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  3. Is it deductible?

    Santa School, the mileage and travel expenses to get there is deductible. Also, the conventions. I deduct any local community college night classes that are beneficial to my business, i.e., Public Speaking, Acting, Voice Over, Magic, Dale Carnegie and the like.
  4. Is it deductible?

    As a Financial Advisor I also often get questions this time of year about what is deductible. Although I will mention things in broad terms, it is always best to ask your tax advisor about your specific items. Here is a good rule of thumb: If it cannot be used for other purposes and is purchased specifically and exclusively for your Santa business, it is usually deductible. Some examples: Santa suit - yes, can't be worn to work or church or anything "normal" Santa belt - yes Wig and beard - yes Boots - this one is tricky - do you wear them to ride your motorcycle? Do you wear them everyday? With Jeans? Might not be deductible. If they are exclusive to Santa then yes. Bells, toys, stickers or candy to give away - yes Eyewear - another tricky one. Do you use them exclusively for Santa? yes if exclusive, no if you wear them everyday. Santa's chair - yes, if it is decorative and not used for other purposes. Memberships to Santa organizations - yes Books for Santa or your Santa business - yes Here are some tricky ones: Domain name and hosting - yes if exclusive for Santa Internet service - usually you can deduct a portion. Speak with your tax advisor Home phone or cell phone - same as internet service Mileage - a qualified yes. Speak with your tax advisor, keep good records. It can get a little complicated - donated time as a volunteer, for example can count as a donation. Get advice. KEEP RECORDS Hair care products, bleach, etc - complicated. If you bleach year round it may not be deductible. Storage containers - yes, if used only for Santa stuff. Software, computer equipment, cameras, electronics - mostly no, but qualified. You must prove the equipment is dedicated and cannot be used in every day life. Talk to your tax advisor. Most of all, with everything, keep good records! I often recommend that clients buy a 3-ring binder and fill it with paper. Tape receipts to the pages and make notes beside the receipt as to what was purchased and the use. I also recommend that business purchases be made separate from personal purchases. Keep the receipts separate; it is easier that way. Keep your mileage in a small notebook in your car - or even better, if possible do a MapQuest directions printout for your mileage and place in the same 3-ring binder.
  5. New Shirt

    A white on white cotton modified puffy sleeved shirt with red candy buttons
  6. Crawling World Record.jpg

    did your teacher make good on his word? did you receive an A for the entire year?
  7. Elections Chairman Bob Partlow chaired the election of candidates to serve as members of the NORPAC Executive Board for the next two years. The slate included: Chairman-Trever Waltos Vice Chair-Gene Sanders Past Chair-Dennis Simpson Secretary-Dale Scott Treasurer-Dennis Gorley At Large-Ron Kearns At Large-Jerry Galland At Large-Randy Cook Mark DeMonbrun moved that the slate be approved as presented (several 2nded). The voice vote was unanimous. Per NORPAC bylaws, the next election of board members will be two years from now (February, 2020). Note; Ron Kearns has since resigned
  8. NORPAC SANTAS is very excited to announce that we are bringing True back!! Last fall we brought Santa True's CPW to our 8th Annual Northwest Santa Workshop and it was a great success! True left our attendees wanting more. So, we are so happy to have him back June 9th & 10th in the Seattle area ( Sumner, WA ) for two full days of intense training only True can do! Make your plans now to Join Us. NORPAC SANTAS Members and Non-Members welcome to attend. Go to our website NORPAC-SANTAS.ORG for registration form and to pay via PayPal.
  9. Mistletoe Musings - Thoughts About Yesteryear

    very thoughtful and I must confess that I struggle at times with the busyness of the season to remember the "why" of what we do.
  10. Earlier
  11. It's hard to believe, I know. For TEN years I have been interviewing members for our Featured Member of the Month segment. So who was our FIRST interview? It was @Iowa Santa Claus -- Michael Sypherd! You can read the interview here: and if you missed any interview, you can view all of our past interviews here: https://clausnet.com/forums/forum/162-featured-clausnet-members-archives/
  12. Toys R Us considers closing all of its stores

