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  2. Santa Claus Parade draws thousands in Toronto November 19,2017 by VICTORIA GIBSON - Toronto Star Excerpt - In the last few minutes before floats and trumpets soared down Bloor St. for Toronto’s 113th Santa Claus Parade, 4-year-old Keegan Cao meticulously took to the parade route with a single piece of blue chalk. “This is my mom, and that is me, that’s a truck,” Keegan explained, pointing to the scrawled image across a crack in the pavement. He was ready to see many “trucks” — floats, to be precise — in the parade. But the big draw was the big man himself. Santa Claus was coming to town. “He has Rudolphs!” Keegan chirped. His mom asked him if he knew where Santa was coming from. “North,” he said. She kissed his cheek, and they turned back to preparing for the parade to start. From the early hours of Sunday morning, thousands of Torontonians hunkered down on curbs, church steps, restaurant stoops and rooftops. The parade went nearly without a hitch, save for a suspicious package — which turned out to be a bag — that halted the event for a few minutes at Queen St. W. and University Ave. while Toronto police checked it. The magic for kids in the crowd came with careful crafting. As Santa breezed by, on a 42-foot float that ranks as the largest the parade has ever built, a man in a black hat on the pavement nipped in and out of the crowd, asking parents for their kids’ names. He’d call them, discreetly, up to Santa’s throne. Then — jolly and boisterous — Santa would call the names of kids below to their consistent delight. At one point, a gust of wind nearly whisked his hat onto the street. “Oh! The wind is picking up!” he told the crowd, in a moment of surprise before returning to character. “On Christmas Eve I’ll see you,” he told a gaggle of waving toddlers. “But you won’t see me!” SOURCE:
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  4. Santa's Parade of Lights takes festive path down Jasper Ave November 19, 2017 by CATHERINE GRIWKOWSKY - Edmonton Journal Excerpt - Construction in the city centre didn’t keep crowds away from Santa’s Parade of Lights on Saturday. Rather than winding downtown, the parade took a straight route down Jasper Avenue. The tens of thousands lining the route mostly were excited for the man himself, Santa, to come down the street in a one-horse open sleigh. In their letter to Santa, Lexus wished for a toy horse and Teegan asked for “Maui”, a character from Disney’s Moana. “He writes back every year,” Lexus exclaimed. Volunteer Annette War was volunteering for the second year and, with hot chocolate in hand, was making sure letters got to Santa. “I’m excited about this one,” she said. SOURCE:
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  6. Santa Claus to meet special needs kids

    Hi I just posted on the forum a link to a Non profit Secret Sleigh Project started by a mom of a special needs child last year. She is located in Colorado, and the project took right off with plenty of volunteer Santas there. I think it was 55 in a short few months that were visited. Since then it has skyrocketed to needs from 5 states and one request from Costa Rica. That was as of last week. So If you want to be part of a wonderful gift to those children who are house bound please consider visiting this site on Face Book and let Sarah know you are available in your state. There are requirements such as background check, insurance, etc. after a phone interview but they are getting far more requests from special needs families than they have Santas for. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/projectsecretsleigh/ Santa Tim
  7. Santa Claus is busted with a crack pipe

