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  2. Great post! Out of the mouths of a child.
  3. Great read
  4. Sounds like your having fun!
  5. Another week goes by, and I am one step closer to being Santa Claus. As mentioned in last weeks post, I received my round wire-frame prescription glasses in the mail. Of course one of the first things I did was get my wife to take a picture of me wearing the new glasses along with a Santa hat and a red T-shirt. I've added this picture as my new profile pic here. Not to worry... next Saturday I am scheduled to sit (or stand) for professional photos in full gear, so shortly thereafter I expect to be replacing this makeshift Santa picture with a real one. Not sure what kinds of backdrops the photographer has, but I hear that they do Santa pictures for kids, so I'm hopeful. What else? Oh yes, my web site. Still not ready to go public, since it doesn't have pictures, but one thing that I decided to add was a blog. So not only have I made a commitment to post in this blog every week, but I want to post over there three times a week, more or less. Not that it is the same kind of blog entry. More as Santa, talking about things going on at the North Pole, or answering questions. Sometimes I plan to post "North Pole News", which comes from the local journalists up there. All good fun, with the intent of keeping new material on the page every week, both to keep the kids coming back, and to get Google to rank the site higher. No, I haven't set it so Google will crawl the site yet... I want to get the picture on the site, and finish a little more material on the Blog and certain other pages before I do that. Be assured, I do intend to turn it on before the end of March (prepping for Gatlinburg). Blessings, MikeE
  6. Yesterday
  7. Fun post! Thank you for finding this one EWJ, this made my day.
  8. Hey Santa Mike, don't dispare, it's like that in THIS country, too!
  9. Y'know, as always, nobody else compares with kids when it comes to discussing matters Claus. So CBS2's own Scott Rappaport felt the need to investigate that. Here are the happy results of his findings: Kids Talk Santa Claus After Christmas Morning by Scott Rappaport, WCBS-TV/DT, New York | Posted the evening of Christmas Day, 12-25-2016, 11:32 PM NEW YORK CITY --- It's the night after the big day, and Santa Claus has come and gone, but the magic and wonder of St. Nick is still dancing within the heads of kids from all across the Tri-State Area. Ask any little kid about him, and of course they'll tell you how much they believe in Santa Claus. CBS2's Scott Rappaport spoke with some kids who shared their experiences with him: So, what do we know about this Kris Kringle guy anyway? "He rides on a sleigh with magical reindeers," said one boy. "He has a white beard," said another. "He's fat," said a little girl, drawing laughter from a third boy. Some kids said that they saw the Big Man last night. "He asked me to sing a song," said one girl, before giving our cameras a roaring rendition of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." Santa, apparently, approved. As for the biggest question of them all: just how does Santa get into people's houses? One girl thinks he may slip in "through the heating vents, or something." Still another boy says he's got it all figured out. "He just needs to get in the secret way," he said. Simple enough. SOURCE:
  10. Coatbridge's own Santa Claus lights up lives with record donation for sick kids Proceeds from Christmas display lead to 12,750 lbs. being collected for Ronald McDonald House charity by Ian Bunting, Daily Record, Coatbridge, Scotland | Posted: 1300 GMT, 19 February 2017 EXCERPT: COATBRIDGE, SCOTLAND --- Big-hearted Coatbridge festive fundraiser Alastair Doyle has broken his own annual charity donation record, thanks to the kindness of generous locals. Awestruck families who visited the spectacular Christmas illuminations display at Alastair's Kirkwood home contributed to the phenomenal 12,750 lbs. that the retired pensioner was able to deliver, to help bring light into the lives of Kirkwood's sick children. Alastair's 2016 overall total was the most he's ever collected over a 12-month period, and takes the amount he has raised for the Ronald McDonald House at Glasgow's Royal Children's Hospital to an astounding 50,979 lbs. in just 11 years! During the festive period, Alastair does double duty as Kirkwood's very own Santa Claus, who, each year, displays an array of magical Christmas lights from his house on Sharp Avenue. Every year since 2006, Alastair has raised more than the previous year's target, and, with the help of friends, family and the entire community, he has once more entered record-breaking territory... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  11. Whilst this is a little different, anyone who still believes that the BBC is unbiased and impartial is living in a dream world. It is sad, but very true that the BBC has an agenda these days, and has done for around 2 decades. They spin their stories like everyone else now.