    In Chinese the word "change" means in pending doom or increased opportunity. For many in the retail industry, the changes of buyers in the 21st century and the lack of retailers to adept to them has and continues to cause in pending doom. I am sad Toys r Us is closing, but the one by me was a very messy if not dirty store. Many employees acted as if they did not want to be there. Due to this I choose to shop elsewhere.
  13. Toys R Us considers closing all of its stores

    I find it the best place to go when doing my holiday research on what is new and what will be asked for each year. Have the best selection and best organized. I also go to Walmart and Target, but never the selection of Toys R Us, I would miss it.
  14. Toys R Us considers closing all of its stores

    I saw an article yesterday that it is official. They will be closing all their store here in the US. Have not confirmed it though.
  15. Toys R Us considers closing all of its stores March 10, 2018 mlive.com By Paula Gardner EXCERPT: Time may be running out for Toys R Us to emerge from bankruptcy as a reimagined and repositioned national retailer. Reports this week indicate the chain is on the verge of fully liquidating, with news on that potential move possible by mid-March. "Hopes are fading that a buyer will emerge to keep some of the business operating, or that lenders will agree on terms of a debt restructuring," according to a report from Bloomberg. Closing the chain's 25 remaining stores in Michigan could add as much as 1.2 million square feet of vacant retail space to the state's shopping centers, based on store sizes of 40,000 square feet and bigger. When it filed for bankruptcy reorganization last fall, the chain had 866 U.S. based stores - either Toys R Us or Babies R Us brands - and it evaluated its portfolio for likely closings. Ahead of the holidays, CEO David Brandon - former University of Michigan athletic director and CEO of Domino's Pizza, both in Ann Arbor - announced plans to better train and pay staff and make shopping in the stores more fun as part of the turnaround. But the first round of 182 closings was announced January 24, coming after the disappointing holiday season when at least 25 percent of its store base didn't meet expectations. SOURCE: http://www.mlive.com/business/index.ssf/2018/03/toys_r_us_liquidation_pending.html
  16. ClausNet, Kinder and Gentle

  17. ClausNet, Kinder and Gentle

    These "workshops" remind me of the real estate flipping scams where they offer a free seminar and then pitch you a how to be rich hard sale. At the end of the seminar you end up with having paid for more. The people running the seminar get rich, a few very few that pay make a dime and the rest, well they are just the people P. T. Barnum talked about.
  18. Daddy, are you Santa Claus?

