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Feb 2008

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Carlo Klemm

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Here it is Feb 2nd and the winter still has a grip on Alberta. The last week has been bitterly cold with temperatures dipping to the -40C range but producing a windchill of -50C on some evenings. It wasn't this cold last year, but those of us who live here know that usually for at least 4 days every winter it does get down to that range. The exception was 2006 when snow fell in October and lasted until April, with occassional snowfalls just to keep things white, however we did not get as cold as it did this year.

I've had 2 more iron IV this past week to bring me up to 800mg of iron into my system. It is necessary as my hemo and iron were down to the point that it caused some concern for those who are going to do my knee replacement surgery. Low iron and hemo meant that I would be subject to blood transfusions with the surgery, but now it could mean I can produce enough red blood cells to avert a transfusion. They'll do more blood lab work around the middle of the month after my last 200mg IV is done and a week has passed. That way they'll know if I'm ready for the March 11 surgery, which I now have to get all geared up for again.

I'm hoping that it will go ahead and that I am diligent enough to do the rehab excercises that go along with it, so I can get the other knee done at about 3 months later. That should put me in a desirable position to be able to walk properly in time to take on the Santa School in Calgary in October and be ready for the next Christmas season. I know my wife will be a "nag" because I probably need it and she cares enough to help me out. Bless her.

It's been great meeting new people at ClausNET and encouraging that I am not the only one with problems and that this group of men and women are now a part of a fraternal family that believes in the power of prayer and the encouragement of others. I just hope that soon I'll be in a position healthwise and financially to come to some of the gatherings and conventions that are slated and get a chance to meet some of them.

God bless each and every one of you for your chosen activity in bringing smiles to the young and the young at heart.

Carlo - Santa Edson

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