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  1. Yesterday
  2. I would claim that my tardiness in posting a blog entry here is because that I've been busy in the workshop, but that would be a stretch. I have been busy, but it hasn't been in the workshop making toys. Instead, it has been a split between my job search, and home restoration work. The job search doesn't need explaining. The house work does. As I probably mentioned in one or more previous entries, my youngest son finally left the house a couple of months ago (Marine boot camp), and my wife and I have been working to restore his room, his older sister's room (she's been out of the house for four years... but motivation was lacking), and eventually, another bedroom that had been set up as an office. We have made lots of progress in the past two months, including stripping both bedrooms down to plywood, patching and repainting walls (just about complete on second room now), and soon to put in new flooring (bought and paid for a load of laminate flooring today). We hope to have most of the work complete in the next two weeks, since our son will be coming home on leave after boot in three weeks. Where does this lead to working in the workshop? Well, the first bedroom mentioned (our daughter's) is the designated guest room. My wife has claimed the second (our son's) as a sewing room [hers!]. This leaves the final bedroom, which currently is full of furniture and stuff that normally would be in the other two rooms. AFTER we rearrange everything, and empty this room out, I will strip it down, refinish and repaint walls, and re-floor as I have done with the others. This then becomes my office... or more particularly, Santa's Workshop. This room isn't on the same deadline as the other two... Mostly likely, won't finish it until Spring, to tell the truth, since we're just about ready to move into the holiday season, and during that time, I know I will be too occupied in other ways. But next year... I hope to have a basic studio ready to go, with backdrop and so forth. Ho ho ho!
  3. Last week
  4. I do not walk around with my suit on or my hat on, I dress in normal clothes but if someone comes up to me or asks me then I portray the roll. I am not out trolling the kids looking for a fix of ego. I know I am not the real Santa but enjoy the feelings I get and the joy I bring the kids when they see something they never thought they would see.
  5. Nice looking chair
  6. How many of us have lived in the Tulsa/NE OK area?
  7. Two out of five. I have some catching up to do!
  8. The only one I've ever visited was the one in Alaska... in fact I lived only a few miles away when I was 12.
  9. No, no, no: BT’s Christmas shop couldn’t be open already, could it? Retailer ‘responding to customer demand’ for Christmas shop in August August 18, 2017 by Conor Pope - Irish Times Excerpt: Dublin - Happy Christmas everyone! Too early? Brown Thomas certainly doesn’t think so and is dangerously close to making Wizzard’s wish that it could be Christmas every day come true. It opened its dedicated festive shop on Dublin’s Grafton St on Thursday morning, a full 130 sleeps before Santa Claus starts ho ho hoing his way down from the North Pole. While it is absolutely not the season to be jolly - and not even remotely close to it - the upmarket retailer was entirely unapologetic about giving over a large chunk of the top floor of its flagship outlet to Christmas . Many of the shoppers coming up the escalators to the top floor of Brown Thomas looked entirely bemused by the sight of all the Christmas trees, snow globes, baubles and the twinkling fairy lights as group buyer Edel Woodsdefended the move. “It may seem absurd to some people but others will love it. I think it is a real Marmite thing. What we are doing is responding to customer demand,” she said. **** The baubles range in price from €4 to €18 while a complicated-looking gold carousel which lights up and plays Christmas music as it moves is selling for €400. Speaking of Christmas music, the good news for shoppers - and more importantly staff - is that Brown Thomas will hold off on piping a suitably festive soundtrack throughout the store until the middle of October. By then many of the highly priced trees will be gone, said Woods. The fake plastic trees are always a big seller despite costing between €225 and €350. SOURCE:
  10. I was much further south, near 71st & Sheridan. Only about 5 minutes from Woodland Hills. But that was back in the mid 80s. Jenks America was just coming into its own back then.
  11. I live in the Brookside area of town. Nearest main intersection is 41st and Utica. The tornado was 2 miles east of me last week.
