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  2. Gulliver's Bookshop in Wimborne is finalist in Christmas Visual Marketing Awards by Marilyn Barber, SomersetLive.co.uk | Posted: 26 May 2017, 1514 GMT; Updated: 1516 GMT EXCERPT: WIMBORNE, SOMERSET, ENGLAND --- When Malcolm Angel was a child living in West London, he was always fascinated by the window displays of the big department stores. "I used to gaze up at all the big displays, and I thought that I would like to become a window dresser," he said. "However, all my school friends didn't think that that was very macho, so I dismissed that as a career option." Well, fast-forward several decades, and his Christmas window at Gulliver's Bookshop in Wimborne has just been recognised in an international competition. Pipped at the post at the Christmas Visual Marketing Awards by Hamleys of Regent Street, Gulliver's was a joint runner-up with Size?, which has shoe shops across Europe. Malcolm was prompted to enter the competition after Gulliver's window was spotted on Twitter. Attending the awards show on behalf of the business, Malcolm's son Paul, who runs the Westbourne Bookshop, said: "We were the only bookshop in the running, and to be up against businesses with these huge budgets was quite a coup. Our window was created using cardboard, sticky-tape, and lots of imagination. Hamleys beat us, but they did also win the 'Best of the Best' Award, so we really did well to even be in with a chance." Malcolm, who organizes the annual Wimborne Literary Festival, and who also does double-duty as a regular presenter on Radio Wimborne, continued: "I have always loved to create things, and I started dressing windows when we had Quarterjack Toys here in Wimborne some 30 years ago. The window is always very important, as it is how you display your business." SOURCE:
  3. Boscov's planning for Christmas in July by Geri Gibbons, Wilkes-Barre, PA Times-Leader | Posted: 05-24-2017 EXCERPT: WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA --- Community leaders assembled on Wednesday at Boscov's department store to discuss opportunities to benefit Northeastern Pennsylvania by raising not only money, but also awareness of the needs of area residents. Irene Kelly, Public Relations Director for Boscov's Wilkes-Barre store, is coordinating the venue's 6th Annual Christmas in July and related events, which will benefit various local nonprofits. The Christmas in July effort will run all month long, raising money for food and clothing for those in need, particularly members of the local homeless population. It's a cooperative effort which includes Catholic Social Services of Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties and the Commission on Economic Opportunity. A Christmas tree stood at the corner of the room as a reminder of the fundraising efforts as Kelly, along with Kim Gormley, Manager of Boscov's Hazelton; Monsignor Joseph Kelly, Director of St. Francis of Assisi Kitchens at Scranton; and various members of the media took time to discuss how they could collectively benefit the needy. For much of the summertime, said Monsignor Kelly, food pantries tend to find themselves with empty shelves. The key, added Ms. Gormley, is for area residents to gain an understanding of those in need. "People who come to food pantries are often veterans, people who have recently lost their jobs, or simply older people who are just trying to make it," she said. The Christmas in July event will feature a Christmas tree on the fourth level of the store, providing an opportunity for everyone to donate a dollar at the register. There will also be a food collection drive. SOURCE:
  4. It's Christmas in May as couple sell off their popular (giant) light display by Nick Ferraro, St. Paul, Minnesota Pioneer Press | Posted: 05-26-2017, 7:37 am; Updated: 7:41 am EST EXCERPT: INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MINNESOTA ---- Monday is Memorial Day, but it's gonna look a lot like Christmas in one Inver Grove Heights neighborhood. Rodney and Nancy Brown, who have presented an elaborate Christmas light display every year since 1995, have decided that they're done, and they are now offering all their decorations in a garage and yard sale that runs this Monday until June 3rd. "People have told me, 'This has been a family tradition! You can't quit!' " 63-year-old Nancy Brown told the Pioneer Press yesterday. "But we have to --- for our health." Visiting the Browns' display at 8450 Ann Marie Trail, known to many residents here as simply "Santa's House," was a tradition for many people, attracting hundreds on weekdays and several thousands more on weekends. But last year was a rough one, according to Nancy Brown. In mid-December, a vandal and/or vandals damaged statues and yanked electrical cords from outlets. Wind and ice also did a number on the display, knocking down one-of-a-kind buildings and tearing apart inflatables. "We're just too old to be dealing with so many issues," said Nancy Brown. The sale, to be held from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day, includes some 225 plastic statues, 15 big boxes full of lights, buildings and display units, various Department 56 pieces, antique Disney items, and 26 inflatables. "We've priced everything to sell," Nancy Brown explained. Extension cords? "We probably got about 300 of 'em," she went on. For the last 21 years, Rodney and Nancy have spent every weekend and most of their nights from from Labor Day Weekend right up to Thanksgiving Weekend setting everything up. And night after night, no matter the weather, the Browns dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus to greet the visitors and pass out the candy canes. But in March, Nancy shared the decision on their Facebook page, "Santa's House in Inver Grove Heights," which to date has over 4100 likes. The news attracted lots of gratitude for the Browns. SOURCE:
  5. Two gentlemen you would have to work at to not like!
  6. Last week
  7. I've often thought of these cruises or going to Germany and Austria for the Markets, but I'm ready to miss the Christmas Season here and the Santa visits.
  8. Red Nose Day returns! From WRCB-TV/DT, Chattanooga, Tennessee | Posted: 05-25-2017, 1:32 PM EDT; Updated: 1:42 PM EDT EXCERPT: CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE --- Red Nose Day, the all-star comedy telethon that raises money to assist children in poverty around the world, returns tonight on NBC. This year's effort opens on the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course, with the celebrities giving it a go. Money will be raised for every obstacle they conquer. Meanwhile, on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Julia Roberts faces a challenge of an entirely different sort, when Bear leads her on an adventure in Africa, across a rope bridge, to personally hand-deliver vaccines to children living in a remote village. Roberts' journey leads into the hour-long live telethon. Red Nose Day founder Richard Curtis highlights tonight's proceedings with a reunion sequel to his romantic comedy film Love, Actually. Organizers hope that the follow-up segment will spark Red Nose Day donations. Over $60 million in the U.S. has been raised during the telethon's first two years. SOURCE:
  9. A big kid is in charge at the Thinker Toys Store From the Northern Virginia Daily of Strasburg | Posted: 05-24-2017 EXCERPT: WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA --- Aaron Bowman proudly confesses that at the age of 34, he's just a big kid who loves his job. The lanky, affable Bowman is owner and sole full-time employee of Thinker Toys, on the corner of Braddock and Cork Streets here in Winchester, where he admits that he's literally played with every game offered for sale at the store. "When I get a new toy in, I always need to find out how it works so that I can describe it," says Bowman, who likes to talk about the toy either to the adult buying it as a gift, or to the child accompanying who wants it. And as the name implies, this ain't no video store. "We don't have anything that runs on batteries, where all you do is turn it on and just watch it do something," says Bowman. The shelves and aisles are stacked with several hundred toys, games and puzzles, including a few 1000-piece puzzle sets that appeal a lot more to adults than to the store's key clientele: kids ages 3 to 12. Bowman literally grew up surrounded by toys. His parents operated a toy store in the former Dayton's Farmer's Market, now called Market Dayton, where his parents now own and operate Crafty Hands, a store specializing in quality jewelry, pottery and crafts. "I never really planned on owning a toy store," admits Bowman. "I got my degree in computer science at James Madison University in 2005, and for the next four years I was a computer programmer here in Northern Virginia," followed by about three years doing various odd jobs. "I just didn't like the whole office atmosphere," he says. "I just needed some time to think on my own." So he moved back to the Shenandoah Valley because "I love the valley, the mountains, the trees, the nice people, and I love it that things are calmer and everyone else isn't in a hurry." ............ "Most of the stuff we sell isn't in Toys R Us," says Bowman. "Smaller stores can provide better service because they have people who care." SOURCE:
  10. I am not Roman Catholic, but Greek Orthodox and we share in the wonder of St. Nicholas The Wonder-worker of Myra. What a Beautiful Experience it must have been.