    The following was posted on January 11, 2009 in Santa Rielly's blog, A Right Jolly Old Elf Well, it was bound to happen. Christmas 2008 will be the year I remember as the year I told my daughter that I was Santa Claus – or rather, to be exact, one of Santa Claus’s Ambassadors. I guess I should be thankful I got this far. After all, Meghan is almost 11. My son made it to 12! He only found out it was me after reading a newspaper article that mentioned my name. Back in 2006 she was wavering. I decided to see if I couldn’t get at least another year out of her. So I appeared in Meghan’s bedroom at midnight. I woke her up and handed her an American Girl Doll that she really wanted. I told her she had been doing really well in school lately and I wanted to give her something extra special for working so hard. She really wanted that particular doll and they were sold out everywhere, so handing her the doll made me feel especially like Santa Claus. I sat next to her on the bed for a while and we talked about school and her friends. After a few minutes I said that I had better be getting on my way and told her to go back to sleep. I wished her Merry Christmas and told her that I loved her. Meghan said good night and told me that she loved me too. The whole visit lasted maybe 10 minutes. But those 10 minutes got me another 2 years. Fast forward to Christmas 2008 - a few days before Christmas my daughter was looking at a few pictures. Meghan noticed that Santa Claus’s eyes are the same blue as Dad’s and that Santa Claus has a tiny birthmark on his cheek – also just like Dad. She then decides to interview (more like interrogate) everyone in the family. With a pen and notepad she starts jotting down her “clues” and after a thorough investigation, she comes to the conclusion that I must be Santa Claus. Although she cannot explain how I go from whiskers to clean shaven and back again, Meghan was convinced that I was Santa Claus. But Christmas Eve was the clincher. During the Homily at the Christmas Vigil Mass at our Church, Santa Claus made an appearance. Santa came out and greeted Father and wished all the Parishioners a Very Merry Christmas. He went on to discuss the true meaning of Christmas. Meghan and her brother were Altar Servers for the Mass. They sat only a few feet from where Santa delivered his Christmas Eve message. Later at the end of Mass after Meghan changed back into her street clothes, she and her brother met me at the back of the Church. As parishioners exited, a few of them would wink at me or thank me as they exited the Church. At one point my daughter was standing beside me when one of the Parishioners said to me “nice job”. Meghan immediately gave me a look and said; “I know why she said that!” I was caught. But I had a backup plan. Later in the evening, Meghan put out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots and lichen for the reindeer. She also wrote a very sweet note to Santa. In the note she invited Santa take a little break cookies and milk break and to please give the carrots and lichen to the reindeer. In the note she also mentioned that she thought that her Dad looked like him and left a little area for a reply. Her note to Santa was very cute and Santa’s reply was perfect! I’ll have to post that next time. Christmas morning came and Meghan ran down from upstairs. The cookies and milk were half eaten and the carrots and lichen were gone. She read the reply to her note that Santa had left on the coffee table next to empty plate of cookies. From there she went over to her stocking. As she reached for the stocking, she noticed something near the hearth of the fireplace. It was a heavy gold button with “SC” in the center and “North Pole” over the top. Attached to the button was some red thread. She reached down and picked it up. She recognized it immediately. "It must be one of Santa's buttons!; she said, “It must have gotten caught on the fireplace! I'm going to take it to school and show it to my friends that don't believe in Santa!” As you can imagine, at this point, I am thinking that I may have just gotten past another Christmas. But by December 26, the little wheels in her head started turning again. She decides to re-open her “investigation”. After several attempts to get me and her brother to admit that I am Santa Claus, she starts to get upset that we won’t tell her what she knows must be true. I can tell she is getting frustrated. So I decide to tell her the truth – that I am one of Santa’s Ambassadors. I tell Meghan that I have something very important to tell her. But before I tell her I make her promise that she cannot tell any of her friends and especially not her younger cousins and that this is our secret. She agrees. I hand her the letter to me from Santa Claus. I tell her to open it and to be careful because it is very old. As we roll it out her eyes widen. It smells old. It looks old. Clearly this was written a very long time ago. It’s dated December 24, 1974. It’s practically a relic! After she reads the letter, I explain to her how Santa Claus has a few men stand in for him when he can’t be there in person and that it is our job to spread joy and happiness to children. I told her that now that she knows, she could come along with me as one of my Elves. She loves the idea! I asked her what she thought. She told me that it was “cool” that I was Santa Claus. She asked me if I had my own sleigh or if I had to borrow Santa’s. She also asked me if I get to go to the North Pole every once in a while to see Santa. Apparently she thought that, that’s where I was going on all these business trips. That one caught me off guard a bit. When I was a boy, I only knew one Santa Claus – my grandfather. My parents never took me to see Santa at the mall or to a party where Santa was appearing. Every year, Santa would visit me and my brothers a few days before Christmas. We always felt honored that Santa would make a special visit to our house. After all, he always arrived with a police car and fire engine escort. Lights flashing and sirens blaring, Santa was usually accompanied by a policeman and my Dad (also a policeman). Santa sat with us for no more than 15 minutes and he was whisked off to another appointment. To this day, my parents never sat down with me and said, “ya know there is no such thing Santa Claus.” In fact, when I moved out of my parent’s house at 19, there were still gifts under the tree and presents in my stocking from Santa Claus. No one ever told us there was no Santa Claus.
  19. Business Suggestions for Santas

