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Batphone or Santaphone?

Michael Rielly

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I posted this on my personal site a few days ago. Jeff reminded me that this would look great on Santa's desk too! I think he is right!

Anyone old enough to remember when you had to get your phone from the telephone company?


I was thinking about that last night when I stumbled across a site that sells old phones. A few of the phones reminded me of the Batphone Adam West used. So then I started wondering if it would be possible to build you own Batphone. A quick search came up with this site with step-by-step instructions for building your very own Batphone! Complete with the glass dome and base!

Build Your Own Batphone

Not too long ago, I got a bug in my head to put a blinking Batphone on my desk at work, much like the one used in the 1966 television series starring Adam West. I had been thinking about it for years, but now, for some reason, I needed one.

So I did some research, scoured the net, and found all of the pieces necessary to make my own light-up phone, with a cake cover, for around $140. I'm going to show you the best places to buy what you need (found at the best prices), and how to wire it up for lights and sound. Does this mean I can make my own 'Batphone'? you may be asking... Precisely! I have no experience with soldering, much less basic electronics, but you'll be able to manage with these directions. Also, you can pick and choose what pieces and features you want, so we can fit any budget here.



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