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  2. Face Book

    You have my # if you need to talk.
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  4. Christmas-Giving And Christmas-Living

  5. looking forward to another great training!!
  6. How Tiny Red Dots Took Over Your Life

    What I am afraid of, is all the technology that we have for our children will erode their belief in the magic of the unseen. Their ability to look things up on their pads, phones and computers has a way of diminishing their imagination and there by diminishing their belief in what is the wonder of Santa, the Easter bunny and all of the other bits of magic that comes from their imagination. I hope my fears are never fully realized, for I myself, would not want to live in that world.
  7. The Professional Santa Claus’ Podcast

    Thank you for posting Michael. It was good to go back to this and reread it. It’s a great check for me on where I’m at today. One of the stories I had forgotten and reminded me again of the importance of documenting and journaling those tender moments to look back at. These Clausnet Member of the Month features are so special and I remember being so honored.
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  9. we are the reason for this season

    Judi: I agree, as I heard one man say: "We MUST go through the cross to experience ever lasting LIFE". Though MANY are afraid of death, and who isn't, I understand. But by his death we all get to live. LOVE YOUR POST, and part of me can't wait until it's time to go home, I just hope and pray it's quick! Ha ha listen to me, adding a request to go home.
  10. Toys R Us announces final store closures

    When I was teaching in a small SW town in the states, we would go to Walmart and sit in the coffee shop people watching. It was fun way to spend a Friday night in that town.
  11. Annual Santa Claus parade saved for another year Apr 12, 2018 by Cochrane Eagle Excerpt - Cochrane, Alberta - Only a week after Santa Claus Parade organizer Mick Gee announced he would be stepping away from the event another organization has stepped up to take the reins. With the threat of cancellation looming, organizers of Cochrane Light Up, the hugely popular Historic Downtown event, announced its early present to save Christmas. “There was a group in town who were doing the Santa Claus Parade the last couple of years, and they decided this year to dismantle it and give it up,” said Stephenie Shelstad, chair of the Cochrane Light Up organization. “So with this being our big kick-off to Christmas, we really didn’t want to see the Santa Claus parade die, and we thought our community was big enough to have one.” According to Shelstad, when the former Santa Claus parade organization held its annual general meeting, nobody stepped up to take over the project. As a result, the society was dissolved. Shelstad said saving the parade was made possible by the addition of a new board member, Raelle Rivoire. “We were going over different things, because I’ve ran smaller parades in the past where I lived up north,” said Rivoire. Rivoire said that though she asked herself if she might have bit off more than she could chew, there was plenty of support to be found through Cochrane Light Up. “(Stephenie) said ‘if you wanted, we can do it under the Light Up umbrella”.” Rivoire said that by the end of it, the decision was made and finalized in under 24 hours. “We didn’t want to see it stop,” said Rivoire. “We’ll do it, we’ll figure it out along the way.” SOURCE
  12. Christmas Bells

    This is beautiful and one of my favorites, it's almost a haunting theme.
  13. Because I have had many request for members only items I need to clarify who may purchase these items again. Our Facebook page is a open group however belonging to our Facebook page does not mean you are a member of The Clan Claus Society. If you wish to become a member of The Clan Claus Society and we hope you will. Just visit our web site at clanclaussociety.com most of your questions can be answered there. Should you need any additional information please feel free to email me directly or call me. Merchandise Current Pricing Large Blazer Badge $24.00 Small Blazer Badge $15.00 Gold Crest Badges $28.00 Lapel Pins $10.00 or 2 for $18.00 Crest Patches $10.00 Wooden Ornaments $9.00 Car Magnets 8x10 $12.00 Believe Pin $15.00 of 2 for $25.00 Ladies Rosette $21.00 Ladies Sash $55.00 Can Cozies $18.00 Ladies Necklace $15.00 We do take Pay Pal or Your Personal Checks. There is a 3% transaction fee from Pay Pal. Checks should be payable to Kona Donald J Gant. Shipping via USPS. Any questions please use my direct email santakona@gmail.com
  14. Become Fairmont The Palm Jumeirah’s Santa

    lol indeed and agreed
  15. Tracking down a child letter writer — 87 years later

    I read this story a few days ago and it really stood out to me. What a special experience. When I visited the Santa Claus Museum, the thing that made the biggest impact was a “Letters to Santa” display, organized by year. I believe it started in the 1930s or 1940s and is the heartbeat of that museum in my eyes. If you really think about it, those letters are just about as pure of an example as you get of the pure belief from a child. As I read them, I wondered to myself, “are they still out there?” One of my favorite Christmas gifts from my children this past year was a book with a collection of children’s letters to Santa.
  16. And all those replies are done right here.
  17. Featured ClausNet Member of the Month - April 2018

