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  2. Aldi launches Christmas in June so shoppers can celebrate properly with loved ones Source: House Beautiful By: LISA WALDEN Date: MAY 6, 2021 Aldi is launching Christmas in June to lift spirits because shoppers 'didn't get the Christmas they deserved last year'. On Friday 25th June, the budget supermarket will welcome #AldiJunemas to allow families separated by December's lockdown to enjoy a Christmas celebration without restrictions. As well as hidden surprises in stores, Aldi will stock mince pies, pigs in blankets and Christmas puddings for customers to pick up. Po
  3. Earlier
  4. Man named Claus finds Brit kids' message to Santa in a bottle 800 miles away Source: Daily Mirror - By Bobbi Hadgraft Date: 02-05-2021 Harley and Meadow penned a message in a bottle to Santa and threw in the sea in Withernsea, east Yorkshire, only for it to find its way to a 'real life Mr Claus' on a beach in Denmark. A British mum was stunned when she was told the name of the man who discovered her children's message to Santa in a bottle they tossed into the sea. The letter her son sent out to sea at Christmas traveled all the way to Denmark 800 miles awa
  5. I hope they specify, "no political ornaments..."
  6. Santa Craig Maxwell

    Hallmark Is Now Airing Christmas Movies All Year Long

    We, (wife, daughters, granddaughter), find Hallmark to be a soothing respite. The Christmas movies are sometimes just stories acted out at Christmas time, and not so much about Christmas itself, but still a great cast, scenery, and all around feel good entertainment for anytime viewing. Highly recommended.
  7. Louisiana man fulfills Kansas twins' Christmas list after finding balloon message KMBC.com April 20, 2021 EXCERPT: Most of the time when someone sends a message in a bottle or a letter to Santa, they're not really expecting the universe to reply. This is a story about a set of twins from a small town in Kansas who not only got an answer returned, but made a new friend for life -- a wonderful stranger who found a letter to Santa Claus from two little girls living two states away. It all began with a moment just before Christmas in the town of Liberal, Kansas, wh
  8. Black Hills Santa

    The May Podcast is HERE!

    Another wonderful program.
  9. Michael Rielly

    Saving Christmas

    A young boy, Danny, tries to prove the existence of Santa by using his intelligence and gadgets. He and his trusted group go on an intense journey to find the truth of Santa.
  10. Another great episode! Great job Greg!
  11. Michael Rielly

    They Wore The Red Suit

    Every year, tens of thousands don the Red Suit for families, parties and parades, but only a handful of men have reclaimed the connection to childhood magic by turning the portrayal of Santa into a full-time career. They Wore the Red Suit is a documentary featuring the rare individuals who have devoted their lives to keeping that magic alive in the world by actually being Santa Claus 365 days a year.
  12. Felix Estridge

    May Podcast Question

  13. Drosselmeyer

    Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas

  14. Michael Rielly

    Ep. 5 - Christmas Imaginarium

    Bump! I edited the post to play online.
  15. This was a fun episode to put together and I hope you enjoy it! Click the link below to listen to the April ClausNet Podcast! The ClausNet Podcast CLAUSNETPODCAST.LIBSYN.COM The ClausNet Podcast is the monthly program exclusively for the members of the ClausNet.com, the premiere community for professional Santas and is filled with news, tips, interviews and resources for Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elves, Reindeer Handlers, and Santa helpers. The podcast is hosted by veteran radio broadcaster and Santa, Greg Martin.
  16. Santa TJS

    False Beards (1962)

    Looks great, but they missed the adhesive application.
  17. I love Jack Skellington!
  18. 2018 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
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    • How do You Portray Santa?
      Portraying Santa is acting; it is a characterization of a mythical character.

      Most of us never think of ourselves as actors, but we are. Certain characteristics of Santa Claus have been handed down from one generation to another. The way we dress and conduct ourselves all follow an established pattern.

      Santa Claus is one of the most recognizable characters throughout the world. This came about from the advertising campaign of the Coke Cola Company and the creative painting genius, of Haddon Sundblom. Coke Cola was looking to increase winter sales of its soft drink and hired Sundblom to produce illustrations for prominent magazines. These illustrations appeared during the holiday season from the late 1930s into the early 1970s and set the standard for how Santa should look.

      This characterization of Santa with rosy cheeks, a white beard, handlebar mustache plus a red costume trimmed in white fur is the image most everyone has in their minds. Unconsciously people are going to judge you against that image. If your beard isn’t white or you have a soiled suit it will register with the onlooker.

      By the way, the majority of Sundblom's paintings depict Santa with a Brown Belt and Brown Boots. Not until his later illustrations did he change the color to Black for these items. Within the past few years many costume companies have offered the Coke Cola Suit and it has become very popular. You can tell it by the large buttons and absence of fur down the front of the jacket.

      No matter how you portray Santa, be it home visits, schools, churches, parades, corporate events, malls, hospitals we all make an entrance and an impression! The initial impression we make determines if our client will ask us to return.

      The 5 Second Rule

      I have a theory: When you enter the presence of your audience you have about 5 seconds to make people believe you are the real Santa.
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