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  2. Santa Johnathan

    Lessons Learned In the Bonsai Garden...

    There are quite a few charities that I love to work with, mostly involving children’s advocacy and care, music, and education. I find that as we find ways to help within our communities, we are gifted with opportunities to grow, to touch other people’s lives, and truly make a difference. I find at times that I may be grumpy, depressed, or negative, finding ways to serve others is a great medicine. One of my favorite volunteer positions is as a curator and docent for one of the more important bonsai gardens in the US, the Lake Merritt Bonsai Garden. The tree next to me in the picture is just one of the more than 200 amazing trees on display. A black pine that was on display at the 1915 Pan-Pacific World Fair of San Francisco. At the time it was a 300 year old famous bonsai tree and a true novelty to see here. Now, over 400 years old, it’s a special treat to care for this tree and see it stays healthy for future generations. This is one of my decompressing activities to relax and think. Recently during a day in the garden volunteering with my son, I took an oppotunity to reflect on things. Our life is but a short moment, are we leaving something positive behind when the time comes to pass from our mortal life? Have we helped brighten someone else’s life? Made a difficult time easier for someone? Supported a good cause? I think all of us can do SO much. There is a phrase used often at the garden, “Wabi-Sabi” it’s a Japanese concept seen in art and ascetics that could apply to us in the Santa world too. It means, “Nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent, nothing is finished.” I apply this to how I portray Santa, it can be applied anywhere. From purposely placing a patch on Santa’s bag or other item to make it look real, used, loved, like it’s so old it has been repaired. It could also mean an internal dialog in recognizing, “I am never done learning, I am never done finding ways to be better...always a student.” Sorry for the long post. As I enjoy the peace and quiet of the garden, wearing my ISC Denver shirt and yet again, my mind goes to Santa Claus and the Christmas community. I love my time here and I love spending time with my son learning. Have an amazing day everyone! Make someone smile today, tell someone they are loved, and find ways to make a difference. Love you all. Johnathan
  3. Santa Johnathan

    Santa Johnathan Photos

    Various pictures of me!
  4. We have another great interview ready for you to enjoy! Introducing another special guest to the podcast, Lee Andrews! For the best experience, download the podcast via iTunes, Stitcher for Podcasts App., or Google Play Music App. on your personal device.   Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review.     Listening on the computer? Follow the link below. The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast: Episode 20 - Santa, Elephants, Tigers, and More! SANTACLAUSPODCAST.COM The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast host, Johnathan Burton visits with friend and Santa's Helper, Lee Andrews to discuss Christmases past, the beginning of his journey to the red suit, his work with the charity, a life of clowning, traveling with the circus, his Santa Claus work, his advice for future helpers, experiences as Santa's Helper, and so much more! Read more
  5. We have another great interview ready for you to enjoy! Introducing another special guest to the podcast, Joe McGee! For the best experience, download the podcast via iTunes, Stitcher for Podcasts App., or Google Play Music App. on your personal device.  Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review.   Listening on the computer? Follow the link below. The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast: Episode 19 - A Brother's Love and Santa's Example SANTACLAUSPODCAST.COM The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast host, Johnathan Burton visits with friend and Santa's Helper, Joe McGee to discuss Christmases past, the beginning of his journey to the red suit, his work with the charity, Santa David Children Fund, his work with Coca Cola, his advice for future helpers, experiences as Santa's Helper, and so much more! Read more
  6. One Christmas I had a white tree in my choir room decorated with white lights, red poinsettias and red ornaments of different types. I decided to leave the tree up for a year and decorate it for the different holidays and seasons to brighten up the space. When Fall came, I covered the tree with artifical flowers with fall colors. I received lots of comments on the "Fall" tree. I moved it to use in our Fall Festival's Candy Trail and the people who came through the building went wild over it.
  7. Santa Johnathan

    Bylaws Update

    If you are an IBRBS member in good standing, please make sure you take the time to vote. It is very important that we have an accurate vote on the desires of the membership as we look at where we see IBRBS in the future.
  8. Yesterday
  9. magicsantaphil

