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    • Is it time to start calling out Bad Santas?

      Do you think we should start calling out those in our community whose actions or behavior is unbecoming of Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus?
      • 34 replies
    • Backlash Building Against The Man Who Invented Christmas

      September 7, 2017


      There is a new Christmas movie headed to theaters this Christmas about Charles Dickens about his creation of A Christmas Carol and Christmas purists hate it. Already.

      The film has a stellar cast that features the dreamy-eyed Dan Stevens as Dickens and the legendary Christopher Plummer as Scrooge. Here is the trailer:

      “This is a very presumptuous film,” said Christmas fan and would-be film critic, Arnold Yates, via MSN. “Charles Dickens was great but he certainly didn’t invent Christmas. Bah Humbug!”

      That sentiment is growing online as the preview makes the rounds.
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    • Our featured member this month joined the ClausNet Community back in 2015. Since then he has been an active contributor. Santa Tom, AKA Schwindy, has been portraying Santa Claus since 1998.
      • 38 replies
    • We've officially kicked off our annual Ornament and Christmas Card Exchange!

      Each year many of the members here participate in these annual events. Our Christmas Card Mailing and Christmas Ornament Exchange events have become a much anticipated ClausNet tradition! Feel free to sign up for one or both!
      • 10 replies
    • Seeking recognition is a downward path for a legend who performs his tasks in the veil of night.

      Recently, a fellow portrayer of Santa posted an image on Facebook that they constructed to look like a magazine cover with him on it and several story snips like many publications have on their covers.  You may have seen it if they are your friend on Facebook.  It looks okay.  The composition is good, but the rendering when uploading it to Facebook became distorted it and it is quite pixelated when you look at it from a development standpoint.

      What got my goat was his choice of accompanied text, “Finally got a little recognition…”.  Let me say that his post was all in jest, I am certain.  This man is one of the kindest, gentlest, giving souls you will come across.  I love him as a brother.  Yet his unintended incursion on the spirit of the Claus legend got me more than a little flustered. And I know it would be last thing he would want anyone to get from this posting.

      If you are in this to seek recognition, get out.  Plain and simple.  It’s the last thing that the real Santa Claus would have wanted.  It’s the antithesis of St. Nicholas, for whom Santa is mostly based.
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