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  2. Black Hills Santa

    Photo Shoot 2 of 2020

  3. Drosselmeyer

    san fran 1964.jpg

  4. Black Hills Santa

    Artis Photography

    Fabulous. Period.
  5. Santa John Gable

    Michael Rielly- 2019 Santa Claus Hall of Fame!!

    I understand that, but since I don't share a lot, not a lot is known about what I do. That's okay with me, I don't do it for the recognition. I too don't think I am at that level, I just enjoy helping those in the local community. Anyway, thanks for the info.
  6. I purchased several copies of this book last year. I applaud this book, it is true to the Gospel message. As a Christian and a minister, I appreciate books which give a simple, yet clear Gospel explanation. For those of us who portray Santa and want to include an element of faith into our visits, this book would be a good tool. I understand everyone has thoughts on this matter and that's okay!!! I could see a problem arise if you were asked questions about Santa's beginnings and started with St. Nicholas. Using this book afterwards would create a contradiction that someone will surely notice. Of course, you may not get a question asking you to tell where Santa Claus comes from, but I have on many different visits and this opened the door to talk about St. Nicholas' faith. If you begin with St. Nicholas as a devoted follower of Christ from an early age and move into this book which pictures and tells of Santa becoming a follower of Christ much later in life, then which is it? I'm not saying don't use this book, I am saying just be ready with an explanation which reconciles the history with the story in the book. One possible explanation to consider might be this. My conversation with the child asking the question might go something like this. After a brief explanation beginning with St. Nicholas, I'd ask this. Have you seen the movie "The Santa Clause"? (I've yet to meet a child who hasn't seen this movie.) You know something? The movie got it right. Now you know that being Santa Claus has been passed down to several different men through these many years. Now, guess what? There was a time when I became Santa Claus. The story I want to share with you from this book happened to me. Okay, my post has taken over an hour to write as I've rewritten it several time to try to explain my thoughts. I always want to do my best to keep the magic of Santa alive for a child, but I also want to be as truthful as possible. I've had parents tell me how much they appreciate my Santa and how much it has meant to their family. So, I feel I'm on the right path here. What are your thoughts?
  7. Santa Johnny Boy

    Black Friday as we know it is finally dead

    I think that the Friday after Thanksgiving, will be forever known as, "Black Friday", no matter how much things change. I remember when people camped out in front of a store just to be the first ones in when the store opened. You may not see things like that anymore, but that day will always be know as Black Friday, perhaps with some different meanings or events.
  8. bllwnkl

    Black Friday as we know it is finally dead

    These kind of discussions are just that, discussions. All speculation and guesses. Folks, we all just have to wait and see. The only other thing is, if the "power of suggestion" or "brainwashing" our thinking, dictates what might happen.
  9. TamaleClaus

    Black Friday as we know it is finally dead

    From my observation at grocery stores, home improvement, some fast food, quite a few people are ignoring the mask mandate, the social distancing, and the direction arrows in aisles, so in 4 months, believe that might be worse instead of better. From this, my opinion AT THIS TIME, is that Black Friday will be a complete mad house unless the stores stay closed. For some the tradition and the low sale prices will bring out the normal Black Friday experience.
  10. rdpugh

    Black Friday as we know it is finally dead

    Never went shopping starting the week of Thanksgiving until a week after New Year's. Now as a Santa, don't have the time to go out shopping during that time.
  11. Drosselmeyer

    Black Friday as we know it is finally dead

    sad news - I never really "shopped" on Black Friday - but it was always a day to go out and just enjoy the rush of the Christmas season - the last few years have not even been able to do that since I've been busy with Santa - but the news is not surprising - marketing starts Christmas earlier every year - as summer comes to a close expect to start seeing decorations and trees going up in Costco and Lowes, etc . . .
  12. Black Hills Santa

    Black Friday as we know it is finally dead

    Not worried about it. It's July....Black Friday is some time off. Just today I read the CDC may have to end the term 'pandemic'. Let's be honest: words have power and you lift the word 'pandemic' and people will psychologically feel better. Also, people are wore out. Simply wore out. We take inherent risks when we wake up every morning and after the actions of people throughout the last 7 weeks I believe people are willing to take risks to live their lives like they have been doing for years. If it's ok to cause mayhem and magically not get sick, then it's fine to go shopping.
  13. Warrenton Santa

