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  2. Tommy

    I Need Your Answers!!

    Great job with the Podcast!!! Enjoy each segment!!!
  3. The Homecoming is one Christmas special that is on my "must watch" list. I have the DVD and watch this every Christmas. Such wonderful acting and a great story! Love the very end where John Walton is explaining to all the children how he got all their Christmas presents!
  4. Rob Thompson

    I Need Your Answers!!

    Same here, I have it on in the background whilst working sometimes
  5. Black Hills Santa

    I Need Your Answers!!

    Gonna be honest: I absolutely love the podcast. I look forward to it like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa to visit. I download it and listen multiple times.
  6. A new Waltons movie with Richard Thomas is coming to television. The original John-Boy actor will narrate a rebooted version of “The Homecoming.” Source: ME TV 25,05,2021 Not sure about you folk, but I have fond memories of the original Christmas episode, so Im looking forward to this Richard Thomas is coming back to Walton's Mountain, in a manner of speaking. He'll be narrating, presumably in the "older John-Boy" role that Early Hamner Jr. played in the original series, a TV holiday special titled The Waltons' Homecoming. Set to air later this year on the CW networ
  7. Felix Estridge

    I Need Your Answers!!

    Yes, please. Do call in and give your input on any number of issues for the ClausNet Podcast! Heck...just leave a general greeting to be played on the Podcast, like, "Ho, Ho, Hello! This is Felix Estridge all the way from Wide Awake Wylie, TX! And you are listening to the ClausNet Podcast!"
  8. RadioSanta

    I Need Your Answers!!

    Believe it or not but I've begun work on the July podcast already and would like you to give me a call and answer this question. "May I visit you at the North Pole?" Give my 24/7 answering machine a call at 509-416-6526. Please identify your REAL self. Don't just say this is Santa, identify yourself and where you are from (not the North Pole) and then give me your answer. Please try to be fairly brief with your answers. I appreciate everyone that has called in and would love to hear from more of you as it makes it a better podcast for everyone!!
  9. i have nieces and nephews that do elf on a shelf, i am absolutely sick of it. but the kool aid candy is intriguing.
  10. Santa Johnny Boy

    CandyRific Offers Licensed Candy Novelties for Christmas 2021

    You just can't kill that Elf on a Shelf...
  11. Santa Johnny Boy

    Summer’s Here, But Hollywood’s True Test Will Be Christmas 2021

    Personally, I think Hollywood had it's run. Too many Hollywood movies want to tell you how and what to think, and the entertainment value has gone way down in favor of political correctness. I enjoy more independent films and especially Christian movies.
  12. Rob Thompson

    The Rise in Holiday Travel: A New Trend for 2021?

    In the UK Christmas holidays have increased in popularity for several years now. In the advent of covid, certainly for 'staycations', most venues are getting swamped with bookings, even holiday home lets. The price of general travel to Europe etc has almost double in price, as such many more people are choosing to remain in the U for holidays, thats had a knock on effect, as those prices have also increased significantly, its a kind of Covid Tax!
  13. The Rise in Holiday Travel: A New Trend for 2021? Travel Pulse FALZ MAY 10, 2021 As vaccination rates continue to grow worldwide, some people are noticing a trend in travelers booking for this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Will holiday travel become the next big trend for 2021? Club Med has noticed an 18 percent growth in bookings around Thanksgiving and a nine percent increase in bookings around Christmas for both this year and the next. Families are beginning to plan reunion-type vacations to celebrate the return to normal, vacationing and holiday
  14. Christmas Comes Early as Lifetime Reunites Casts and Reveals Two Movies for the 2021 "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" Holiday Movie Slate This year, Lifetime will reunite some memorable casts including "High School Musical" alums Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman in "A Christmas Dance Reunion." The Fulton Critic 05/19/21 - 10:47 AM [via press release from Lifetime] https://cropper.watch.aetnd.com/cdn.watch.aetnd.com/sites/5/2020/09/Wonderful-Lifetime-Holiday-Promo-Image-2020.jpg CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY AS LIFETIME REUNITES CASTS AND REVEALS TWO MOVIES FOR THE 2021 "IT'
  15. Summer’s Here, But Hollywood’s True Test Will Be Christmas 2021 By Brandon Katz • 05/10/21 10:44am The Observer Despite recent theatrical victories in Godzilla vs. Kong and Mortal Kombat, American movie theaters are still hurting as the pandemic continues. Just 60% of U.S. movie theaters were open this past weekend with limited capacity restrictions still largely in effect. AMC Theatres, the largest exhibitor in North America, narrowly avoided bankruptcy in January with a last minute cash infusion from investors. The domestic box office is still down roughly 75% as
  16. Drosselmeyer

