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Will work for cookies...

Michael Rielly

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On January 2, my company informed us that they made a 'strategic' decision to move the business unit that I manage to another division within the company.

Unfortunately, there was no room at the new division for most of the team including me. The company was nice enough to provide me with a decent severance package though. I only hope it is enough to get me through to securing a new position.

So I am home now. I guess I will use my spare time to paint a few rooms in the house. Oh and I can finally get to reorganizing the file cabinet! And my CD collection is woefully in need of being alphabetized too.

I stayed home with the kids today. They had the day off for MLK Day. I told them this morning that I lost my job and would be able to spend more time with them for a while. I've been sending out resumes and applying for jobs all morning. This afternoon I had a very cute conversation with my daughter.



Did you find it yet?

Find what?

Your job. You said you lost it. Did you find it yet?

Not yet.

Oh. Then can I use the computer?

Yep. Finally I can get a few things done around here! I wonder what color I should paint the hall?



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