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The Clan Claus Society embodies the desire to preserve and perpetuate the history, ideals, traditions, family values, and heritage of the Scottish Santa Claus persona. The Clan Claus Society is fundamentally different from any other Santa group. All members will participate in an organization that is totally "FAMILY" oriented. As such, the Society invites like-minded individuals to join together to share in the Christmas family camaraderie and to encourage others to uphold the traditions of the Scottish Santa Claus persona throughout the year keeping the Spirit of Christmas alive in the hearts of all ages.

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  2. Jim Smith

    10 years ago

    On the 1st day of June in 2008, Santa Claus authorized the formation of the Clan Claus Society. Thank you Kona and Kathi for sharing your dream! Thank you to the Charter Members for helping the Clan grow! Thank you to all of our members for making the Clan the wonderful group that it is! Give yourselves a Hearty Ho Ho Ho!!
  3. Felix Estridge

    Tartan Ordering

    Locked the topic to prevent replies as Kona stated above.
  4. Do not reply to this posting this is for information. Please follow instructions in post. Tartan Ordering Process You must be an official member of The Clan Claus Society to order tartan. To place a tartan order we must order a minimum of 30 meters at a time. The entire order must be the same weight (13oz - 16oz). The fabric is double wide approximately, 140cm (55”Inches). There seems to be a strong interest in 16oz fabric so we will be ordering 16 oz. tartan this time. Tartan takes anywhere from 8 - 12 weeks to weave depending on how busy the mill is at the time we place the order. Here is the process: 1) You are responsible for your correct measurements and your correct yardage amounts. I would suggest that you work with a kilt maker for this. Measure twice! 2) If you don’t have a kilt maker, contact USA Kilts www.usakilts.com or John Higgins at www.jhiggins.net they will help you out. We have worked out an arrangement with each vendor and they will accept your own supplied tartan. You must tell them that you will be sending them your Clan Claus Society tartan. 3) Individual tartan orders must be paid in full and are not refundable. I must pay for the tartan in full when I place the order. You will only pay for the fabric in advance. Shipping will be billed separately. 4) If you are planning to pay via Pay Pal or Square the 3% fee from Pay Pal and Square will be added to your order. 5) The price for tartan on this order is $58.00 per meter. 6) All the tartan will initially be shipped to me, (the mill will not drop ship to anyone else). 7) Shipping: There will be two (2) shipping costs. a. First shipping cost is from the mill to me. This will be shared equally by all those ordering fabric. Last time we ordered fabric the shipping was about $185.00 for 60 meters. b. Second shipping cost will be from me to you and will be specific to your order. c. Tartan will not be shipped out until the shipping charges are paid. 8) Once I receive the tartan, I must check all of the fabric to make sure there are no issues. I will then cut it and ship it to you. NOTE: The last time we ordered tartan there was a surprise tariff. ($200.00 USD. It was quite a big surprise) All of our previous orders have never had a tariff. I paid the tariff fee because everyone had already paid in full. Should we get another tariff on fabric orders going forward I will divide it among all those purchasing tartan at this time. To place your order contact me using my direct email santakona@gmail.com. Supply me with your name, current address, email and your phone number along with the total number of meters you would like to order. To insure your order is received do not message me through Facebook or on ClausNet. Any question please feel free to call me at 440-725-2107. Kona
  5. Because I have had many request for members only items I need to clarify who may purchase these items again. Our Facebook page is a open group however belonging to our Facebook page does not mean you are a member of The Clan Claus Society. If you wish to become a member of The Clan Claus Society and we hope you will. Just visit our web site at clanclaussociety.com most of your questions can be answered there. Should you need any additional information please feel free to email me directly or call me. Merchandise Current Pricing Large Blazer Badge $24.00 Small Blazer Badge $15.00 Gold Crest Badges $28.00 Lapel Pins $10.00 or 2 for $18.00 Crest Patches $10.00 Wooden Ornaments $9.00 Car Magnets 8x10 $12.00 Believe Pin $15.00 of 2 for $25.00 Ladies Rosette $21.00 Ladies Sash $55.00 Can Cozies $18.00 Ladies Necklace $15.00 We do take Pay Pal or Your Personal Checks. There is a 3% transaction fee from Pay Pal. Checks should be payable to Kona Donald J Gant. Shipping via USPS. Any questions please use my direct email santakona@gmail.com
  6. Thank you all! We will do our best to keep this Merry Band moving on!
  7. Bestemor Claus

    Distinguished New Member

    what a wonderful honor. Well done Kona. you work so hard for Clan Claus and this is indeed a great honor. A special welcome to Dr Joseph J Morrow QC. and thank you to you Kona for all you do.
  8. FrSanta

    Distinguished New Member

    AWESOME! Great to have a new and distinguished member to Clan Claus Society. It was great to be with other members at Discover Santa and I look forward to future opportunities. We need an emote with a kilted Santa.
  9. Florida Kris Kringle