    Though my avocation is storyteller, as many of you know, in "real life" I am a Financial Advisor. Recently I had opportunity to talk with some storytellers about the business aspects of what they do. Most of it is easily transferable to all of us as Santas. this is the first of several. I would ask if you comment, try to stick to the topics here. Other topics I will mention and we can discuss later. First all, determine if this is a business or hobby. If this is all you do, that is easy to determine. If like me you do several types of "entertainment", it can be either. In my case, I do not track Santa income and expense separately, but as line items in my overall "business". Therefore, if I have income from Santa or from doing a gig as a storyteller or even as a motivational speaker, it is still income from my business I categorize as "entertainer" on my tax forms. The easiest way to make a good determination is to talk to your tax man. Unless you are pretty good at tax law and changes, obtain the help of someone who actually deals with entertainers. It is really worth it because they know all the things to look for. Several things to remember; if you are going to claim it is a business, you can't claim to lose money every year. It can be helpful to your tax situation, but you do not want the IRS to view it as a planned loss each year. If you do plan to claim it - KEEP EVERYTHING!!! More on this later. Office: Do you have a specific room set aside for your Santa business? I do have an office in my home for my real job. I alsoou use that room for my storytelling business, so there is not an issue for me. If you do claim a portion of your home for your business it must be dedicated. This is NOT a bedroom with a closet for suits and "stuff" and maybe a desk in a corner. It can be a bedroom dedicated to your business... no bed, no dresser, unless it is for storing Santa stuff. Keep it honest. If you have a 2,000 square foot home - traditional space, and you use a room that is 10'x20', then that 200 square feet would be 1/10th of your home. Then it would follow that 1/10th of the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, electric and other utilities. Remember that cable TV really is not a utility you should count. Telephone is different and I'll mention it later. Again, KEEP records to prove your deductions. What usually does not fly is counting space all over your home... a little in the basement, a little in the garage, a little in the bedroom. Count one space as your business space.
  20. ClausNet, Kinder and Gentle

    Met a guy the other day, he asked me if I played Santa. I said "yes" and he told me that he was interested in doing just that. His kids got him a Santa suit for Christmas and he showed me pictures. We talked for a little bit and I gave him my contact info. I told him I would mentor him. He got excited and asked me how much money could he make at this? I looked at him, and with my tongue in my cheek, said, "On no, you won't make much money playing Santa. It's a hobby at best." He never contacted me!
  21. ClausNet Gazette - March 2018

    Yeah Leon!
  22. We're looking for nominations for Featured Member of the Month. Please send us an email with your suggestions. You can use the Ask a Question tab at the bottom right of the screen. You can view this year's Featured Members here: To view past featured members from 2009 through 2017, go here: https://clausnet.com/forums/forum/162-featured-clausnet-members-archives/ Thanks!
  23. ClausNet, Kinder and Gentle

    I could not agree more. At some point, we need to fit the character, not the other way around. All of the Santas trying to outdo each other with over-the-top gaudy and showy suits, they are missing a great opportunity. When we can help bring out an adults inner child, especially in front of their children...that can be a magical moment. When we force the character to conform to and stretch the character and traditional look of Santa, we pull further and further away from those adult’s childhood memories.
  24. ClausNet, Kinder and Gentle

    I've been saying this for a few year now; that the Santa community is starting to look more like cosplay than what it used to be...
  25. ClausNet, Kinder and Gentle

    Yeah. I have already been cringing at the thought of when cosplayers get into this.
  26. ClausNet, Kinder and Gentle

    It doesn’t help that there are “Santas” giving workshops and classes on how to be rich and famous...while lining their own pockets. It is only going to get worse as the “cosplay generation” steps in and putting on a suit becomes more about making a point and grabbing some attention.
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