  11. UK shoppers have already spent two billion pounds on Christmas 2017 by Chloe Rigby, InternetRetailing.net | Posted: 05-23-2017, 10:45 AM EST EXCERPT: LONDON ---- British shoppers have already spent some two billion pounds on Christmas 2017, new research estimates. ICM questioned more than 2000 UK adults on behalf of performance marketing technology company Criteo, and found that one in five had already bought their first Christmas present, while more than 15% had already spent over 200 lbs. on the festive season. 30% had spent over 100 lbs., and 12% had already done all or most of their shopping. The remaining 9% of 18- to 39-year-old shoppers have already bought literally all their Christmas presents. Despite this, half of Britain's population are already planning to browse for a good deal in during the Black Friday sales. 33% of consumers, 1 in 3, that used a specific retailer's website for peak season shopping said that they would still use the same apps. Criteo's findings show that 32.5% of consumers return to the same app they used during last year's seasonal shopping, while one-third of consumers purchasing travel during the Christmas season would return to the same retailer later in the year. This not only proves the power of the peak season, says Criteo, but also the power of an established meaningful relationship. "We're not even halfway through the year, but it's clear that shoppers everywhere are already thinking about Christmas," said Thomas Jeanjean, Executive Vice-President for Global Mid-Marketing Sales at Criteo. "With shopping easier today than ever before thanks to smartphones, tablets, and constantly improving in-store experiences, people simply aren't waiting to get a head start on their December spending! For retailers, this means that early engagement with the shoppers is essential if they're gonna satisfy those people who are looking to get ahead of the game come Christmas. More importantly however, by investing in Christmas now, brands everywhere will be going a long way towards establishing a loyal consumer base ready for when the real spending kicks in towards the end of the year." SOURCE:
  12. That's right, Michael. Often times, I tend to forget about those more really important milestones of Phil's backstory.
  13. Thank you Santa Bob
  14. Heck with these figures I haven't even left the starting block...
  15. Santa Claus can't float all on his own From the Cambridge Times and CambridgeTimes.ca, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada | Posted: 04-26-2017 EXCERPT: CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO, CANADA --- What would the Cambridge Santa Claus Parade be without a float for Santa himself? "After many years of community support, we now find ourselves in need of a group that is willing to take on the decoration of the Santa Claus float for the upcoming year," Dave Howell, Parade Committee Chairman, told the Times. "All Parade plans will be put on hold until we can get this item dealt with." During the last several years, members of the Ancient Mariners' Canoe Club have volunteered their time to put together Santa's float. But Howell said that any new group that steps up to help out this year wouldn't be left entirely on its own. "For the first year that a new group would take this on," he said, "we have a sound process to follow, as well as some logistical help from those who have done it before." This year's Santa Claus Parade takes place on November 18th. The Santa float is donated each year from Challenger Motor Freight, and there is a storeroom filled with all the decorations and lights that are needed. SOURCE:
  16. Earlier
  17. How to make your nomination for Michigan's official Christmas tree by Brandon Champion, MLive.com | Posted: 05-17-2017 EXCERPT: LANSING, MICHIGAN ---- Christmas may be months away, but the search is now on for Michigan's official Christmas tree. Michigan's Department of Technology, Management and Budget officially kicked off the hunting season for the tree that will reign over downtown Lansing's holiday festivities on Monday, May 15th. "This is the perfect time for us to start searching for Michigan's Christmas tree," DTMB Executive Director David Behen explained in his e-mail statement. "Families driving to vacations at the lake or in the woods can spend their travel time looking for the perfect tree. Not just any tree can grow up to represent Michigan." To be considered, the tree must meet several criteria. It must be a spruce or a fir tree that is at least 55 feet tall. The tree must have a maximum crown of 24 feet, and a maximum trunk diameter of 30 inches. The tree must also be available at no cost and be at a location that has easy access by road with no interference from wires. Last year's tree was a 50-foot blue spruce, donated by Al Farrish from Sault Ste. Marie. ......... Nominations are requested by July 30th. Individuals who wish to nominate a tree should send their name, address, telephone number, a photograph of the tree, and information about its size and location to ChristmasTree@Michigan.gov, or by mail to: Christmas Tree Search Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget Building Operations Division, P.O. Box 30026 Lansing, MI 48909 SOURCE:
  18. 'I'll Be Next Door for Christmas,' first holiday movie to use Equity crowdfunding, launched by filmmakers with 4 Emmys and an Oscar From WireUpdate.com, 05-19-2017 EXCERPT: LOS ANGELES --- That Christmas Movie, LLC (startengine/startup/thatchristmasmovie) recently launched an investment crowdfunding campaign to produce the witty family comedy "I'll Be Next Door for Christmas" --- the first such opportunity of its kind in the U.S. Investors responded, and the campaign reached over 300% of its minimum goal within days on the premier equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. "Unlike the Kickstarter campaigns, where you simply make donations or buy rewards, equity crowdfunding gives you a financial interest in an actual company. We're gonna give audiences more than just a movie. We're gonna give them a chance to be part of the actual filmmaking process, as well as the chance to actually make money while doing so," said producer-director David Willis, Founder and CEO of That Christmas Movie, LLC (http://www.thatchristmasmovie.com). "Not only is 'I'll Be Next Door for Christmas' the world's first Christmas movie to use investment crowdfunding, it's the very first feature-length narrative to successfully do so in the United States. Now, the average person can have something that the big Hollywood stars always get: the chance to make money from a real movie." "We believe in this project, and we're so excited to be able to tell this story," said executive producer Jay Kogen, a winner of four Emmy Awards for The Simpsons and Frasier, and currently executive producer of the hit Nickelodeon series School of Rock. "One of the really cool things about people becoming involved in a project like this is that once it's finished and been released, it's a pretty great feeling to actually say, 'Hey, I made all that happen.' " The project, now currently accepting investments, was made possible through the JOBS Act, which was signed into law with overwhelming bipartisan support in 2012; and Regulation Crowdfunding, which went into effect just last year. This means the 90-plus percent of the population who weren't previously allowed to invest in start-ups can now take advantage of these opportunities. SOURCE:
  19. Nick Frost set to play 'Captain Pugwash' The Spaced, Hot Fuzz and Sean of the Dead star is set to bring classic children's TV character Captain Pugwash to the big screen From Cultbox.co.uk, May 19th, 2017 EXCERPT: LONDON --- Having put in his turn as Santa Claus in the Doctor Who Christmas Special, "Last Christmas," actor Nick Frost is set to bring another portly character beloved of children --- we were, after all, children once --- to life in front of the cameras. This time, he'll be turning his talents to portraying the cowardly pirate who was the subject of a 1950's children's book series, and, more famously, three consecutive animated TV series in that decade, the mid-1970's, and the late 1990's. ..... Frost would star with Jason Flemyng in the film, in which Captain Pugwash will attempt to rescue the father of his cabin boy, Tom (not Roger, you'll note), while being pursued by another pirate, the villainous Cut-Throat Jake. The movie will be directed by John Hay (Stig of the Dump; "Last Christmas"), and will apparently be a "fresh, indie take" on the classic characters. SOURCE:
  20. I may be vague on #5 this season. I'm going to intentionally do fewer events this season and do them better, but I wouldn't say that to a potential client.
  21. Capital Voices: 'I probably see 10,000 children a year' by Bruce Deachman, the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Citizen | Posted: 05-17-2017 EXCERPT: OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA --- In anticipation of Canada's Sesquicentennial celebrations, the Citizen's Bruce Deachman has been seeking out Ottawans --- 150 of them --- to hear their stories of life, death, hope, love, the everyday and the extraordinary. We'll be sharing one story each day until Canada Day. "I decided to leave the North Pole back at the end of the 1980's or so, to find out exactly how all the kids were reacting to all the various toys that they wanted, and to give them the opportunity to tell me, face-to-face, what kinds of toys they wanted, and whether or not we were developing the right sort of trademarks back up at the North Pole. And so they started talking about all the trucks and the Barbie dolls, and the various books that they love to read. That's one of the things I always like to do: talk about the books, and not just the playful items. "It's worked out pretty well. I've been here now for some 29 years, and I've been having a great time doing it. To see those sparkles in their eyes, and the smiles on their faces for just those 30 seconds to two minutes that they are totally intent on sitting on Santa's lap, and Santa is totally intent on listening to what they have to say is magical. And Christmas is magical. Who would want to destroy that kind of upbringing in children these days? "Here at Billings, I probably see 10,000 children a year. And the best part of it is that now I'm starting to see the kids of the kids that I saw when I first started here. They keep coming back and I keep coming here to listen to them and to their tales, and looking at the pictures. They bring in the pictures and they say, 'Santa, we don't understand it. Here we are in the 1990's when we were 4 and 5 years old, and that's you. And now we're back here with our kids today, and that's you in the picture again, but you're not getting any older. But look at us: We're parents today, and we're definitely aging.' But Santa is always there for the youth. He's ageless. ......... "Christmas is love, and it's best described as what's in the room at Christmas if you just stop opening up all the presents and take the time to listen." --- Santa Claus, Billings Bridge Shopping Centre, 12-10-2016 SOURCE:
  22. A Year-Round Project: Local Christmas Child workers never stop by Amie Knowles, the Martinsville, Virginia Bulletin | Posted: 05-17-2017 EXCERPT: MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA --- Most people think about Operation: Christmas Child when November comes around. Families gather supplies, head to the church and pack shoeboxes full of needed supplies and toys, to give to children all over the world. But there's more to the operation than just a typical seasonal program. In fact, there are local workers who can still be found hard at work throughout the year. "There's two ways to do shoeboxes. Most folks think about it as a seasonal opportunity," said Penny Denny, area coordinator for the operation's Blue Ridge district. "We have a behind-the-scenes group who works year-'round." The number of shoeboxes donated by these groups during "Collection Week," the third week each November, are truly astounding. "Some do hundreds. Some do thousands," explained Ms. Denny, a longtime Collinsville resident. "We have one individual who does just over 1000 all by herself." These groups and individuals all have their own unique style. One group, for example, sews dresses at Mayo Baptist Church in Spencer, while others bargain shop all year long. "We have some churches that have one or two people that buy after-holiday clearance markdowns," Ms. Denny continued. "They'll go in and buy at half-price, or 75% off." A few other groups will simply combine their forces and pool their resources. "We have a lot of churches who go in together," said Ms. Denny. "Some of them are in the process of purchasing 5000 bars of soap at 10 cents per bar." Last year, associates from across the Blue Ridge district donated a grand total of 13,191 shoeboxes to the Operation: Christmas Child program. Residents of Patrick County made up 853 of those donations, while the Martinsville-Henry County Region gave 3468 boxes to the charity. Donors in Franklin County gave 8870 boxes to the nonprofit organization. "Our goal is 15,000 this year," said Ms. Denny. SOURCE:
  23. Extras needed for Good Behavior Christmas episode from WWAY-TV/DT, Wilmington, North Carolina | Posted: 05-17-2017, 11:46 AM EST EXCERPT: WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA --- It's Christmas in May for the cast of Good Behavior. The TNT series is filming its Christmas episode tomorrow morning. The series is looking for real families (children, teens, adults) of all ethnicities, ages 6 and up, to be paid extras. You must be able to provide your own business/business-casual, winter dressy attire, etc. Pay is $64 for up to 8 hours and time and a half for every hour after that. Call time could be as early as 5:30 to 6 a.m., and filming days could last up to 12+ hours. SOURCE:
  24. The Little Mermaid will come to life in a live musical on ABC by Andrew Husband, Uproxx.com | Posted: 05-16-2017 EXCERPT: LOS ANGELES --- Not to be outdone by the upcoming Rent and A Christmas Story live television musicals at Fox, ABC announced on Tuesday it would bring Disney's animated classic The Little Mermaid to life this fall. A mid-season addition to the alphabet network's new fall primetime lineup, The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live! would also revive that long-dormant anthology series --- which gifted longtime fans with its 2000 Geppetto TV movie starring Drew Carey in the title role ---- when it airs Tuesday, October 3rd. This should be fun! According to the official press release, the two-hour event will differ from previous live TV musicals. Why? Because it will attempt to "intertwine" actual footage from the original 1989 animated film "with show-stopping live musical performances via cutting-edge technology." The resulting hybrid would therefore become a mash-up a la Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and boast a to-be-announced roster of viewers' "favorite celebrity artists, whose performances will weave seamlessly throughout the original animated film." SOURCE:
  25. Silent auction and raffles to benefit Rich Huff Fund from The Daily Item, Sunsville, PA | Posted: 05-17-2017 EXCERPT: LEWISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA ---- "Operation: Santa Claus," the 6th annual fundraiser for the Rich Huff Fund, will be held this Friday and Saturday at the United in Christ Lutheran Church near West Milton. There will be themed gift baskets, quilts, and jewelry. Food will be served on both days. Created in 2013, the Rich Huff Fund honors the memory of Huff, a longtime member of United in Christ's congregation who died after suffering complications of smoke inhalation during a house fire. For many years, Huff had been the Santa Claus at the Lycoming Mall, near Muncy. The fund helps area children in need with items like clothing and shoes, beds, mattresses and bedding, prescriptions, school lunches throughout the school year --- and, of course, gifts at Christmas. The fund also awards three $500 scholarships to area high school seniors who have demonstrated the spirit of helping children in need. In October, the Baby Steps Pantry opened its doors at United in Christ Lutheran Church. The pantry hands out free diapers to families in need from all over Milton, Lewisburg, Mifflinburg, Warrior Run, and surrounding communities. The diaper pantry is open between 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on the second Saturday of every month. The silent auction and raffles will be held this Friday, from 5 to 8 p.m., and on Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at United in Christ Lutheran Church, 1875 Churches' Road in Lewisburg, 2.5 miles from West Milton. The church is one of the historic "Twin Churches." Winners need not be present to win. SOURCE:
  26. 25th annual Holiday World "Play Day" raised over 40K for Easter Seals by Brittany Harry, KFVS-TV/DT, Evansville, Indiana | Posted: 05-10-2017, 6:43 PM EDT; Updated: 6:45 PM EDT EXCERPT: SANTA CLAUS, INDIANA --- For 25 years, the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center at Evansville has partnered with Holiday World and Splashin' Safari to host Holiday World "Play Day." It's a very special day designated for students with disabilities. "They get to do something they might not normally get to do, and this day is just for them," said Holiday World President and CEO Matt Eckert. "To be able to give back and to be able to know that we are helping them to create memories, too ---- you can't beat it, you just can't beat it." This year, the park is more inclusive for those in wheelchairs. Three of the rides are now wheelchair-accessible. There's also a new calming room for those kids needing a break from the park's sensory simulation. Andy Imlay, a former Holiday World employee, is now an official Easter Seals Adult Ambassador. He was among the first to test out the park's carousel. He says that he's never had the chance to ride a carousel --- until now. "You're never too old to be young to ride a carousel," Imlay told 14 News. ..... All the proceeds made at the main gate will be donated to the Easter Seals Rehab Center. This year, they raised over $38,000. Since 1993, Holiday World has donated over $440,000 from this event. We've learned that the money raised will go toward improvements to the Will's Way Playground at the rehab center's theraputic preschool. They'll also use the proceeds to update the Milestones Child Development Center. SOURCE:
  27. A jolly good time on Medina Square by Bob Finnan, the Lorain, Ohio Gazette | Posted: 05-14-2017; Updated: 11:56 p.m. EST EXCERPT: MEDINA, OHIO --- Out-of-town visitors to Medina on Saturday might have had quizzical looks on their faces when they saw more than 50 Santa Claus characters parading around Public Square. The procession was part of Santa Day, an all-day promotion from entertainment center Castle Noel, 260 South Court Street. So just where does one find so many St. Nicks in May? The Buckeye Santas, a Columbus-based nonprofit organization, provides rotund men with long white beards, for just these types of occasions. Basically, they just have to look the part. "I didn't get this drinking Slim-Fast," laughed Santa Lennie Kisor, as he patted his belly. As he explained, his group doesn't allow fake beards. "You can't get your beard pulled off," he said. Kisor added that that would be the fastest way to lose credibility in his field. The Santas showed up for this, the second annual Santa Day on the Square, singing "Jingle Bells." After posing for a few pictures, they talked with a few wide-eyed children (there were about 100 people on the Square). One little girl cornered one of the Santas. "Do you know my name?" she asked. "Of course," he replied. "You're on my 'nice' list." Even in May, that's better than the alternative "naughty" list. The parade around the Square began with the group stopping in many of the 15 businesses that participated in the promotion. This was an integral element of the event, said Castle Noel co-owner Dana Klaus. She explained that the event was designed to bring awareness and, hopefully, to stimulate business growth to everyone on the Square. "Together, we thrive," she said. Dana's husband Mark, also a co-owner of Castle Noel, did not attend Saturday's event. According to Dana, Mark was in New Jersey, where he was helping to create a new entranceway for Alien Vacation Mini-Golf, located in the lower level of Castle Noel. Dana called Saturday's event "pure joy." "We love making kids smile," she said. SOURCE:
  28. Got them and yes they are great..You have saved this Santa's bacon once again!! Thanks!
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