    Designer beard prior to the growth

    This is how I look with a designer beard.
  10. Patrick: Though the above seems VERY COOL, I LOVED the way you have the outside tree decorated for the animals of your neighborhood! I'll NEVER FORGET IT AND TRYING TO PASS ON THAT IDEA here @ OUR HOUSE / home, BUT I know with the dog the tree would need to be outside the fenced in yard. Or she'll think it's all hers! LOL!
  11. While we don't have an Autumn tree, we do love harvest tones and start decorating for Autumn as soon as Labor Day is over. We have outdoor harvest decorations with cornhusks and hay bales and antique farm implements all arranged with Autumn flowers and pumpkins and gourds. We have Autumn wreaths inside and out and a lot of Autumn leaf garland and mantle piece decorations. The best part, is it all works as a base that we add Halloween and then Thanksgiving specific elements to when it comes time. By the way...Hobby Lobby is already stocked, so it's not too early to shop.
  12. The Autumn Christmas tree is the alternative Christmas 2018 decorating trend Autumnal vibes with warm earth tones and a sprinkle of Christmas magic. housebeautiful.com By Olivia Heath Jul 15, 2018 EXCERPT Combining the warmth and cosiness of autumn with the magic of Christmas, the autumn Christmas tree works on many levels. This year, one of seven of John Lewis’ themed collections – Amber – takes inspiration from the golden tones of autumnal forests. The overall look is warm, cosy and inviting with a rustic, country feel that very much brings the sights, sounds and smells of autumn alive. ‘This Amber story is my absolute favourite,’ says Fionnuala Johnston, senior designer at John Lewis. ‘It has been inspired by arboretums, with natural layers of beautiful tones from Amber through to rich Chestnut. This beautiful rustic environment full of wildlife has a cosy and warm feel making me want to snuggle up with fur throws and mulled wine after a long walk.' John Lewis' Amber tree loses the bright reds, greens and silvers in favour of warm, earthy colours, which may – dare we say it – even inspire some to put their Christmas tree up earlier than tradition (those who put their Christmas decorations up early are said to be 'happier' than those who wait, after all). An autumn-themed Christmas tree isn't entirely a new idea. A quick browse on Pinterest shows that 'fall' or 'Thanksgiving' Christmas trees are already popular decoration ideas. And remember (albeit a tad controversial), Halloween Christmas trees have also been gaining momentum in the last few years. Elsewhere, the rainbow Christmas tree is set to be the biggest Christmas decoration trend of the year, which will appeal to those who like experimenting with colour in different and adventurous ways. SOURCE: The Autumn Christmas tree is the alternative way to decorate this festive season WWW.HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM Autumnal vibes with warm earth tones and a sprinkle of Christmas magic.
  13. Last week
  14. Gradybunch

    ClausNet Gazette - July 2018

    Really enjoy reading this issue. I'm learning so much about Santa.
  15. Santa Johnathan

    Bylaws Update

    I could care less about where your beard comes from. If that’s the only reason that you joined IBRBS, for the name? that’s just makes me sad and I don’t know why the board is working so hard to volunteer and to try and provide something more. This is not a move being pushed by the traditional bearded Santas, they are not knocking on the door. Why would they? Not when they do not feel welcome. This move is a moment for the Christmas community to come together. It’s no surprise that some of the most respected Santas in the community are wanting this change. I want a group that has the best of the best or at least welcomes them. I was a traditionally bearded Santa and later grew a beard; my heart is the same, my dedication is the same, my love for doing this is the same. I am not a better Santa in my heart for having a real beard. At some point does this international group evolve to work together for all Santas and truly become international for all those that take on this vocation? I certainly hope so. Take a look at the Santa Claus Hall of Fame, take a look at our history, IBRBS can mean more and I’d love to see a time when we welcome all that take this work seriously. “Real Bearded Santas” are primarily a contemporary US novelty and a marketing move. If we are truly to be an international group, we need to vote “YES” on the bylaws change. Six years ago, this was voted with the majority wanting to include and redefine IBRBS. Six years ago, the majority of IBRBS members did not see the change they wanted because a super majority was not reached. It should be time now. I find all talk on conspiracy theory and financial gain rediculous and insulting, people put too many selfless hours in behind the scenes for that. This change for me, and as a board member, is all about coming together and it should be time. Our historic Santas like Jim Yellig and Charles W Howard defined this work, both traditionally bearded, the Charles W Howard School’s Dean, traditionally bearded, writer of the Santa Claus Oath, traditionally bearded, the founder of Clausnet, traditionally bearded, just about every famous Santa seen in film, traditionally bearded. Personally speaking, any Santa Group that thinks these individuals would not bring value to our organization and not want to do whatever possible to welcome them and learn from them, just to keep things outdated exclusive and solely based on a beard...this is just sad and I pray that this community can be better at making the right decisions for the future of IBRBS. I celebrate all Santas and Mrs. Claus. We stand on the shoulders of the men and women before us when ego was not a big deal and when social media played no part. I’m working on a future podcast, a historica series. They cared about the vocation...not their facial hair...not how much their beard cost...and not their gender. They cared about children and the tradition. Today I cast my vote. When you cast your vote, think of them...not yourself. Look through the eyes of a child. Santa and all Christmas performers should look at it from their perspective...not our own. Is this about me and my ego...or about the tradition and what this is really about? Santa is for everyone, all believers and All Santas are for children, that is my hope. IBRBS has the potential to mean more, we just need to take the necessary steps to do that. I believe this with all my heart and I have thought long and hard about this vote. We move forward regardless and I will look towards finding ways to improve each day and be a support to this community. I am grateful for IBRBS and I am so very grateful that some in the world humble me by calling me “Santa Claus.”
  16. Santa Bruce Geron