  12. until
    We are so very excited to announce that Robert Seutter aka Santa True will be joining NORPAC SANTAS for the 8th Annual Northwest Santa Workshop at Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound WA ~ November 3rd & 4th. Robert will be leading workshops and discussions during the two day event on how to be an all around better Christmas Performer. We hope you'll be able to join us for this fun weekend of networking, fellowship and learning. Stay tuned for more information. http://christmasperformerworkshops.com/ http://www.Easysite.com/norpac-santas?ShowNews=249269
  13. until
    Atlanta will host a Southeast US Regional gathering of IBRBS Chapters. Expected events include: Parade of Santas at the new Braves stadium SunTrust Park Take in the game between the Braves and the Marlins Tour of Dobbins AFB Seminars Vendor Area Fellowship
  14. Last week
  15. Santa Claus is comin' to town: Nashville native to speak Thursday at TC by Jennifer Middleton, Texarkana, Arkansas Gazette | Posted: 02-21-2017 TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS --- The man who was the first-ever African-American Santa Claus at the Mall of America this past holiday season will discuss the story of his journey to becoming the top black Jolly Old Elf during a program on Thursday at Texarkana College. Nashville, Arkansas native Larry Jefferson will speak at 12:30 p.m. at the Levi Hall Conference Room of TC's Business and Computer Technology Building, as part of the college's Black History Month series of lectures. Santa Larry, who has worn the red suit professionally since 1999, said that he first got wind of the opportunity while attending last year's Discover Santa event at Branson, Missouri. SOURCE:
  16. Cool
  17. Santa Claus, Inc. expands services By Charles Roberts, Highland, Calif. Community News | Posted: Feb. 20, 2017, 11:22 AM EXCERPT: HIGHLAND, CALIFORNIA --- Santa Claus, Inc. has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1952. Initially organized to provide Christmas gifts for 50 to 100 children of enlisted officers at Norton Air Force Base, the nonprofit now serves almost 250,000 and serves not only the entire San Bernardino area, but now all the way from Ontario to the Palm Springs and Victorville areas. Larry O'Nan, President-elect of the Highland Kiwanis Club, got involved with them at the suggestion of his wife. "I just drove here to work, driving through Highland but not really knowing anybody here and not being fully involved with the community," he told the Kiwanis Club members during their February 16th meeting. "My wife suggested that I should get involved, so I visited the Kiwanis Club office and decided to join up." Since then, Larry has not only become an active and fully involved member of the group, he's also gotten involved with Santa Claus, Inc. of San Bernardino, starting off as a volunteer, and then up to the Board of Directors, and eventually to a leadership position within the organization. Since then, Santa Claus, Inc. has hired its own full-time Executive Director, Karen DeCarlo, and has expanded its services to become a year-round operation, not just helping the needy at Christmas, but anywhere that they are needed. SOURCE:
  18. Michael, What a great feeling it must be to merely have format discussions and not much on content!
  19. news

    A Christmas thank you by Rocky Rohn, from the Letters Page, Winona, Minnesota Post | Posted: 02-20-2017 WINONA, MINNESOTA --- Again this past Christmas, I portrayed Santa Claus for various area homes and local businesses. I would like to thank all the local businesses that hosted me. Also all the several homes; for purposes of privacy I will not divulge the families' names, because I feel that I should respect the families' decisions. All the donations that were given to me by all the wonderful, very caring, and loving people are not forgotten. It'll never be "just like every year;" since I started playing Santa in 2001, it's always different every year. So to Jeff and Barb, let me thank you for your lifelong kindness and friendship; you both have supported and guided me. Each year, I always get new clients, as well as continued donations from those who have played along for several years. I want to say thank you and God bless all of you, along with all the relatives, friends, and neighbors --- and of course, all you children; I think of you all quite often. Why, I've even got one or two places already booked for this coming Christmas. Wow! Finally, I'd like to thank Sue Beck, to whom I gave all those donations. I first met Sue in Lewiston, at a public place on January 6th; she had her daughter with her, along with her daughter's two children. When I spoke with Sue, I learned that she is cancer-free, thank God. Sue's husband passed away from cancer back in March of 2015. Sue has several bills from her husband's medical treatments, as well as her own. She also told me that there'd been a great turnout for her benefit; and that was because your donations helped to lighten her load. So again, my thanks to everyone; and I look forward to returning this coming Christmas, to touch more and more hearts. To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  20. Mrs. Claus, late Santa win Community Service Award by Shary Skiles, McCook, Nebraska Gazette | Posted: Feb. 20, 2017 EXCERPT: McCOOK, NEBRASKA --- With tears of gratitude streaming down her cheeks, Cathy Shannon thanked the crowd gathered at the McCook Area Chamber of Commerce's annual banquet for having honored her family with the 2016 Community Service Award. Cathy's husband Dennis, who passed away on January 2nd, 2017, played Santa Claus for the area's children for many years, with Cathy by his side as Mrs. Claus. In awarding the honor, Chamber member Annette Wagner said: "Every child dreams about Santa, and after having spent over 20 years in the Santa business, here is a family that knows all the tricks of the trade... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  21. One of the reasons for this poll was for me to gauge whether or not I should re-write the newsletter template to accommodate responsive design. The newsletter was launched back in 2009 when mobile devices were rarely used to view websites. Last year ClausNet.com was revamped for responsive. For those of you viewing this on a desktop, simply resize your browser smaller and smaller and you will see how the website changes to accommodate smaller display. However, I have never redesigned the HTML pages that make up the newsletter. I know I have to do it. I just need to find the time.
  22. For me, Marty, it's two-fold. #1, I still like the look of webpages served on a desktop device. The mobile versions still look like so many pages reminiscent of the old BBS days. I know they display images, the immersion factor is just not the same. #2, these old eyes just find it easier to read this site, especially with all of its text, on my 24" monitor as opposed to my 5" phone. Though I have looked up a past post on my phone to jog my memory about something, I would not attempt to try to maintain any presence here primarily from my phone.
  23. Speaking for myself, I tend to visit the forum and read the email when I have free time sitting at my desk. That and I hate squinting at my phone trying to read articles etc. I do occasionally view the newsletter and forum on my ipad.
  24. Thoughts @ this point in the polling, wondering if the percentage use is so much lower for mobile than desktop due to non-connectivenes or if the experience is on the desktop more appealing? I know a poll is a poll, and the mode of connection is not the focal point. But the current trend in the poll made me wonder. Anyone else have any thoughts? moderators: should you feel this discussion be better served in a separate topic, I would have no objection....like it would matter 😎
  25. I do now. Thanks
  26. No
  27. until
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