    Distinguished New Member

    Wonderful how this Organization has grown and the reputation it has. I am truly a proud member!!
  10. Santa Bill Reiller

    Distinguished New Member

    That is so great !! Congratulations to the Claus Clan Society!!
  11. Eileen Strom

    Distinguished New Member

    This is awesome! Congrats to the Claus Clan Society!
  12. Dear Clan Claus Society Members – It is my pleasure to share with you that Dr. Joseph J Morrow QC the Lord Lyon of Scotland is now a distinguished member of the Clan Claus Society! The Court of the Lord Lyon is the heraldic authority for Scotland and deals with all matters relating to Scottish Heraldry and Coats of Arms. The Court of the Lord Lyon of Scotland maintains the Scottish Public Registers of Arms and Genealogies. (www.lyon-court.com) We were fortunate that one of our members, Santa Matty Ross was in the “right place at the right time”. For those of you who do not know Matty, he is a fixture at the Utah Highland games where he represents Clan Claus Society. The Lord Lyon was in attendance at the Utah games a few months ago to award the Utah games their own Coat of Arms. Matty was one of a few select people invited to the private reception for the Lord Lyon. It just so happens that Matty was seated directly across from the Lord Lyon. The Lord Lyon noticed Matty’s Order of the Benevolent Reindeer medallion and inquired about its significance. Matty and the Lord Lyon had a lively conversation. He was very interested in our mission and purpose. As it turns out the Lord Lyon has been portraying Santa for over 20 years! He has been a part of the spirit of Christmas for decades. I was able to make contact with him and invited him to become a member our Christmas family. Here is his response. “Dear Kona, I was so delighted and honored to be made a member of your Society. It also in this summer months brought a real sense of joy to me. Can you thank all in the Claus Clan Society for the kindness they have shown me. All the materials have arrived safely I think it is one of the most enjoyable honors I have ever received. I will promote your/our work through my own work. With many thanks and best wishes.” Lord Lyon (Santa Joe Morrow)
  13. Hey everybody, During Discover Santa I had a number of people enquirer about the Clan Claus Society group and other aspects of us being kilted Santas. For anyone interested we have a website, Clanclaussociety.com and I also told a number of people that we have a Christmas story of Santa's first trip to Scotland. I did not have any copies of it to hand out but anyone interested in reading it can find it on the website as well. Here is a direct link to the story. Christmas Tale, Santa's first visit to Scotland Remember being a part of a clan is being part of a family, and it is always great to have a bigger family, come check us out.
  14. wonderful. congratulations you two. so glad to see you are sharing the load now Kona.
  15. Santa Bill Reiller

    Vice Chairman & Membership Chair Appointments

  16. It is with great pleasure that I share with you that I have appointed Santa Jim Smith as Vice – Chairman of The Clan Claus Society. Jim and his wife Laurie have become avid tent conveners for the Clan Claus Society. They have been attending sometimes as many as 6 games per season. Jim’s contact information is: santajimsmith@gmail.com 1-716-450-4824 4249 Waterboro Hill Road Kennedy, NY 14747 In addition Lauri has agreed to take over the paperwork of the society. So she is now our Membership Chair. Her contact information is: Lauri Smith Lauribet926@gmail.com 1-716-640-7962 4249 Waterboro Hill Road Kennedy, NY 14747 Please welcome Jim and Lauri to their new positions!
  17. It has been along time in getting this done but I think it was worth the wait. Please go to our web site clanclaussociety.com you will find a new page added. http://clanclaussociety.com/Awards.html
  18. Greetings Kona, I trust all is well and things are looking good for the Season ahead. I would like to look at one of the Clans splendid Santa Bonnets and the Gold Clan Crest Badge to go with it, though when looking at the Clan site can see no costs or ordering facilities. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated in this matter. Kindest,
  19. Hello George yes I can have them made, however these bonnets are made for Clan Claus members only. If you would like more information on our society please go to our web site clanclaussociety.com or you may call me at 440-725-2107
  20. Kona,.. can you still order the Santa red bonnet, it will go great with my new kilt. my head size is 7-5/8ths my name is George Goddard .. truenorthsanta@rogers.com I live in ontario, Canada, I will pay for extra shipping charges... I have paypal also .. cheers Santa George
  21. Many thanks Eileen, done!
  22. Eileen Strom

    Adding the Clan Claus button to your signature

    You can also click on this which takes you to the "buttons" page in the gallery: http://www.clausnet.com/forums/gallery/category/42-buttons/ BTW, this below takes longer to explain than to actually do: From there, select the button you want to add. When it opens, on the right you will see a "options" button. Click on it and select "share links", then copy the one that is for Image Links. Next, at the top of the page you will see your avatar with your name (or whatever it is you call yourself on here), and a little arrow pointing down. Click on the arrow and select "My Settings". Then on the left side, select "signature". Click on the the image link (the one that looks like a Polaroid picture), and then paste the link you got from the buttons page. From there you can add buttons, or whatever else you want so that whenever you post, this will always be below the reply.
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