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One of the most beloved Christmas traditions involves the use of animated figures known as “Motion-ettes” as well the other holiday favorite, the blow mold. This group is a place where anyone can proudly display not only their prized decorations, but their love for them as well. Need a repair, maybe we can help? Show us what ya’ got.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. I decided that since the upload file size for the site is limited, I would make a quick video of some of my items and up load it to youtube. Going forward I maybe dong this more often. We'll see. Enjoy!
  3. The Mr. and Mrs. Claus cost $15 dollars at the Goodwill. These are brand new in the box. The "old world" Santa cost me only $5 at a rummage sale! All are in mint working condition!
  4. More to follow....
  5. The same man threw in this great candle for no extra charge. The lamp was part of a different package deal.
  6. Can't forget this little guy...
  7. I have a few pictures I'll be placing here. The first is of a Santa and sleigh blow mold I acquired for only $15. It's brand new and worth so much more. But I'm keeping it.
  8. I was able to get a Santa and sleigh with one reindeer, a noel candle and a manger cow thrown in for cheap yesterday. I also got some really great stuff over the weekend including an old world Santa motionette for $5! It's brand new. I'll be posting pictures this weekend once I get everything organized.
  9. Last night I was able to get 4 blow molds from a man off of FB marketplace. A lamp post, a nutcracker and 2 toy soldiers. All for $75 and they all work except one toy soldier is missing his light, an easy fix. The funny thing was that he asked what I was going to do with them or if I was just collecting. I told him about my new found love/obsession with Motion and lights décor and my new vocation as Santa. He then turned around and told me that he started a zoom business for one on one meetings with Santa last season and was looking to expand and asked me to forward my contact info to hi
  10. Finally this patriotic Santa I got for $5. It's made mostly of paper mache which makes it that much more cool!
  11. This old world santa statue I got from the SA for $4
  12. I got this snoring Santa in the rocking chair from someone on FB marketplace for $25
  13. So I went out and hit up some good wills, salvation army stores garage sales and flea markets this weekend. Got some really good stuff... Got the Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the Good Will. Both have the tags still on them and look to be in brand new condition for $25.
  14. Check this out. One of our great Nurses brought this in for me today. How awesome is this??? I took a shot of it against my computer screen lol.
  15. This one is on my must have list. I don't know why I love this so much but I WILL HAVE ONE!
  16. This young man loves Christmas and Santa and fills me with a sense that there is still hope for future generations to take up the mantle.
  17. Not Santa but it's really nice. The globe adds a different touch. What do you think?
  18. Here are some of my Santas and such....
  19. Yes...SA or GW is a great starting place. I look on the NextDoor app, Facebook Marketplace, and my area's Craigslist site for folks posting things.
  20. Yes. Not everyone is familiar with that term, but once you explain it, they know.
  21. Here is the direct link to the manuals list. http://support.mrchristmas.com/Product-Support-C3.aspx
  22. Happy Holiday Parts is a wonderful site to visit if you are looking for parts for that item you have that you wish you could give more life too. Plenty of replacement parts to be had but the real gem is the huge list of Products Manuals available to view. https://www.happyholidaysparts.com/copy-of-tools
  23. Thanks for creating this, at this time all of my display is static, but rather inclusive of my property. While not a large residence, goes 360 deg around, have roof gables, chimney, storage building, and outline of most of the major features of the structure, always on the lookout for more ideas, and looking at possibly attending the Christmas Expo in Las Vegas this year.
  24. Repairing a Life size Gemmy Santa. We've all seen these in the stores. If you have and it doesn't work, don't throw it out. You may be able to fix it.
  25. I've also found that FB Marketplace and Craigslist can be useful. As far as FB Marketplace, many local communities have their own Marketplace started by members of their community. It's worth searching Face Book to see if their is one for your area. If not, consider starting one of your own.

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