    I'm not really sure why we post these types of articles.
  8. A $70,900 grant was given to Santa Claus Inc. to help kids in need throughout San Bernardino County November 14, 2017 by Highland Community News Excerpt - Santa Claus Inc. (SCI) is grateful to their partners at San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (San Manuel) for a generous grant. On Oct. 11, Faun White, who is the Program Officer of Education for the San Manuel Tribe, presented a $70,900 contribution to Tracylyn Sharrit, the Director of Development for SCI. The funds will support the mission of SCI, which is, “To provide critical services to youth in the Inland Empire by empowering families through year-round and seasonal programs.” Basic needs required by children in San Bernardino County continue to grow. In response to the increasing demand for services, SCI’s goal is to serve an estimated 120,000 children by the end of 2017 – an increase of 500% since 2012. The $70,900 from San Manuel is vital to ensure that SCI has the financial means to deliver on their mission and promise to meet their goals. **** SCI has been distributing hope through vital services to children since 1952. Children are served by referral from qualified partners throughout the Inland Empire: school districts, nonprofits, hospitals, law enforcement, and social service agencies within San Bernardino County. Referred children experiencing poverty imposed barriers are helped year-round. YES! programs provide free access to school supplies, clothing, shoes, hygiene items, bedding, emergency shelter, and much more. Christmas Distribution provides books, clothing, and toys to the meet the needs of impoverished youth. SOURCE:
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  10. Two previous ALABAMA Christmas albums are my sweethearts favorites...this helps with my own Christmas shopping - thanks!!
  11. Sharing the Christmas season for half a century November 8, 2017 By Tim Meeks - Trentonian Excerpt - BELLEVILLE, Ontario - The spirit of Christmas is alive and well on the second floor of Century Village. And it’s all made possible by the incredible generosity of the residents of the Friendly City, says Pam Smith, co-ordinator for the Christmas Sharing Program. “The Christmas Sharing Program exists due to the generosity of this community and the need for this program is substantial and continues to grow on an annual basis,” said Smith. Now in its 50th year, the Christmas Sharing Program began helping Belleville families in need in 1967 when 354 families were assisted. Fast forward to last year and more than 1,300 families and individuals were registered for help. **** In addition to applying for a nutritious hamper of food, applicants with children under the age of 10 can also register their children for the Belleville Fire Fighters Toy Drive. As well, the Christmas Sharing office registers and helps to sponsor those who want to attend the Community Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day. This dinner is generously hosted by the Salvation Army and staffed by volunteers. Meals are also delivered to folks who are unable to attend the dinner due to health issues. And rides are available for anyone wanting to attend the dinner in the City of Belleville. “Last year we served 106 people at the Christmas dinner and also delivered 60 meals to shut-ins and people who couldn’t attend,” Smith said. SOURCE:
  12. Santa Claus Oath copyright violations

    Looks like he took the Oath Seal off and replaced it with another set of Coat of Arms instead.
  13. Retiree who portrays Santa Claus now facing drug charges

    I have to say: When I see this type of "stuff", I ask God "WHY?" I'd give ANYTHING to be healthy, to be able to portray Santa into my late 70's or dare I even ask for 80's? The problem I see, is like these people could honestly CARE LESS. Man I wish I could trade places with them. With my MS I will be luck to see late 60's and still walking, this is a fact, not a wish. Then I read this "junk" and I am sorry, I still ask WHY LORD? Why them and why am I here. All this being said I had a great day today and was actually able to walk the dog for the first time in A VERY LONG TIME. But just like the rest of you, it is SO aggravating to see, read and makes my head spin and then I go down a road I shouldn't travel.
  14. Our new song for the children. We ask," Do you know the song, Joy To The World?" When they start we interrupt and say," No no, that's the old version here's the new." They love it and we thought you might like it as well. It's sung to 3 Dog Night's Jeremiah was a bullfrog! Feel free to share just give us credit if you repost. Tell 'em it's by Santa Claus of Tulsa and Jossie Claus.
  15. Santa Claus Oath Crest Items For Sale

    As far as I am aware, the only thing like you are asking is the plaque that Mike posted above. It is for sale still through Santa's Drill Team and @Santa Bob Elkin is the man to contact for any and all Oath products.
  16. Santa Claus is coming to (Old) town

    Santa Claus is coming to (Old) town November 8, 2017 by Erin Udell - The Coloradoan Excerpt - He's making a list. He's checking it twice. And he's coming to Fort Collins this month. Santa Claus will ride into Old Town and his Old Town Square workshop will be open on various days through Christmas Eve. His grand entrance into Old Town will be at noon on Nov. 18. He and his musical elves will arrive by horse-drawn carriage to the corner of Walnut and Linden streets. The public is welcomed to greet him at the event. Holiday costumes are encouraged. Visiting Santa at his Old Town Square workshop is free throughout the holiday season. Professional photos are optional and cost a fee. Santa is multilingual and knows sign language SOURCE:
  17. 5 Places Around the U.S. Where It’s Christmas All the Time

    Patrick: They don't even give us "Honorable mentions?" For the way we decorate, I don't get it?!
  18. Garden City ‘Santa’ arrested, charged with child molestation

