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  2. VetteCitySanta

    Featured ClausNet Member of the Month - June 2018

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  4. Cwundertaker1861

    ClausNet Gazette - June 2018

    Once again...nicely done!!!!
  5. Kevin Haislip

    Seeking recognition

    First, let me correct Santa Drosselmeyer on the above quote. While I wish I would have said it, but Felix Estridge wrote it in his original post to this subject. It is a perfect quote relating to the message of this thread and Felix hit it with, "Do no harm to the legend." On a related note, I am actually discipling a man to be a Santa. He has become a dear friend to me and we get together about once a week for coffee or lunch. He totally looks the part and has spent his career caring for children. So being a Santa will fit him like lambs wool gloves. I was a commercial photographer during my career. Photographers are notorious for purchasing the latest gizmo and if you look into most of the camera bags of a pro, you will find all manner of gadgets that look new but that the photographer has used but once or never. We Santas are a lot like that ourselves. We see a Santa with a compass or set of gold keys or something and we have to rush out and purchase it for our own ensemble. I think it is a man's thing. However, Looking our best is important as a Santa. My friend kind of resembles this behavior. Thankfully for him, I believe he is well off and can afford all the capes and staffs and custom boots and customized suits. Often when we get together, he will tell me of a source for belt buckles or shirts or whatever else. And I keep telling him to just, "Be the man." But this man is going to make a great Santa! Some of us have spent small fortunes on our ensembles with customized this or that. I have seen many stunningly beautiful suits of different Santas. I myself have continued to improve my own look from year to year. But the first priority for us is to "Be the man!" Felix is the first Santa I met when I was considering this role 10 years ago. Even in the off season, he looked the part, but his demeanor was what really impressed me. And as I studied about who St Nicholas was and the legends and history of the man, I found I could easily identify because I myself had spent my adult life serving and loving children. And besides reading up on who St. Nicholas was, get involved in local Santa gatherings and organizations. We all learn a lot from each other that can make us better Santas. Look for opportunities to ply the character all through the year. Volunteer at children's hospitals. When someone stops you on the street as a Santa, 'Be the man!" Thankfully, among the Santas I know, they are already doing this in many ways. So if for nothing else, let this be a reminder and an encouragement for all of us toward becoming better at this. Through our efforts at improving our portrayals, we will "Do no harm to the legend."
  6. Lets take a look at Summer Santa/Christmas in July Where does it really stem from? Who came up with idea an made it happen? How to improve it and evolve it? Looking forward to eveeryones input!
  7. Santa Bill Reiller

    New Officers Elected

    Congratulations to our new Board of Officers!!
  8. rdpugh

    The Professional Santa Claus’ Podcast - Episode 15

    I'm listening right now about the virtues of the reindeer. Really enjoying this.
  9. Schwindy

    Hacking, Cloning, and other Chicanery

    Yepper just like Mom and Dad taught us, better to say nothing at all then to say something bad. ..... YES EVEN THOUGH THEY STARTED IT! GOOD for you Pop because I can't say I could do the same thing. I'd rather show up (if there close) and try to talk it out. BUT that being said has lead to a few worst decisions after showing up. (Obviously not talking Santa here.) BNo one would ever pretend to be me in a Santa suit! LOL!
  10. Florida Kris Kringle

    By-Laws Change Vote

    The original By-Laws just aren't as appropriate as they should be for our Organization. They were when IBRBS was first formed, but there have been so many changes since. We need to better reflect what it is that we're all about. Michael, have you had a look at the website for more information? It's not just about insurance and background checks. We're launching a brand new mentoring program, and have already received commitments from many top Santas to contribute to the expansion of our education program. We also host the International Santa Celebration every 2 years, with the next one being in 2020. Our new Board will be elected next week, and I expect there to be some great changes that all our members will benefit from.
  11. Drosselmeyer

    Daddy, are you Santa Claus?

    thank you for the info - will look him up Merry Christmas !! 🎅
  12. Also check out Toys for Minds
  13. True. Their list does seem very limited in a geographic sense. At least they had Nerf, Lego, and Paw Patrol listed. Of course, any list that doesn't have at least some Lego, Barbie, Hot Wheels, or Dolls in the top ten isn't a list I'd give much weight to.
  14. Santa Bill Reiller

    The Professional Santa Claus’ Podcast - Episode 14

    Another great podcast
  15. Drosselmeyer

    Coping With Depression Before and After The Christmas Season

    Thank you wise words and sound advice I have certainly found the day after Christmas to be one of the most uncomfortable and bleak days of the year - it is good to know I am not alone in that feeling.
  16. Santa Bill Reiller

