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The fabled "Jolly Red Fellow Society" is focusing greatly on those masters past, present and future whom don the crimson jib and delight those aspiring minds forever! jollyredfellows.webs.com
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  2. Black Hills Santa

    Update 2019

    Says I am pending approval. Thanks, sir.
  3. Drosselmeyer

    Update 2019

    thanks tried to log in - says "pending approval" hope you are having a great day !!
  4. Ho Ho Ho Hello! Fellow, Jolly Red Fellows! After busy upheaval over here in Middle East, I am finally able to settle a little and spend some time with the JRFS! Also merchandise with our Logo on it! So let's get the ball rolling and give me your input! (kindly)
  5. Lets take a look at Summer Santa/Christmas in July Where does it really stem from? Who came up with idea an made it happen? How to improve it and evolve it? Looking forward to eveeryones input!


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