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the Alice

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Alice is the shortened version of Alice Springs the great town I live in it is 1000 miles from the nearest coast and also the nearest is the largest town withint that 1000 mile radius. our weather goes from highs of over 110 to lows of 15 F


the Alice is within a desert region that is over 500 miles in most directions this all means we are in a isolated area however as most people from alice springs like to say we are the closest to all beaches in Australia


I have lived here for 15 years and been Santa here for about 12 years I started being santa when i was asked to fill in for a local club I wore a cheap suit the kind you buy in Kmart with a cheap suit. since then i have a regular job in a local shopping mall where I am on set for the last two weeks before christmas.

in my other time I work as a manager in inflight catering and as a chef for a local resturant

being a santa is interesting in alice as there is a high proportion of aboriginals living here and thier beliefs are a bit different to the normal white persons. Many of the traditional Aboriginals have taken santa to be a high elder and it is also considered good luck to shake Santas hand.

this week in the alice it has been very cold down to -3C and we had one day when it didnt get over 8c this means when not working Im sat in front of the heater most of the time

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