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Clan Claus Society Santa Special Bonnet’s, Elf Bonnets and Formal Bonnet’s

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Clan Claus Society Santa Special Bonnet’s, Elf Bonnets and Formal Bonnet’s

Currently the manufacturer will ship all bonnets orders to me. However they have not ruled out perhaps drop shipping them to you at a later date. We both want to make sure that everything goes smoothly during this transition period. I am sorry to say that means another Shipping charge. I will inspect all bonnet orders and ship them to you via USPS priority mail so add $5.00. The current pricing with the extra shipping cost will be $88.00 USD.

Email me the following information;

1. Your name and current shipping address please include your current email address and current phone number.

2. Your head measurement.

... 3. What type of bonnet you want, Santa Red, Elf Green or Formal Black? The ribbons will be tied in a bow. All bonnets will have Red, White and Green dicing.

4. We use PayPal for payment. For those who don’t have a PayPal account you can send me a check. The turnaround time is between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the games season. If your order during the games season it could take a bit longer.

How do you measure your Head Size?

Put measuring tape around your head, just above your eyebrows. Measurements can be in cms or inches - refer to the table below; Also remember to keep your hair down and take the measurement over your hair. Please don’t pull the tape measure tight if you do then your bonnet will be too small.

Remember these are custom made by hand to your exact measurements. So unless there is a flaw in the manufacturing process they can NOT be returned. I would suggest that you measure your head both in the morning and in the evening.

cms head size inches head size

48 6 18.7/8 6

49 6.1/8 19.1/4 6.1/8

50 6.1/4 19.5/8 6.1/4

51 6.3/8 20 6.3/8

52 6.1/2 20.1/2 6.1/2

53 6.5/8 20.7/8 6.5/8

54 6.3/4 21.1/4 6.3/4

55 6.7/8 21.5/8 6.7/8

56 7 22 7

57 7.1/8 22.3/8 7.1/8

58 7.1/4 22.3/4 7.1/4

59 7.3/8 23.1/4 7.3/8

60 7.1/2 23.5/8 7.1/2

61 7.5/8 24 7.5/8

62 7.3/4 24.3/8 7.3/4

63 7.7/8 24.7/8 7.7/8

64 8 25.1/4

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Santa George Goddard

Kona,.. can you still order the Santa red bonnet,  it will go great with my new kilt.  my head size is 7-5/8ths    my name is George Goddard .. truenorthsanta@rogers.com

I live in ontario, Canada, I will pay for extra shipping charges... I have paypal also .. cheers   Santa George

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Hello George yes I can have them made, however these bonnets are made for Clan Claus members only. If you would like more information on our society please go to our web site clanclaussociety.com or you may call me at 440-725-2107

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Greetings Kona,


I trust all is well and things are looking good for the Season ahead.


I would like to look at one of the Clans splendid Santa Bonnets and the Gold Clan Crest Badge to go with it, though when looking at the Clan site can see no costs or ordering facilities.

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated in this matter.



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