2.thumb.jpg.08700ea48a4f79ec889989a962f943d8.jpg     5952e77c538e9_MrsClausPlusSantaCardVersion4Front.thumb.png.33807694b67a2f3b483e31c1048b1adf.png

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