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  2. I can't thank you enough for all the kind comments and for selecting me as member of the month. It has been such fun getting to know you as I fumble my way through here
  3. OK
  4. As if being the April 2017 Featured Member on ClausNet wasn't honor enough, this week I was named our District Teacher of the Year!
  5. It's a good one, though. Nothing much I can do ... except bump the thread in November. You got me started with your "why" thread ... so ... I'll just blame you and leave it on your doorstep ... it's the kind of guy I am. see you in November!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Congrats Santa John; Great Job!! If we were there we make you a BIG Santa CAKE....
  8. Utah forecast: Christmas in April? Snowy Friday gives way to clearing, warmer weekend by Bob Mins, The Salt Lake Tribune | Posted: 04-28-2017 EXCERPT: SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH ---- Y'know, maybe Ellen DeGeneres should tackle Northern Utah's weather forecast. After all, with near-freezing overnight temperatures and Friday morning snowfall, it looked a lot more like Christmas than it did spring. Kinda like Ellen's daytime talk show recently, where the comedienne has reprised her "12 Days of Christmas Giveaways" with an April version, complete with a dancing reindeer mascot! South and east of the Great Salt Lake, 1 to 3 inches of snow fell on Friday morning. The forecast was for continued wind-blown snowfall into the afternoon hours before morphing into cold rain. Saturday into sunny skies, will reach the mid-50's, 5 to 7 degrees warmer than it was on Friday. Sunday, alternating between bright and clear and cloudy skies, will see highs in the low-60's along the Wasatch Front. If not struggling to stand in the wind, Ellen's reindeer would start sweating like a snowman in the desert if her show went on the road to Utah's Dixie. A wind advisory was in place from 10 p.m. Friday evening to 10 a.m. Saturday morning for Southwestern Utah; winds from 25-35 mph, with gusts of close to 55 mph, were expected. SOURCE:
  9. Grandpa Gang donates more than $40,000 raised from Christmas Wonderland from the Alton, Illinois Telegraph | Posted: 04-28-2017 EXCERPT: ALTON, ILLINOIS --- Visitors poured into the Christmas Wonderland in near record numbers during 2016, and that kind of success means financial gifts to various area organizations have increased. Over $40,000 worth of donations has been distributed to more than 50 civic organizations through the joint efforts of Christmas Wonderland and the Grandpa Gang, a direct result of strong holiday and seasonal visitors to the landmark Alton attraction. The annual event, spearheaded by the nonprofit, all-volunteer Grandpa Gang, features over 4,000,000 lights strung all throughout Rock Spring Park, visits with Santa Claus in his Enchanted Forest, and carriage rides through the park. "We are so pleased by the support Christmas Wonderland has received," smiled head Grandpa Al Cowgill. "That support means that we can help others in our surrounding communities, and that is the true meaning of the holiday season." ........ The Grandpa Gang, a group of retirees and volunteers, organizes and designs the Christmas spectacular of cascading lights, tunnels, and displays known as the Christmas Wonderland. Each evening throughout the holiday season, the park sparkles against the night sky, with literally millions of glittering lights all hung by the volunteers and the members of the Gang. Christmas Wonderland warms the hearts, and at the same time helps friends and families capture the holiday spirit. Each year, the Grandpa Gang takes time to give back to the community with a portion of the attraction's seasonal revenue donated to local charities. SOURCE:
  10. I believe timing is everything, and depending the time of year you run a poll such as this one your sampleing and results are probably going to be different. For the most part, designer bearded Santas are not as active in the community during the off season as naturally Bearded Santas. Of course there are exceptions. My opinion is that if you run this poll in late November or December your sampling set would have a much higher number of designer bearded Santas. Of course, this is just my opinion.
