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It is not all about you!

Santa Gordon

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Everyone! Is! Picking! On! ME!
Or the subtitle
Everything I write revolves around me!
Caution!! Long post of a blog and if you do not like my writings? Skip over it! Nuff Said on that!
ALright, there was a thread on the SatBobS group that started out with a very valid point about Santas and what they earn with a side comment about self promotion by telling the lay public how much they were paid started by Derek Dugan. Great point Derek! I was in complete agreement with it!
Well that was one point for Derek but the thread soon included people with slightly differing points of view and they were also valid unto the writers. Eventually there comes a point in any thread where a difference of opinion will be expressed in such threads especially when one party presents there point of view and inserts it in response to any and all he may differ with.
It was at this point one such incident happened between an elderly and well written member of the community who has chops going back decades in the education side of the Santa community made first an oblique comment on one of Ed Taylor's statements to which Ed immediately took up the challenge and made the conversation about him for that stretch of the thread.
I have made the effort to copy and save that thread in its entirety as it has a rich amount of opinions from many and I would hate to see a post on one of my groups be thrown away or deleted simply because it had some controversy in it.I also dis like any editing of a post by self deleting a point or series of points which leave a person's responses to those now deleted points look like he is talking to himself. That kind of action still gets you removed and banned from this group and many of the groups I moderate on. Big "no no".
So lets get to the meat of the lesson this thread gives us. We spin the "Wheel of Morality" (animaniacs fan here) and it comes down to this little bon mot.
The world does not revolve around "You".
Take a bucket of water and punch your hand into it making a big splash and the water seems to be quite agitated. Pull your hand out and it quickly returns to a calm state. Select a bigger quantity of water and the area you punch is still agitated but the larger pond is not consistently following. Big Fish+small pond= large splash. Same fish in larger lake? Not so much.
Your opinion is valid unto your self and if you believe your own PR then you are indeed a very large fish in your eyes. Unfortunately you will always run into people that do not agree with your opinion and will have to learn to accept that or ignore those "Nay sayers" in order to continue your "cult of personality" you are trying to sell.
Personally, I have learned you simply can not make everybody happy no matter how hard you try but pissing off a whole lot of folks is a piece of cake! So take this advice with a brick of salt, not everything is about "You".
Instead of trying to couch your presentation featuring you and your opinions, set your message as the focus that you are trying to communicate to others. Some will accept it, others will reject it but you and your opinions will be safely set aside so you will not be offended or hurt emotionally. Make the information the point and the instructor the means of the transmission of that information instead of sharing the light as your personality and "what you do" as the message.
I now return you to your current "tempest in a teapot" for your entertainment pleasure.
And No Ed, this blog is not all about you or picking on you. It has become common enough that many share this particular problem through the decades going back over 20 years in the Santa centric Community in all of its various permutations. Old hat actually but many new Santas and performers simply do not have the perspective of history to follow and feel it does not affect them as it did not happen on their watch.
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