    ClausNet Gazette - July 2018

    Thank you, Michael, for another interesting issue.
  17. Santa Bill

    Merry Christmas, My Friend

    This always bring a tear to my eyes.
  18. Earlier
  19. Santa JimL


    Another Santa hat going north of the border. Dark red velvet, RMNP logo, gold cording plush Polar bear fur, white satin lining, snowball. Nice Santa hat..
  20. Santa Peter

    ClausNet Gazette - July 2018

    another good read , thank you for all your hard work that go's into every issue
  21. Santa Barney

    Bylaws Update

    Neither do I. I have thoughts about what precipitated this move, but they are just that "thoughts" and not based on anything but personal hunches, so they must remain unsaid.
  22. magicsantaphil

    recent fitting

    I dropped a bunch of weight this year and tried on my crimson suit that barely fit this last season. Sorry this image is sideways, but if you lay down, it will seem normal
  23. Steelwheels

    Bylaws Update

    I agree with much of what you said. And here’s the real rub. I have absolutely no desire to join, break-up, or change a Designer Bearded Santa group (maybe like MOTS). So why do that to a Real Bearded Santa group? All of the reasons I’ve read are empty and without merit.
  24. thesantaclaus

    New UK Santa company

    Hi everyone Some of you have mentioned about the Santa's workshop in Ely, Cambridgeshire. it was put on by myself and my new company that i thought may interest you. It was a great day and we all had loads of fun and it will be back next year, YAY :) I would like to thank all who came. So the new company is called North Pole Trading Post, we started the company because we noticed the lack of great Santa products available here in the UK. people are already raving about our products here and across the pond, we also import products from the US to make it easier for us UK Santa's to get our hands on. if you would like to check out the site please visit www.northpoletradingpost.com Thanks for reading Sammy
  25. rdpugh

    Question on Insurance

    When the insurance purchase window opens sometime in August, I see you can add an assistant for $70 for the first tier. If I purchase the insurance when the window opens, would I be able to add an assistant to my insurance anytime later, say closer to November?
  26. Santa Barney

    Bylaws Update

    I too was never in it for anything but the pride of being a part of a group of, what I took to be, like minded fellows who took the time and effort to grow and maintain a "real beard" as opposed to a designer/fake/synthetic/etc. beard. The designer beard looks nice, if you spend the bucks to get a top shelf one, but I consistently have people tell me there is no substitute for the way Santa looks with a "real beard" and that's what I wanted to be a part of and help perpetuate. Now that seems to have taken a distinct back seat to the cancer of "inclusiveness" that's overtaking the world today. I feel myself coming up on a rant about this, so I'll take a deep breath and back away after saying to all..... It's not too late to take a stand, draw a line in the sand, and stand up for what's right, or sure used to be right, within this group called IBRBS. VOTE a resounding NO to the bylaw change!
  27. Santa Warren

    Bylaws Update

    I understand your feelings, although I do not know if I will leave or not (last year I did not renew till very late) I use none of the benefits the organization provides. I also belonged because of the name. I most likely will vote for the change just avoid having to do all this again. As to whether or not being a member of a Christmas Performer group has any benefit to me I will have to think on that.
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