    It's always Christmas in North Pole, Alaska

    Sounds like a great time to me!!!
  17. Jim Smith

    10 years ago

    On the 1st day of June in 2008, Santa Claus authorized the formation of the Clan Claus Society. Thank you Kona and Kathi for sharing your dream! Thank you to the Charter Members for helping the Clan grow! Thank you to all of our members for making the Clan the wonderful group that it is! Give yourselves a Hearty Ho Ho Ho!!
  18. Manufacturers to benefit from Christmas in July trade show — Bartlett May 22, 2018 Jamaica Observer Excerpt: KINGSTON, Jamaica — Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has issued an open call for manufacturers of locally produced corporate gifts to apply for the Tourism Linkages Network's annual Christmas in July trade show, by Friday May 25, 2018. “Christmas in July is an important initiative which offers support to our very talented local manufacturers. We give them a platform to market their goods which are unique corporate gifts. They will have the opportunity to showcase their goods to key tourism stakeholders, as well as members of the Diplomatic Corps, the Diaspora, and mega-corporate companies,” said Bartlett in a release. “This year the Tourism Linkages Network will continue to push the envelope, by encouraging the use of more innovative products that will help to ensure that Jamaicans own the consumption side of tourism,” he added. **** “The Christmas in July initiative is very crucial in helping my ministry achieve its target of tackling the leakages in the economy and by extension create inclusive growth by the provision of jobs, which will lead to increased earning, consumption, tax revenues and the ability to better pay our debts,” said the minister. SOURCE:
  19. Gentryville, Santa Claus to get new police officers May 23, 2018 By DON STEEN - Journal Democrat Excerpt: SANTA CLAUS – The communities of Santa Claus and Gentryville often find common concerns, being close neighbors in an age where travel is a simple affair. One such issue is in policing their respective towns, especially given the area’s population growth. As fate would have it, both town councils are currently faced with an impending change in their police departments, both linked to a potential personnel shift from one to the other. At the Monday, May 14 meeting of the town council, Santa Claus Town Marshal Joey Brown reported that officer Ted Klem may be moving to the Huntingburg Police Department, which would have left the department with only three officers if there weren’t reserve officers waiting in the wings. If Klem’s transfer to Huntingburg is finalized, his last day would be June 6. Brown advised that he already had a candidate in mind to replace him, Gentryville Town Marshal Robert Bone, who is already familiar with Santa Claus through past assistance to the department. **** Bone has been eying a 2010 Impala police car slated to be retired from the Santa Claus Police Department, which could replace the 2004 Crown Victoria in use by Gentryville. This would remove an older, less fuel-efficient vehicle from Gentryville’s responsibility, and Bone hopes to see the cost covered entirely from a grant through the Spencer County Community Foundation. The Gentryville Town Council is currently assessing the pros and cons of this sale with regard to the board’s tight budget. Overstreet emphasized that maintaining two police cars for what will continue to be a two-officer department made sense, as it would allow Overstreet and a reserve to quickly deploy with equipment already loaded. She noted there have been many concerns with drugs and vagrants in the area, so police coverage remains critical. SOURCE
  20. Walk organizers prepare gift for Santa Claus Parade May 22, 2018 by Frank McTighe, MACLEOD GAZETTE EDITOR Excerpt; Fort Macleod, Alberta, CANADA - Walkers and runners will gather in Fort Macleod Saturday, May 26 for the sixth year in a row for the Willow Creek Wilderness Walk/Run. A portion of the proceeds from the event this year will go to the Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade committee. “It is an event that benefits a large number of people from the community of all ages and backgrounds,” event founder Stasha Donahue said. The criteria the committee used to weight the applications included whether it had funded the group before; the benefit to the community; other available funding sources; potential to provide volunteers for the walk/run; the perceived need; and the potential impact of the donation. “They were asking for donations last November and we decided then we would help them with a donation then and also have them as our beneficiary for 2018,” Donahue said of the Santa Claus Parade committee. **** Volunteers the day of the event include members of the group that will receive the donation, this year the Santa Claus Parade committee. Donahue said she is impressed with the people who help stage the Willow Creek Wilderness Walk/Run. “Inspiration for me includes that we have volunteers from different groups we have funded in the past show up to volunteer each year,” Donahue said. “The event is about promoting fitness but also building relationships between groups in our communities. It seems we are able to do that with different group members coming back each year to help with an event that funds a different group.” SOURCE
  21. Santa Bruce Geron

    Tis the Season for Christmas Movies

    I was just in New York last week and took a carriage ride through Central Park. Our driver stopped at the shooting sites for Elf. I appreciated his gesture.
  22. Santa Bruce Geron

    The star atop Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree is getting a makeover

    Thank you, Michael for posting this press release. It's good to see that NBC is continually maintaining the display in Rockefeller Center. I wish they would have released a couple of Libeskind's sketches for the new ornament.
  23. rdpugh

    The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast - Episode 13

    Eventually I hope she listens to all of them like I have, but she is just starting out as my Mrs. Claus and thought she would be more apt to begin listening to the podcast from Mrs. Claus.
  24. Santa G

    Irish People Try American Christmas Treats

    I like a good pumpkin pie 😀
  25. Name: Irish People Try American Christmas Treats Category: Christmas History and Traditions Date Added: 2018-05-18 Submitter: Michael Rielly Irish People Try American Christmas Treats
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