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  1. Front Office

    Welcome Center

    8,671 posts

    New to the ClausNet Santa Claus Network? Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

    Santa Ed K


    890 posts

    Announcements and news specific to the ClausNet Santa Claus Network


    Santa Claus Oath

    529 posts

    Discuss all matters regarding the Santa Claus Oath

    Each month we randomly select a member of the ClausNet community to highlight.


    This section is for official (and unofficial) ClausNet contests, events, and happenings! Check back often for new and exciting community contests and activities!


  2. Santa's Workshop

    This section is for posting the answers to the difficult questions children and adults ask of us.

    Black Hills Santa

    Use this section to discuss and share advice on Santa Claus related issues, concerns, and questions.


    Santa's Last Ride

    390 posts

    A tribute to our fellow Kringles who have passed on.

    Santa Bruce Geron

    Prayer Requests

    2,045 posts

    Prayer requests for our brothers and sisters in Red and all others in need.

    Santa Johnny Boy
  3. Christmas News and Entertainment

    Latest News

    13,483 posts

    Here you will get the latest news and information on toys and all things Christmas continually updated from thousands of sources.


    View past issues of the ClausNet Gazette - the official newsletter of ClausNet.com. Post your suggestions and ideas here for upcoming issues.


    Discuss all forms of Christmas entertainment; Movies, Television, Music, Art, Books, and the Internet!

    Here you will find various short stories and poetry written by our members

    Black River Santa

    Christmas Podcasts

    173 posts

    Here you will find Postcasts on Santa Claus, Christmas history and traditions

  4. North Pole Marketplace

    Suits and Accessories

    2,968 posts

    Discuss suits, boots, belts, buckles, and other accessory ideas.

    Santa Phelix


    874 posts

    Use this section to discuss techniques on promoting and marketing yourself including print and online media.


    Santa's Whiskers

    1,253 posts

    Use this section to discuss beard and hair care and styling.


    Job Postings

    19 posts

    Help Wanted: Must be jolly and love children!

    Mitten Santa

    For Sale

    494 posts

    Got an item you want to sell? Post them here!

    Eileen Strom

    Looking to Buy

    367 posts

    Trying to find a particular item? Looking for someone to make you a new vest? Post your requests here.

  5. Santa Claus Schools and Events

    Discussion Forum for the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School (CWH)

    Felix Estridge

    Discussion forum for the International University of Santa Claus (IUSC)

    Santa Ross W

    Discussion forum for the St. Nicholas Institute.

    Florida Kris Kringle

    Discussion Forum for the Calgary Santa School

    Santa Johnny Boy

    Discussion Forum for the Brothers Claus Santa Seminar (BCSS)

    Mitten Santa

    Discover Santa

    4 posts

    A discussion forum for Discover Santa.


    A discussion forum for the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas International Santa Reunion

    No posts here yet

    A discussion forum for The Charles W. Howard and Jim Yellig Legendary Santas Conferences

    No posts here yet

    Past Events

    4,833 posts

    Santa Bruce Geron
  6. Break Room

    Chit Chat

    879 posts

    Hey Santa! What's on your mind? Post off-topic discussion here like everyday goings on or the weather.


    Fun And Games

    106,924 posts


    Happy Anniversary Santa! Post birthday and anniversary wishes to your fellow members here!

    Felix Estridge
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