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  3. Sadly , because of our new society, I am surprised she isn't applauded for being truthful with students etc. Probably another hundred years society will laugh at the population for letting children believe in such nonsense as Santa Claus. You laugh. It wont surprise me .
  4. Rosyth Santa Claus


    © Rosyth santa claus

  5. Rosyth Santa Claus


    © Rosyth santa claus

  6. Santa Phelix

    Santa Chapel.jpg

  7. Santa Phelix

    Santa and Annie.jpg

  8. Santa Phelix

    Santa and Annie Cookie.jpg

  9. Name: Construction Christmas Carol Category: Music Date Added: 12/12/2019 Submitter: Drosselmeyer Construction Christmas Carol
  10. Drosselmeyer

    Construction Christmas Carol

  11. 20-foot ‘Indescribably beautiful’ leg lamp inflatable appears at ‘A Christmas Story’ house LOCAL NEWS Published: December 9, 2019, 11:01 am Tags: Christmas, Holidays CLEVELAND – Ralphie’s father said it was a “major award,” but who knew it would end up being this major? A 20-foot inflatable leg lamp is now on display in front of the house used in the holiday classic “A Christmas Story” in Cleveland. The leg is identical to the one Mr. Parker won in the movie, although this one is much larger. Fans of the movie can see the giant leg, which is “indescribably beautiful,” in front of the home, which is open all year long. CLICK HERE for more information on the house from A Christmas Story and how you can visit. Source: https://www.local10.com/news/local/2019/12/09/20-foot-indescribably-beautiful-leg-lamp-inflatable-appears-at-a-christmas-story-house/?fbclid=IwAR2QXwEuZglfauOw5DRxfPmxBNudHE6E1YRIqs7zOdMBuC5vQD0DcXcLAcA
  12. Last week
  13. Drosselmeyer

    Christmas movie quotes

    Nobody going to pick this one up ???? @Felix Estridge ???
  14. TamaleClaus

    What Christmas Song Do you NOT Like ? and Why ??

    Scotty, Beam me up, no sign of any intelligent life here.
  15. Drosselmeyer

    What Christmas Song Do you NOT Like ? and Why ??

    Pretty sure I said it last year - but it bears repeating I HATE Santa Baby - what an obnoxious, slutty, arrogant song - it churns my guts
  16. Hello everyone! I am looking for nominations for next year's Featured Member of the Month. Please message me with your nominations! Thanks!
  17. Michael Rielly

    The long and forgotten history of a cherished Christmas tradition

    When I first saw the headline I thought maybe it was the portrayal of Santa Claus. Sadly, I feel that we have gotten away from the original portrayal of the character.
  18. SantaHart


    This would look perfect with my suit
  19. Warrenton Santa

    The long and forgotten history of a cherished Christmas tradition

    1223: St. Francis of Assisi, who is commonly known as “Father of Christmas carols” started using carols along with his nativity that live animals to present the Christmas story with permission from Pope Honorius III.
  20. The long and forgotten history of a cherished Christmas tradition Matt London | Fox News December 10, 2019 "Originating as a pagan tradition, carols were performed by ancient worshipers who danced and sang around stone circles to celebrate the winter solstice," said Bennett. While no one knows for certain how the practice came to be associated with Christianity, the Italian Catholic friar Saint Francis of Assisi is usually credited with incorporating carols into the church. "He organized Nativity plays in an Italian cave that featured lively choruses that told the story of the miracle of Jesus Christ," continued Bennett. "Soon enough, local villagers began to gather across Europe and sing the Yuletide carols to all who would listen." Source: https://www.foxnews.com/media/christmas-tradition-carols-bill-bennett
  21. Steve Fletcher

    What Christmas Song Do you NOT Like ? and Why ??

    I am ......happy to say...........I have not!!
  22. Black Hills Santa

    What Christmas Song Do you NOT Like ? and Why ??

    Painful. Just painful. Let ME get ran over by the reindeer than to torture me with this song from the inner depths of Hades itself.
  23. Black Hills Santa

    What Christmas Song Do you NOT Like ? and Why ??

    I love Shatner immensely....BIG Star Trek and TJ Hooker fan. But......I'd rather eat a real Ponderosa Pine Christmas tree with a spoon than to listen to this.
  24. Black Hills Santa

    What Christmas Song Do you NOT Like ? and Why ??

    I would rather clean out the reindeer stalls with my bare hands while wearing underwear made from holly than to listen to this!
  25. Black Hills Santa

    What Christmas Song Do you NOT Like ? and Why ??

    Amen!!!!!!! Absolutely awful. I would rather have Santa and all his reindeer run me over with the sleigh than to listen to this.
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      Just about anywhere you look Americans are tossing trees to the curb, ripping down lights from rooftops and radio stations are flipping back to everyday music. What took months to build gets deconstructed in a matter of a couple of days.
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