    Black Friday as we know it is finally dead

    Black Friday as we know it is finally dead by Parija Kavilanz CNN Business July 7, 2020 This could be the year Black Friday finally unravels. For decades, the day after Thanksgiving has attracted massive crowds and hysteria outside of malls and stores nationwide. Thousands of shoppers gather sometimes as early as 5 pm Thanksgiving Day itself, jostling for the mad dash into their favorite shops to grab Black Friday doorbuster deals on flatscreen TVs, diamond necklaces, holiday toys, winter coats and more. Now imagine this scenario in a pandemic. "I just can't envision that happening this year," said Scott Rankin, principal and national consumer and retail strategy leader with KPMG US. "With everything that's going on, there may be no Black Friday at all," said Rankin. "I can't imagine retailers buying inventory to stock up for an event designed to pack hundreds of people into a store. There are so many risks to that." The only way Black Friday can be the annual shopping bonanza it has been for decades, he said, is "if by some stroke of luck we have a vaccine and everyone gets it by Black Friday." As we all know this season will be different than last year. Retailers are already changing their model to start "black friday" specials after Halloween vice Thanksgiving. Even the experts say, however, that a vaccine will take at least 18 months to develop and test. At least one retailer is already thinking ahead to a different Black Friday game plan this year. Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette raised the issue with analysts just last week. "When you look at the stores, I would tell you that [crowds are] a big concern of ours. But when you think about a Black Friday, if you think about the 10 days before Christmas, what does that mean in terms of traffic if people are nervous about gathering with crowds?" At the same time, more consumers have actively embraced online shopping. Noting the trend, Gennette said Macy's is looking to focus on online deals for Black Friday. Macy's is also considering a much earlier start to its Black Friday marketing push, potentially right after Halloween, and plans to adopt one other tactic for the first time during the upcoming holiday shopping season. The pandemic could force retailers to rethink their typical Black Friday strategy of one-day deep deals designed to attract hordes of shoppers into stores. "Curbside pickup is going to be a big secret weapon for us. We didn't have it last holiday season," said Gennette. "We think that's going to be huge for this holiday season." Losing its relevance Industry watchers say Black Friday has been losing its relevance with shoppers in recent years. One reason is because retailers started to spread their deals out over many days instead of just one day. And consumers increasingly have turned to the internet to find even deeper deals than in-store bargains, forcing more holiday shopping to shift online. "I think it's accurate to say that online sales now account for as much as 40% of Black Friday sales," said Rankin. Online sales were rising even before the pandemic. In 2019, shoppers spent more than $600 billion online, up nearly 15% from the previous year, according to the Commerce Department. "Black Friday has definitely transitioned more into a digital affair in the past five years," said Neil Saunders, retail analyst and managing director at GlobalData Retail. "The focal point is not that single day anymore. It's an event spread out over several days." Saunders expects Black Friday will be even more diminished this year, especially if Covid-19 sees a second wave in the fall and winter. "As a single day, yes, much less relevant than ever this year," he said. Still, there are some encouraging signs for retailers that consumers' appetite for shopping remains strong despite the current challenges. "As stores reopen, there are still people lining up to go shop," said Rod Sides, who leads Deloitte's US retail and distribution practice. "Some retailers will look at this and think the risk is too great to attract big crowds on Black Friday. But there could be others who won't be too worried as long as they are able to keep their employees and customers safe. It could be somewhat of a mixed bag." SOURCE: https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/07/business/black-friday-dead-pandemic/index.html?fbclid=IwAR0KARxctsRg3R6h4JWS77fD9JUOkG8TY6pK-aKAnlsgcFalXUgIANK8tnU
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  15. Name: When Santa Learned the Gospel Category: Movies and Television Date Added: 07/08/2020 Submitter: Drosselmeyer Saw a post on this and looked it up - a very simple story - but very well done the book is on Amazon Robot Check WWW.AMAZON.COM When Santa Learned the Gospel
  16. Drosselmeyer