  11. When it's time for a good march, that means it's time to Come Follow the Bands! Assisted as usual by our pals from Marching.com, here's your sneak-peak at this year's Chosen Ones. They're your 10 marching bands who will be doing Macy*s 91st Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade: From Palmer, Alaska: THE COLONY HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING KNIGHTS From Kaysville, Utah: THE DAVIS HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING DARTS From Fort Mill, South Carolina: THE NATION FORD HIGH SCHOOL OMEGA BAND From Athens, Ohio: THE OHIO UNIVERSITY MARCHING 110 From Prairie View, Texas: THE PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY MARCHING STORM From Rockford, Michigan: THE ROCKFORD HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND From Rosemount, Minnesota: THE ROSEMOUNT HIGH SCHOOL FIGHTIN' IRISH From Trumbull, Connecticut: THE TRUMBULL HIGH SCHOOL GOLDEN EAGLE MARCHING BAND From Washington, D.C.: THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE BAND From Gulfport, Mississippi: THE WEST HARRISON HIGH SCHOOL HURRICANE BAND These ten bands will join Lt. Tony Giorgio and the New York City Police Department Brass Band, along with Macy*s Great American Marching Band, with members selected from various high schools, colleges and universities from all across the country, as they welcome Santa and Mrs. Claus to Macy*s Herald Square for the start of 2017's holiday season in New York. As usual, the live NBC telecast is hosted by Team Today. Our dudes-in-charge, as usual, are Executive Producers Amy Kule and Brad Lachman. More details in November. Be there!
  12. Congratulations, Santa John! I appreciated the memories that you shared with us.
  13. Santa Claus House is one of the top attractions in Interior Alaska Posted on Blog.GoodSam.com, 04-27-2017 EXCERPT: NORTH POLE, ALASKA --- In 1952, Con and Nellie Miller decided to build a trading post some 13 miles south of Fairbanks, in an area newly christened "North Pole." One day, according to legend, as Con was working hard on the new store, a young Alaskan boy recognized Mr. Miller and said, "Hello, Santa Claus! Are you building a new house?" Well, the inspiration immediately clicked, and so from then on, the new store would be named Santa Claus House! In those first few days, Santa Claus House offered more basic necessities than it did Christmas treasures. Situated between two military installations and right in the middle of developing the Town of North Pole, Santa Claus House became an impromptu gathering place for local residents. In addition to purchasing groceries, folks could mingle at the soda fountain, or pick up their daily mail, as Santa Claus House, under the direction of Postmistress Nellie Miller, was a mail contract station and served as North Pole's very first Post Office for almost 20 years. Today, the legacy of Con and Nellie Miller endures as succeeding generations of the Miller family build on their past as they look forward to their future. So if you should happen to be among the thousands who visit Santa Claus House each year, you just might catch a glimpse of some of the Millers as they dash about performing their endless duties. But whether it's sending Santa letters to boys and girls around the world, or personally greeting new visitors every day, you'll always know that when the Millers wish you a Merry Christmas, they know exactly what they're talking about! SOURCE:
  14. Congratulations, John! Y'know, it's always a thrill having someone from our New York/New Jersey Region being a Member of the Month! I should know, as I myself am one of them. Good on ye, AClaustoRemember!
  15. Fairbanks Assembly provides more recycling funding, approves land trade by Amanda Bohman, Newsminder.com, Fairbanks, Alaska | Posted: 04-28-2017 EXCERPT: FAIRBANKS, ALASKA --- The Fairbanks City Assembly has appropriated $150,000 toward the remodeling of a leased building in the Aurora Subdivision for a new recycling center. The funding was approved in a six-to-one vote, with Assemblyman Lance Roberts voting no. The panel also approved a land swap in North Pole at its regular Thursday meeting. The Borough wants to open the new recycling center by July 1st, when the Fairbanks Rescue Mission ends its annual recycling program. The appropriation would pay for such priorities as lighting, exits, and ventilation, said Dan Sloan, Director of Public Works for the Fairbanks North Star Borough. The Assembly had appropriated around a quarter of a million dollars for the recycling startup in January, but Sloan said that the city had changed the occupancy clarification; as a result, further work on the facility is needed. "There is nothing extravagant anywhere in this process," said Borough Mayor Karl Kassel. "We are striving to do all this as cheaply and as cost-effectively as we possibly can." Past and present members of the recycling commission testified in favor of providing the funding. "We shouldn't have to just keep on acting like we're at the end of our road, burying our waste and not worrying about the future," complained Assemblyman Karl Hough. "This community supports the idea of recycling," said Assemblyman Van Lawrence. "It may not save the borough government money in the short run, but it'll save us in the long run to recycle as much as we possibly can." The land swap is between the Borough and the legendary Santa Claus House. Under the agreement, Santa Claus House would provide the borough with a four-acre parcel adjacent to the 5th Avenue Park in North Pole in exchange for almost three acres of heavily-forested property near and adjacent to North Pole Elementary School. A vegetative buffer would remain between the school and any improvements made to the land being acquired by Santa Claus House, according to borough officials. Merle Jantz, spokesperson for Santa Claus House, said that plans are pending as to how the property will be developed. SOURCE:
  16. Thanks so much Felix !! Rev. Kev +
  17. until
    Real Bearded Santas of North Georgia, IBRBS Chapter, May Eat and Greet. More info at www.facebook.com/groups/RBSNGA/
  18. I have printed out a copy of the Santa Oath. How do I actually take the Oath without traveling to wherever I need to go?