    Strangely enough we have this type of article hit the pages about this time of year every 2 or 3 years. Background checks do nothing in this circumstance due to instances not reported or the person charged did not get background checks and simply worked where he did not need one. Then on slow news days you will see this dragged out to be flogged some more. No, we do not need it but it gives us a platform to answer and direct the conversation towards what "Professional" Santa do to protect themselves and their clients. See this as an opportunity to steer the conversation and show your professionalism.
  19. Hier lernen Weihnachtsmann & Co. (Here Learns Santa Claus & Co.) November 6, 2017 by BILD Translated via Google. Celle - In just over seven weeks time has come: Christmas! Clear that then the famous beard bearer may not be missing. But to be Santa Claus is really not child's play ... For a convincing performance at the Christmas market or on Christmas Eve, it takes more than a red costume and a sticky beard. Willi Dahmen (65) teaches participants how to behave properly as Santa Claus in his seminars. In Celle he dedicated 27 men and women from all over Europe to the high Christmas art. In the seminars, the participants learn that they are never allowed to drink or make phone calls in their missions. Dahmen also says how to behave in different families. Very important: the right costume! Thin felt, cotton wool? For a 5-euro wardrobe, there's the rod! Correct: red wool or velvet coat, beard at least of fine synthetic hair, white gloves, boots - never sneakers! SOURCE:(in German)
  20. The Original Santa Claus Parade brings wonder and joy to everyone November 2, 2017 Press Release -The Santa Claus Parade Press release: TORONTO, Nov. 2, 2017 /CNW/ - Today at his secret workshop, Santa Claus himself announced the exciting details of The Original Santa Claus Parade, including a new logo celebrating the parade's unique position as the first Santa Claus Parade in Canada. This year the parade will feature 25 floats and 21 marching bands, including a float celebrating Canada's appearance in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Other floats will feature the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors, as part of the continuing partnership with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. "All the world is happy when Santa Claus arrives," said Peter Beresford, Santa Claus Parade President and CEO. "We are excited to be celebrating the magic and happiness that Santa brings to the City of Toronto." This year's Parade will take place on Sunday, November 19 at 12:30 p.m., when children of all ages will line the streets waiting for a chance to see the jolly old elf himself. Now, in its fifth year, the Holly Jolly Fun Run, a 5km run, will kick off the parade starting at 11:45 a.m.on parade day. Last year there were over one thousand runners in attendance. The run will follow the Parade route and end at Maple Leaf Square. All proceeds raised will support the Santa Claus Parade. "I am so excited to see all the smiling faces along the parade route," said Santa Claus, who flew into town from the North Pole to offer a preview of this year's magic. "The parade celebrates this amazing season and brings happiness to everyone involved, from volunteers to celebrity clowns, but especially to the spectators. It's what the holidays are all about." The Parade starts at Bloor and Christie Streets; travels along Bloor Street to University Avenue, travel south on University Avenue to Wellington Street, then travels east on Wellington. This year the parade will head south on Yonge Street before heading east on Front Street, finally ending at the intersection of Front and Jarvis Streets at the St. Lawrence Market. The Original Santa Claus Parade airs Sunday, November 19 at 4:30 p.m. ET/PT on CTV and 5:30 p.m. AT on CTV and CTV GO. About the Santa Claus Parade The Santa Claus Parade is the largest children's parade in North America and the largest outdoor entertainment event held in Canadaevery year. More information on the Parade at thesantaclausparade.com About the Santa's Elves This year, a very special group of companies have stepped forward to make a long-term commitment and a substantial financial investment to ensure the Parade continues to bring smiles for years to come. Santa's Elves: McDonalds Canadian Tire Metro RBC CIBC Scotia Bank TD BMO Indigo MLSE SOURCE
  21. Christmas in the metro

    Christmas in the metro November 4, 2017 By: Ana Roa, Kathleen de Villa - Philippine Daily Inquirer Excerpt - Filipinos are big on Christmas. It’s probably one of the most celebrated holidays that kick off as early as September or, in local parlance, the so-called “-ber months.” Now that the Halloween decors are out, expect to see more of the bright, flashy lights, the colorful displays of tinsel, garlands, and the traditional parol (lanterns), as well as the “belen” and the Santas of varying shapes and sizes—all of which make for a highly festive atmosphere that Philippine Christmas celebrations are widely known for. Over the years, some areas—be it a household or a mall—have become crowd favorites given their plush, ornate holiday displays, which have since provided sightseers the perfect Instagram post. **** Policarpio Street, Mandaluyong The 700-meter street in Mandaluyong City has become an attraction every Christmas for its dazzling display of holiday decor using lights, lanterns, Santa figures and a majestic “belen” (Nativity scene). Rockwell Complex The lit silhouettes of Rockwell buildings have welcomed every Rockwell resident and traffic-weary motorists every Christmas as the lights have been a signature image during holidays. Ayala Triangle Gardens The 20,000-sqm garden becomes the venue of the annual lights-and-sounds show dubbed “Festival of Lights” every Chrismtas season. Miniature “Christmas village” Fashion businessman and landscape artist Rene Tiongco sets up in his house in Malate, Manila every December a miniature “Christmas village.” The village is complete with snow-covered hills, quaint houses, children building snowmen and a choir tirelessly belting out “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” in the town square. SOURCE
  22. What’s in the Santa Claus Fund box?