    CandyRific Offers Licensed Candy Novelties for Christmas 2021

    Hilco Creates Holiday Kool-Aid Candies Hilco’s latest Kool-Aid lineup is all about the holidays. License Global | May 19, 2021 Hilco has announced its latest partnership with Kool-Aid for holiday-themed candies. Kool-Aid brand Story Books, Candy Canes and Tube Toppers will be available for the holiday season through the deal and will be sold to retailers in master cases. Source: https://www.licenseglobal.com/food-beverage/hilco-creates-holiday-kool-aid-candies?utm_source=Bibblio&utm_campaign=Related
  17. CandyRific Offers Licensed Candy Novelties for Christmas 2021 Highlights include The Elf on the Shelf, M&M’S and other holiday-themed items. License Global | Jun 07, 2021 CandyRific has announced new items for Christmas 2021, along with the return of candy novelties. Holiday goodies with licenses including The Elf on the Shelf and M&M’S brand, along with non-licensed items, are available now for Christmas 2021. New this year, The Elf on the Shelf Gift Hunt bag includes 12 plastic presents with removable lids. The Elf on the Shelf candy novelty items are als
  18. Hallmark Channel announces Christmas in July 2021 schedule by Sarabeth Pollack 6/7/21 FANSIDED Summer might be upon us, but don’t let the warm weather fool you because it’s time for Hallmark’s annual Christmas in July celebration. The fun begins on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on June 25 and carries over to the Hallmark Channel on July 9 with holiday programming that will last through the end of the month. Thanks to the Crown networks, you’ll have the little bit of Christmas you need to power through the summer. Each day of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries celebr
  19. June 4 (sorry - a couple days late) Jun 4: The American Christmas comedy-drama film "Miracle on 34th Street" premiered in NYC on this day in 1947. It was written and directed by George Seaton based on a story by Valentine Davies. It stars Maureen O'Hara, John Payne, Natalie Wood, and Edmund Gwenn. The story takes place between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day in New York City and focuses on the effect of a department store Santa Claus who claims to be the real Santa. The film has become a perennial Christmas favorite. It won three Oscars: Best Supporting Actor
  20. YoungSC

    The Star

    A cute movie. It's nothing incredible in the graphics department, but it's enjoyable none-the-less. The 'twist' on the perspective gives a little bit of comedy and light heartedness, while not totally shying away from some of the scary parts of the actual story. All in all, an easy annual watch of the greatest story ever told.
  21. bigman

    RIP Hermey the Elf and Wanna Be Dentist, Paul Soles

    he should be in the hall, end of story
  22. Sure hope so Bruce!
  23. I’m wondering if we will see a big up-swing with Christmas in July events this year as more communities begin to open-up.
  24. Earlier
  25. Pub to celebrate Christmas Day this week after Covid ruins beloved festive tradition. Source: Mirror News Another Pub celebrating Christmas in the summer A pub will be throwing a Christmas celebration for its punters having missed out on a festive knees-up last year due to Covid. Customers and staff at The Nursery Inn were so gutted to miss their annual Christmas celebrations that they decided to hold an out-of-season version. On Sunday Father Christmas will grace the Hartlepool pub where it is hoped mince pies and nuts will keep customers going - if they can be
  26. Black River Santa

    Catch the June Podcast!

    Another entertaining and informative podcast! Thank you @RadioSanta!
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    • How do You Portray Santa?
      Portraying Santa is acting; it is a characterization of a mythical character.

      Most of us never think of ourselves as actors, but we are. Certain characteristics of Santa Claus have been handed down from one generation to another. The way we dress and conduct ourselves all follow an established pattern.

      Santa Claus is one of the most recognizable characters throughout the world. This came about from the advertising campaign of the Coke Cola Company and the creative painting genius, of Haddon Sundblom. Coke Cola was looking to increase winter sales of its soft drink and hired Sundblom to produce illustrations for prominent magazines. These illustrations appeared during the holiday season from the late 1930s into the early 1970s and set the standard for how Santa should look.

      This characterization of Santa with rosy cheeks, a white beard, handlebar mustache plus a red costume trimmed in white fur is the image most everyone has in their minds. Unconsciously people are going to judge you against that image. If your beard isn’t white or you have a soiled suit it will register with the onlooker.

      By the way, the majority of Sundblom's paintings depict Santa with a Brown Belt and Brown Boots. Not until his later illustrations did he change the color to Black for these items. Within the past few years many costume companies have offered the Coke Cola Suit and it has become very popular. You can tell it by the large buttons and absence of fur down the front of the jacket.

      No matter how you portray Santa, be it home visits, schools, churches, parades, corporate events, malls, hospitals we all make an entrance and an impression! The initial impression we make determines if our client will ask us to return.

      The 5 Second Rule

      I have a theory: When you enter the presence of your audience you have about 5 seconds to make people believe you are the real Santa.
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