  12. So you are just barely an East sider?
  13. Actually it was for this year 2017. But honestly I am okay with it. That has been a crazy Saturday for the last 3 years. I glued up at 5:30 AM drove to Enid for 2 events, then back to Tulsa for 2 events, then ended the day with the parade. My wife was not really wild about the stress on me. She's always worried I'm gonna drop dead from a heart attack. It was pretty bad. When it gets like that you gotta ask "What am I doing to myself?" I'm going to back off on some of these other crazy weekends this year too. I have been able to add more weekday stuff so far this year so I won't feel the need to kill so much on the weekends. We are also discontinuing the operation of our private studio in Nov. It was profitable but my partner is going through a divorce and he's not really into this year. I did the parade 3 years in a row so I'm happy and can say "been there done that." It's fun but really doesn't pay well, as it's mostly an "honor." I think I have had enough "honors" and the stress that goes with it. I'll still be doing the lights-on at Utica Square here in Tulsa. That's a nice event with about 15K attendance...and 5 minute drive from my house.
  14. We've been to 3 of the 5😀 Only the 2 North Poles to go.
  15. My bucket list is to visit all five of these places!
  16. 5 Places Around the U.S. Where It’s Christmas All the Time The Daily Meal Aug 10, 2017 By Carolyn Menyes EXCERPT: For most people, it is impossible to think about Christmas when you’re spending your days at the beach, picking pumpkins, or staying indoors to keep out of the springtime showers. However, there’s another portion of the population that sings “Jingle Bells” out loud and dreams of sugar plums no matter what time of year it may be. For you festive few, worry not! There are enchanting towns around the country that share your passion for Santa, sugar cookies, snow, and presents. They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for no reason! And in these five destinations, it’s wonderful all year long. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Founded on Christmas Eve 1741, it makes sense that this Eastern Pennsylvania town would take its name from the town in which Jesus was born. Known as “Christmas City U.S.A.,” Bethlehem is easy for travelers to find: The town hosts its own northern star and LED lights downtown, and they are illuminated nightly year-round. When the holiday season actually approaches, visitors can see Christmas trees throughout the years and learn about the history of this 275-year-old town. Frankenmuth, Michigan Michigan’s “Little Bavaria” is filled with German- and Austrian-inspired Christmas festivities. This charming town includes a replica of Austria’s Silent Night Chapel (where the song of the same name was written) and a German Christmas museum. Most importantly, Frankenmuth is the home of the “world’s largest Christmas store” — Bronner’s, which is essentially a warehouse lined with ornaments, Christmas trees, and other décor. Of course, the outside of Bronner’s is decorated with thousands of twinkling Christmas lights and other festive decorations. North Pole, Alaska It may be 1,500 miles away from the real North Pole, but visitors to this suburb of Fairbanks will be greeted by a 42-foot-tall Santa Claus statue. If that fact and the name of the town aren’t enough, Alaska’s North Pole host its own version of Santa’s workshop, where kids hoping to get on the nice list can stop by any day of the year to meet Kris Kringle and his reindeer. North Pole’s postal code, 99705, has the honor of being designated as “Santa’s ZIP code.” North Pole, New York Alaska isn’t the only state with its own North Pole; New York has one, too. In addition to being the home of Santa’s Eastern U.S. workshop, North Pole, New York, features its own year-round theme park that caters specifically to the young (and young at heart) with sled-themed roller coaster, a peppermint swing, holiday shows, and Tannenbaum the Talking Christmas Tree. Santa Claus, Indiana This town is the ho, ho, home of Holiday World, one of the world’s first theme parks. Fittingly, it pays homage to Christmas (as well as Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Halloween). In line with its name, Santa Claus has a festive post office where visitors can get letters postmarked with Santa’s own name. There’s also a supersized holiday store and a candy store, fittingly called Santa’s Candy Castle. SOURCE: https://www.thedailymeal.com/holidays/5-places-around-us-where-it-s-christmas-all-time
  17. Name: The Twelve Days of Christmas with Count von Count Category: Music Date Added: 2017-08-17 Submitter: Michael Rielly Count von Count joins tabernacle organist Richard Elliott during his 2015 Christmas concert organ solo, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Watch as the Count counts, and Richard Elliott weaves songs in and out of each day. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was arranged by Richard Elliott. The Twelve Days of Christmas with Count von Count
  18. Count von Count joins tabernacle organist Richard Elliott during his 2015 Christmas concert organ solo, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Watch as the Count counts, and Richard Elliott weaves songs in and out of each day. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was arranged by Richard Elliott.