    What’s in the Santa Claus Fund box? November 4, 2017 By FATIMA SYED - Toronto Sun Staff Reporter Excerpt - For 45,000 underprivileged children in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax and Pickering, the Star’s Santa Claus Fund gift boxes are joy wrapped up — and the only present many of them will receive this holiday season. The contents — which are age-specific and gender neutral — are classic holiday gifts: books, toys, warm clothes, cookies, to name a few. The gifts are chosen with care, to meet children’s basic needs and so much more. Like last year, our goal this year is to raise $1.7 million, with 100 per cent of your donations funding the contents of the gift boxes. It’s been this way since 1906, when the fund first provided gifts to more than 350 children in Toronto. **** Clothing Every child aged 5 to 12 gets a warm shirt that is manufactured locally and is designed specifically for the Santa Fund Outdoor gear Some of the families receiving the gift boxes are new immigrants or refugees experiencing their first Canadian winter, unprepared for just how cold it can get, and how quickly. Cookiesr Three kinds of cookies come in the boxes this year — coconut flavoured, teddy bears (chocolate or honey) and digestive biscuits. A toy The toy for each age is carefully selected to reflect the child’s abilities and interests. Toothbrush and toothpaste Children aged 4 to 12 receive these — an essential need for a child’s growth and development. Socks You can never have too many pairs of warm socks during a cold Canadian winter. Books The joy of reading comes in every box. The box Manufactured in Toronto, the gift boxes themselves exude the holiday spirit. This year they feature snowmen, reindeers and penguins. Many children love to keep their treasures in the boxes for years to come. SOURCE:
  23. Video Discussion: Texas Kris Kringle

    Name: Texas Kris Kringle Category: Member Videos Date Added: 2017-11-05 Submitter: Texas Kris Kringle Here is my over enthusiastic Grandson speaking to Santa at the north pole on shortwave radio. It was his first time, and their will be this year too. What a blast it is listening to all the children. On any night on 3916 Mhz (lower sideband) after Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas, Doug (Texas Kris Kringle) Texas Kris Kringle
  24. Texas Kris Kringle

    Here is my over enthusiastic Grandson speaking to Santa at the north pole on shortwave radio. It was his first time, and their will be this year too. What a blast it is listening to all the children. On any night on 3916 Mhz (lower sideband) after Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas, Doug (Texas Kris Kringle)
  25. Santa Claus Indiana Selects 2017 Special Postmark For Holiday Season November 3, 2017 by WBIW.com Excerpt - (SANTA CLAUS) - The Santa Claus, Indiana, Post Office has selected the 2017 special picture postmark for the upcoming holiday season. On Friday, December 1, the post office will begin offering the picture postmark to cancel the postage stamps on holiday mail again this year. This famous small-town post office is the only one in the world with the Santa Claus name and receives over 400,000 pieces of mail in December - compared to only 13,000 pieces of mail per month the rest of the year. This special picture postmark has been offered every Christmas season since 1983. Each year, the holiday postmark is designed by a local high school art student as part of an annual contest. **** Santa Claus, Indiana, will host a celebration of family fun on the first three weekends of December. Santa Claus Christmas Celebration events include Chestnut Roasting, Christmas Dinner with Santa, Writing a Letter to Santa, and more each weekend. In addition, special events include Dancer's Dash 5K on December 2, Santa Claus Arts & Crafts Show and Santa Claus Parade on December 9, and the Christmas Lake Village Festival of Lights on December 9 and 16. SOURCE:
  26. Featured ClausNet Member of the Month - September 2017

  27. That would be absolutely stunning to see!
  28. Featured ClausNet Member of the Month - November 2017

    nice interview
  29. I can't wait to see you again Marty!! It's been too long.
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