  19. Last week
  20. this made me lol
  21. Think there are far too many RBS who forget they started as TBS. To me, this is like race issues (okay, a bit much, but trying to make a point). People shouldn't see black or white, just the person. In our case people, especially our brothers, should just see Santa, plain and simple. What any other Santa chooses to do or not do has no bearing on me. To each his own I say.
  22. RBS's are probably fewer in number than TBS, and I would propose that this is because for the last 50 or 100 years that beards were not fashionable. In the last 20 years or so, the wearing of a modest beard in the office has become more common, which is when I started and have continued mine. Since I have worn facial hair on and off since the early 80's, and almost continuously since the mid 90's, it has become second nature to me. But it doesn't have anything to do with me accepting the mantel of Santa Claus. That is attitude, more than any thing, and is independent of whether one wears a beard or not. If you have the Christmas spirit, the lack of a beard is easily repaired. If you don't have it, then no beard will rectify the lack.
  23. As it should be. I spend a lot of time negotiating between "warring factions" haha
  24. My responses are for Dave...duh!
  25. Bob #4 I can grow my own but it wouldn't look good or right, so TBS is the way I go, plus it reminds me of when I was a child and Santa would visit The Hess's Brothers Department store in Allentown PA.
  26. East Lancashire parents spend thousands of pounds on Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and Easter Bunny by Harriet Whitehead, the Telegraph of Lancashire, England | Posted: 04-27-2017 EXCERPT: EASTERN LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND --- Visits from the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny cost parents in East Lancashire over 2000 lbs. per child, according to new research. A visit with the Tooth Fairy would cost parents 5 lbs. per visit, totaling a 100-lb.-per-child for around 20 teeth, says TopCashback.co.uk. The website said that parents are spending around 2470 lbs. per child because they think that these three characters are an important part of childhood, and they want to create memories for their children. On average, parents would spend 27 lbs. per child on Easter Sunday, and 190 lbs. per child at Christmas. However, nearly one quarter of parents feel under pressure to spend money. SOURCE:
  27. Universal Studios Hollywood's annual "Christmas in Spring" charity event returns to help low-income families by Mike Celestino, InsideTheMagic.net | Posted: 04-26-2017 EXCERPT: UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA ---- Universal Studios Hollywood continues its long-standing tradition of helping local families in need with its annual "Christmas in Spring" philanthropic event. This Saturday, May 6th, from 12 noon to 2 p.m., Santa Claus himself will team up with Nickelodeon legends SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's Curious George; and others to be announced to bring a very early (and still very merry) Christmas to those families in need dwelling in the Southern California village of Pacoima. Universal Parks and Resorts is once again joining forces with the charity M.E.N.D. (Meet Each Need with Dignity) to make this event a possibility. "With hundreds of Universal Studios Hollywood volunteers participating," Universal Parks executives said in an e-mail, "this year's 'Christmas in Spring' event will invite Santa Claus and a few merry, mischievous Minions to help usher in a springtime holiday season. Families supported by MEND will enjoy a full afternoon of custom-prepared food and interactive activities, from carnival games to face-painters, as well as a live DJ." SOURCE:
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