    When Santa Learned the Gospel

    Saw a post on this and looked it up - a very simple story - but very well done the book is on Amazon Robot Check WWW.AMAZON.COM
  17. Thank Christmas for Your 4th of July Fireworks MyMerryChristmas.com July 4, 2020 EXCERPT: Fireworks at Christmas are not a thing many people think about. For many folks, Christmas is long associated with snow, stockings and jingle bells. None of that seems to fit with the colorful summer traditions of fireworks. But the truth is that without Christmas you likely would not celebrate Independence Day with fireworks. For hundreds of years fireworks have had a long association with the celebration of Christmas around the world. It is said that fireworks originated in China nearly 2000 years ago. Chinese alchemists mixed together saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal and created a crude gunpowder, according to the American Pyrotechnics Safety and Education Foundation. Fireworks were more or less invented when the Chinese packed the new gunpowder into bamboo shoots and threw the shoots into a fire, which created a loud blast. Why is that Christmasy? To understand you’ve got to follow the celebration of Christmas in time. SOURCE: https://mymerrychristmas.com/christmas-fireworks/
  18. Took mine down when my county went into the Green Phase, meaning less restrictions. We all thought that it would be over soon. Little did we know...
  19. Santa Bruce Geron

    9 Creepy Christmas Characters You've Never Heard Of

    Isn't it amazing that every culture has their own unique enforcer that accompanies Santa or St. Nicholas in their journey? Growing up we would hear of these characters but we never saw them. I don't know what's worse see them in person, or the power of your imagination.
  20. I don't necessarily have Christmas lights up but back in March when the world went to sleep, I ordered lights online to decorate our backyard and deck. Seeing the lights in our gazebo, in our shrugs, under the deck-benches, and on the fence post tops makes me feel happier and hopeful. These is light at the end of the tunnel! I just feel tired from this extended Lenten season. I can't event call it Advent because I don't know when it will end.
  21. anybody else still have lights up ??
  22. Drosselmeyer

    9 Creepy Christmas Characters You've Never Heard Of

    I had not ever heard of Mari Lwyd - but I do have a horse skull - and I now know it can be decorated as a traditional Christmas piece - I suggested using it as a centerpiece on our dining room table - after all it brings good luck - my lovely wife was not as enthusiastic . . .
  23. Santa Tragen

    Dickens Labeled as Racist

  24. Felix Estridge

    Dickens Labeled as Racist

    I am. quite frankly, tired of people and their feelings being more important than facts.
  25. SCSanta

    Dickens Labeled as Racist

    I am so tired of 2-dimensional thinking, self-important squeaky wheels holding people of history to modern days social standards.
  26. Michael Rielly

    Dickens Labeled as Racist

  27. Black Hills Santa

    Dickens Labeled as Racist

    Spare the rod and this is the mess you get! Spoiled punks that need a foot broke off in their hindquarters.
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      Every once in a while I see some flagrant abuses of Santa’s appearance and etiquette. It strikes me some men don’t care about how they act or portray the beloved character of Santa.

      Gentlemen, you undertake an awesome responsibility when you button up your Santa Suit. Don’t take it lighty!

      The “World” has an image of Santa as represented by illustrations, traditions and personal contact. Believe it or not, you’re being measured by those who see you for your authenticity.

      You’re fooling yourself if you believe that no one notices or cares if your bead is yellow or unkempt. Maybe you’re also missing a few of those pearly whites, or they are stained from tobacco products. Again, don’t fool yourself….kids notice everything! I have a gold crown capping one of my lower teeth. Every once in a while, I have an inquisitive youngster question what that gold thing is in my mouth. Years ago I thought it was well hidden however; kids have uncanny radar to pick out any of our flaws….

      You may be asking yourself, “What difference does it make? “It’s not the Christmas Season.” Maybe it isn’t however, If you’re representing Santa, you’re representing one of the most recognizable characters in the world. What you do reflects upon me and every Santa reader of this article. If you’re going to be recognized then do justice to the character we are reenacting.

      Over the years I have been a Santa, I have frequently been by told by people about the Santa they hired or saw which left a very poor expression. Most of their comments were predictable. Their Santa did not interact with the children as expected or he was unprepared. He was unanimated, had a dirty suit or lack luster beard. Obviously these are sure fire ways never to be called to this group again.

      Think about what impression you make as a Santa and pay attention to developing your character. You can become one of the best Santas in your area by learning everything about your character and performing from the heart.

      Always remember: It's not about you. It's about the children.

      Santa Lou Knezevich is the creator of the Legendary Santas Mentoring Program
      Contact Santa Lou at: LegendarySantasMentoringProg@gmail.com
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