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Michigan Association of Professional Santas (MAPS) mission is dedicated to providing a forum for Michigan Santas and their counterparts (Mrs. Clauses, elves, helpers and support staff) to network together, discuss various subjects pertaining to the portrayal of Santa Claus and becoming the best Santa Claus (or helpers) we possibly can be.

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  2. I had a great time at the Red Suit Conclave. I hope you will be able to attend next year. It was a wonderful time of learning, encouragement and fellowship.
  3. Mitten State Santa

    Get Together

    Time: July 10, 2019 from 12pm to 2pm Location: Cadillac North End Street: 1931 N. Mitchell St. City/Town: Cadillac, Michigan Website or Map: http://bobevans.com/location/… Phone: 231-775-8017 Event Type: get, together Organized By: Santa Larry Solce
  4. I saw that there is going to be a Santa School in Lansing May 31st, June 1st and 2nd. I was planning on going and was wondering if anyone else was going? I’ve attached a flyer. PSCS ON TOUR 2019- FLYER.pdf
  5. Hope they do it again next yr
  6. Thanks for posrting the pictures. Looks like ya'll had a good time.
  7. Went there 2 years ago...going back in 2 weeks.
  8. Bestemor Claus

    Lancaster PA gathering pics

    Thanks for posting. Looks like a great place and great company as well. Nice to hear from people who have been there. Now I will make effort to go see it even more than before.
  9. It was fantastic I will be going back so much to see many childhood memories were awoken by some of the displays
  10. Santa Johnathan

    Lancaster PA gathering pics

    Thanks for posting pics. I've always wanted to go to the Christmas Museum
  11. If you get a chance to go to Lancaster PA. see the railroad museum....& of course Jim Morrison's CHRISTMAS MUSEUM
  12. http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12285-/ http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12284-/ http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12283-/ http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12282-/ http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12281-/ http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12276-/ http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12277-/ http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12278-/ http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12279-/ http://clausnet.com/gallery/image/12280-/
  13. Take them with you, there is plenty of things to do and see
  14. Santa Brian of SC

    Santa Gathering in Muskegon!

    I feel your pain Michael
  15. I'll actually be in Michigan that week. But I highly doubt my wife and kids would allow me to go.
  16. All are invited to Muskegon Michigan Aug 15 thru 17th boat tour, beach, WWII sub museum, FUN!! Shoreline Inn hotel is where we'll be but many camp sites also available, 28 used Santa Suit will be available for free, good for novice or pet visits, these are Adeles & other designer suits
  17. Santa Pirate

    Wrap up Dinner date

    Jan 18 have about 70+ to attend
  18. Santa Ron Lehner

    Wrap up Dinner date

    Has not been updated.. but it is coming up, hope to see you there
  19. MAPS members be aware that there are a couple of posts in the MAPS web page (events site) offering to buddy up to share costs, lets see many MAPS members there!!!
  20. The MAPS Wrap Up Dinner date will be posted as soon as info is gathered
  21. M.A.P.S. members I know I can speak for Santa J and say you guys rock!!! we had a great turn out & members donated $805.00 help in the fight to prevent child abuse!! thank you all!! hope to see you again at next years Walk!!
  22. Michael Rielly

    Members meeting

    You should make sure you put meetings and events in the Calendar. That way they will be included in the newsletter.
  23. Well Sept 10th meeting was a very good event, Good to see Father Joseph Marquis!! and so many others!!
  24. HO! HO! HO! so far M.A.P.S. members have donated more than $500.00 to the St.Clair County Program for child abuse, Care House!!

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