  19. Name: Lemon Drop Kid (1951) Category: Movies and Television Date Added: 2017-08-17 Submitter: Michael Rielly Bob Hope plays head Santa in the Lemon Drop Kid. A funny Christmas Classic. Good for a laugh when you're stressed out from the crowds! Lemon Drop Kid (1951)
  20. Bob Hope plays head Santa in the Lemon Drop Kid. A funny Christmas Classic. Good for a laugh when you're stressed out from the crowds!
  21. That's classic! This was just one of the many Christmas specials as a child, you just didn't want to miss watching. All of them are just as good today as back then. The only show I don't see very often is "The Little Drummer Boy." Love the song and the show was very good.
  22. Inverness restaurant puts up CHRISTMAS TREE – over four months before the big day August 16, 2017 By Jonathan Whitelaw - The Sun Excerpt: Inverness - A RESTAURANT has put up its Christmas tree already. Staff at The Fluke sports bar in Inverness have decorated the festive favourite with a whopping four MONTHS to go. **** The tree has taken centre stage in the Inverness restaurant 130 days before Christmas Day. It’s part of the venue’s promotion for the busy festive season – with punters told they can book their celebrations already. We told you earlier this month that Selfridges launched its festive shop — a move that was branded “ridiculous” by shoppers. The department store said it was the first in the world to show festive spirit, but not everyone was impressed. SOURCE:
  23. Hi Michael! Here are two ideas that I think will help you, and you should get lots of mileage out of. 1) Take this go-to line that you are keeping in your back pocket and throw it in the trash. Instead of essentially telling kiddos that you are waiting on the "real" Santa to kick the bucket (by the way, who says that to a child?!?!) spend fifteen minutes coming up with a creative response that actually empowers a child's imagination. 2) Your statement that it's sad that Santa's can only have their internal magic recharged during the Christmas season... it strongly illuminates that your desire to interact with children as Santa throughout the year centers on the adrenaline rush and joy that YOU experience. Here is a newsflash, people >>> We portray a character (it's acting, right?!) that everybody knows HE LIVES AT THE NORTH POLE DURING THE YEAR. The man runs a toy factory, working 364 days out of the year to make gifts for the children of the world!! THEN, on CHRISTMAS EVE, he flies around the globe, dropping in and leaving presents. That's Santa. Not the next-door-somebody who wears a Santa hat to Denny's and hands out stickers to kids coming to eat with their families in August! This is not Santa - this is an unhealthy addiction. It is time for us as a community to wake up and realize that we are portraying something much bigger than ourselves, and serving our community as Santa is not about us. Still want to feel that special inside magic year round? Volunteer to help with story time at your local library. Help out with Children's Vacation Bible School at your church. Sign-up to be an usher at your local community theatre. But please, for Santa's sake, don't wear that red Santa Hawaiian shirt and leave the stickers at home. You'll be glad you did.
  24. I am sure there are Easter Bunny actors walking around in Casual Easter Bunny Attire...
  25. Seems like you only hear about Christmas Creep when reporters are looking for a story on a slow news day. The news has been anything but slow...
  26. Odd I have never seen the guy that portrays the Easter Bunny at the mall any other time than a couple of weeks up to Easter. I suppose if we saw that it would be alarming.
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