    Fantastic interview and congrats! You and the Mrs. look wonderful!
  18. ClausNet Gazette - April 2018

    I always love the news letters!
  19. Volunteer elves dig into backlog of 10,000-plus letters to Santa Claus April 1, 2018 By Sam Friedman - newsminer.com Excerpt - NORTH POLE — It’s not just the candy cane light posts and Christmas-themed street names. Another way the spirit of Christmas lives year-round here is on the day before Easter, when two dozen volunteer “elves” worked to finish Santa Claus’ 2017 correspondence. In responding to children’s drawings and toy wish lists, volunteers sent them back a form letter from Santa, apologizing for being busy during Christmas and not responding sooner. Volunteers created an elf name with which they signed the letters. In some cases, they added personalized notes, congratulating the child on being good in 2017, or thanking them for setting out milk and cookies. Santa Claus letters have been important to North Pole since not long after the city was incorporated in 1952. But letters that arrived at the North Pole post office stopped getting responses in 2017, after the death in August of Gabby Gaborik, who ran the nonprofit organization Santa’s Mailbag. **** The U.S. Postal Service, through its Operation Santa program, sends Santa Claus letters to get responses from volunteers at 15 regional hubs in the Lower 48. Thousands of other Santa letters, some of them with no postage and addressed only to “Santa Claus, North Pole” make their way to the North Pole post office and to Santa’s Letters. In addition to all the volunteer-written Santa responses, another category of Santa Claus mail comprises companies based in Alaska and elsewhere that allow parents to order customized Santa Claus letters online. Some of these letters also end up at Santa’s Letters in North Pole by accident. When the letters fail to reach their intended recipients, a North Pole return address on the envelopes sends the letters to the North Pole post office, Beeman said. On Saturday, the volunteer elves were working their way through what Beeman estimated was more than 11,000 leftover 2017 letters, neatly stacked in U.S Postal Service boxes. Letters came from across the Lower 48, and from international locations including Taiwan, Italy and India. **** Saturday’s volunteers made a big dent in the 2017 Santa Claus mail. West Valley High School students will help with the remainder of the letters as a community service project, Beeman said. But Santa’s Letters will need help from volunteers again around October, when the volume of letters begins to ramp up again. This time, Santa Claus plans to be more prompt in his correspondence. SOURCE:
  20. Christmas in Action keeps giving spirit alive year-round

    I like "Christmas" being used as a verb.
  21. Is it deductible?

    I am self-employed in other adventures of life - attending 1st Santa School this summer. This is very helpful. Thanks!
  22. Santa's Secret

    NICE!!! ...I just have 1 question...shouldn't it be 'waste', not 'waist'?
  23. Elections Chairman Bob Partlow chaired the election of candidates to serve as members of the NORPAC Executive Board for the next two years. The slate included: Chairman-Trever Waltos Vice Chair-Gene Sanders Past Chair-Dennis Simpson Secretary-Dale Scott Treasurer-Dennis Gorley At Large-Ron Kearns At Large-Jerry Galland At Large-Randy Cook Mark DeMonbrun moved that the slate be approved as presented (several 2nded). The voice vote was unanimous. Per NORPAC bylaws, the next election of board members will be two years from now (February, 2020). Note; Ron Kearns has since resigned
  24. Mistletoe Musings - Thoughts About Yesteryear

    very thoughtful and I must confess that I struggle at times with the busyness of the season to remember the "why" of what we do.
  25. It's hard to believe, I know. For TEN years I have been interviewing members for our Featured Member of the Month segment. So who was our FIRST interview? It was @Iowa Santa Claus -- Michael Sypherd! You can read the interview here: and if you missed any interview, you can view all of our past interviews here: https://clausnet.com/forums/forum/162-featured-clausnet-members-archives/
  26. Toys R Us considers closing all of its stores

    In Chinese the word "change" means in pending doom or increased opportunity. For many in the retail industry, the changes of buyers in the 21st century and the lack of retailers to adept to them has and continues to cause in pending doom. I am sad Toys r Us is closing, but the one by me was a very messy if not dirty store. Many employees acted as if they did not want to be there. Due to this I choose to shop elsewhere.
  27. ClausNet, Kinder and Gentle

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